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Marcum case modifications/accessorizing

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Has anyone mounted any accessories to the side of their marcum case? Rod holders, lights, etc? It would be nice if marcum had an option to hold a rod or two on the case for hole hopping. Something similar like vexilar. I realize the new shuttle has this option but I am not about to spend that money just to have a rod carrying option. 

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I haven’t added anything to mine but I’m sure a person could dream up a few ideas that resemble the Shuttle set up.  After all, someone did and put it into production.

If you don’t mind cutting holes in your case you could probably through bolt a few things to the plastic frame.  Or, live without the case and start clamping things on the frame as it is.

The case is nice for protection but it’s not needed at all for function.  I’ve considered running without the case a few times before.

Get some scrap pieces of PVC and test fit for rod holders.  I can picture how it would work in my head.

Good luck!

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I have an lx-9 and bought the lithium shuttle and it is worth every penny and I dont even use the rod holders.   It has a light to glow lures.  I can charge my cell off of it and the battery can last up to 40 hours which is very important for a lx-9.   It also carries like a vex when using it on the ice and fits in a bucket.  and it has 4 mounting screws on it.   I know you said you did not want to spend the money but I am glad i did.



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Not a marcum but I’ve got a ultra pack and newly for this year a humminbird mounted on a Genz box. I haven’t done a lot to it yet due to lack of time but I did put a clam sled light on the front, some PVC on the back for rod holders and of course stickers. The ultra pack I haven’t done much to but the hold holders come with it only thing I’d like to do is also add a light some how.

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      I have a couple Garmins and I like them a lot, especially the new touchscreen.
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      where are these videos? Game and fish said not snagged. hmmmm. 
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      Cube the breast meat, and marinate it in buttermilk overnight, then dredge it in whatever you use to fry fish, and pan fry it until golden brown.  I like to use peanut oil, because you can get it really hot. You only need a half inch or so of oil in the pan, they fry up quickly. Very good, and I have tried it many ways. You could trim out the dark meat, and do it the same way.
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      Warm temperatures and dry conditions mean increased wildfire risk, so the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will restrict open burning in the following counties effective immediately: Anoka, Benton, Chisago, Douglas, Grant, Hennepin, Isanti, Kanabec, Mille Lacs, Morrison, Pine, Pope, Ramsey, Sherburne, Stearns, Stevens, Todd, Traverse, Washington, and Wright.  The state will not issue burning permits for brush or yard waste in these counties until restrictions are lifted. “Escaped debris burns are the number one cause of wildfires, so that’s why we issue these restrictions,” said Casey McCoy, DNR fire prevention supervisor. “They really work—we’ve reduced wildfires by nearly a third since we started spring burning restrictions in 2001.” McCoy encourages residents to use alternatives to burning, such as composting, chipping, or taking brush to a collection site. For information on how to compost yard debris, visit the DNR’s guide to composting yard debris. People who burn debris will be held financially responsible if their fire escapes and burns other property. Burning restrictions will be adjusted, including extension of restrictions to additional counties, as conditions change. For information and daily updates on current fire risk and open burning restrictions, visit the Minnesota DNR website. Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
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      Flying a drone can be a lot of fun—but it can be downright dangerous during a wildfire, according to the Department of Natural Resources.  “Most people wouldn’t dream of driving their car in front of a fire engine that’s responding to a fire,” said Casey McCoy, the DNR’s fire prevention supervisor. “Flying your drone during a wildfire is just as reckless: we have to ground our planes until the drone gets out of the way, and that slows down our ability to fight the fire.” This happened last year during a wildfire in Little Falls: DNR pilots had to land firefighting helicopters because a drone was buzzing overhead. According to McCoy, “interfering with fire operations in this way is dangerous for our aircraft, firefighters on the ground, and the general public.” The reason drones pose such a problem is because they fly at roughly the same altitude as wildfire suppression aircraft. Even a small drone can cause a fire-fighting helicopter to crash if the drone makes contact with the aircraft. Flying a drone over a wildfire isn’t just dangerous, it’s illegal: Federal law prohibits interfering with firefighting operations, and that includes flying a drone over a wildfire. To protect firefighting aircraft, temporary flight restrictions may extend over a 5-mile radius of a wildfire. Even if temporary flight restrictions are not in place, people will be penalized if their drone is caught near a wildfire. Be fire wise and fire safe. No photo or video is worth the risk. Drop the drone near all wildfires. For more information about drones and wildfires, log onto the National Interagency Fire Center. Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • eyeguy 54
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      Where are you seeing this reported?