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Lake of the Woods Fishing Report

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Fishing reports last week, good days and OK days. Some schools aggressive and attack the jig, some window watchers following jig through water column, and some just crusing through. Electronics are big right now. Most anglers graphing fish all day. Most resorts are out in 27-33' and starting to make the push shallower. Reefs to the west continue to put hungry fish in the eater pail. Rattle spoons working well most days but some days a smaller quieter presentation is needed. Pike roaming shallows and setting up for an awesome March.  Auger extension needed if fishing on your own with 4+ feet of ice in most areas.  Snowmobilers stay on marked trail, big ice chunks off of trail. Ice houses allowed to be left on lake LOW through March 31st, walleyes open through April 14, pike open all year.


Rainy River pushing out some bigger walleyes in the morning/evening with an occasional sturgeon.  Local fish houses along the snowmobile trail from Wheeler's Point to Baudette Bay.  Morning, evening bite most effective.


The NW Angle continues to put good fish in the bucket. Walleyes and saugers in 19-24'. Early and late bite has been fantastic but the afternoon bite shouldn't be taken lightly.  In Ontario waters, crappies in  holes of 28-32' off of points. Mortality rate is high for released crappies in 25' or deeper, catch fish and move on.  Snowmobile trails on and around the lake are marked and groomed.  A complete list of lodging, ice fishing packages and sleeper houses are available through March at www.fishingminnesota.com/forums/forum/71-lake-of-the-woods-fishing-reports-hunting//Lodging.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • huntnfish
      I am starting to collect more and more Muskie lures. What is everyone’s go to colors for fishing muskies in MN? 
    • huntnfish
      I am slowly acquiring more Muskie lures. I prefer to toss spinners right now but also plan to get a couple suick type baits.  My son loves topwater for bass and has been tossing topwater for Muskie so I’ve picked up a couple more topwater for him. That river rat looks like something he’d like to toss but they aren’t cheap. 
    • ANYFISH2
      Can not seem to find my old 35mm picture.   My personal best was just shy of 41". On Basswood lake, fishing tip-ups with frozen Cisco.  Fun trips back in the day.
    • dutchboy II
      Number of rods ? Good question. I  probably carry 10+ in the boat at all times. Another 5 or 6 back at the camper and maybe 10? at home. I dunno.   I somehow got suckered into spinning reels by the roughfish (Walleye) guys I hang around with. Otherwise I'm loaded with baitcasters and linecounters. The two problems with teaching guys how to use a baitcaster is.... 1) They don't understand adjusting the spool tension each time they change baits. 2) They are to stubborn to learn.   I can teach anybody who really wants to learn how to fish one in 30 minutes or less.  😃
    • MinnowBuckets
      10 years ago (almost to the current date), in April, I landed this pike on Lake of the Woods. 40 inches on a deadbait setup fishing intentionally for pike. It was my first time pike fishing on Lake of the Woods and the fish was caught within the first 20 minutes of fishing. It ended up being the biggest of the weekend and a new PB. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to line up a trip to get back there again for pike but look forward to the day that I can.
    • smurfy
      I was wondering what direction this was going yesterday? I didn't want my fingers slapped by eyeguy for going off topic!!!!!👍🤣   so really how many rods and reels does one really need? I know that's not a good question to ask here!!!!!!😇 but my wife and I have 6 each winter rods in a rod box, and we both have 4 summer rods for various applications...….unless something breaks or wears out I can justify having more.   and those baitcasters………………. all I see are rats nests...….if I use one...……...don't ask why I know!!!!!!!!🥴
    • eyeguy 54
      This is related material. . 🤪😂
    • IceHawk
      That looks like a buzz bait anglers dream. Talk about burning!
    • IceHawk
      Thread Hi-jacking didn't we just have this discussion 😂  Nice fish! 
    • eyeguy 54
      We estimated between 20 and 21 but will never know. May as well add a musky pic. Never did catch one while targeting them. Lol. Got this one on Leech. 8 feet of water. 8 pound test. 1/8 oz jig with fathead. 48 incher. Lol. A day of 8’s. 
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