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Marcum case modifications/accessorizing

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Has anyone mounted any accessories to the side of their marcum case? Rod holders, lights, etc? It would be nice if marcum had an option to hold a rod or two on the case for hole hopping. Something similar like vexilar. I realize the new shuttle has this option but I am not about to spend that money just to have a rod carrying option. 

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I haven’t added anything to mine but I’m sure a person could dream up a few ideas that resemble the Shuttle set up.  After all, someone did and put it into production.

If you don’t mind cutting holes in your case you could probably through bolt a few things to the plastic frame.  Or, live without the case and start clamping things on the frame as it is.

The case is nice for protection but it’s not needed at all for function.  I’ve considered running without the case a few times before.

Get some scrap pieces of PVC and test fit for rod holders.  I can picture how it would work in my head.

Good luck!

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I have an lx-9 and bought the lithium shuttle and it is worth every penny and I dont even use the rod holders.   It has a light to glow lures.  I can charge my cell off of it and the battery can last up to 40 hours which is very important for a lx-9.   It also carries like a vex when using it on the ice and fits in a bucket.  and it has 4 mounting screws on it.   I know you said you did not want to spend the money but I am glad i did.



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Not a marcum but I’ve got a ultra pack and newly for this year a humminbird mounted on a Genz box. I haven’t done a lot to it yet due to lack of time but I did put a clam sled light on the front, some PVC on the back for rod holders and of course stickers. The ultra pack I haven’t done much to but the hold holders come with it only thing I’d like to do is also add a light some how.

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    • nofishfisherman
      The cost is for sure starting to get up there.  I've been wanting to take the kids but I just can't justify the cost for a weekend of fishing.  All of ice fishing trips end up being guys trips where we all split the costs, then it doesn't end up being that bad.  I'm guessing the bulk of the groups that outfitters service are groups of guys splitting the costs and that is partly what drives their pricing.  If they were pricing the houses and services with families of 4 in mind they likely wouldn't be able to charge nearly as much.    I can't fault the resorts as they are pricing based on what the majority of their clientele are.  Very few resorts are out there getting rich regardless.  I do however think hundreds of dollars a night for a single room shack with plywood bunk beds is a bit crazy when you really think about it. I pay less per night when staying in high end hotels in down town Minneapolis.  
    • DWBMontana
      Lease is full
    • fishingMN4eyes
      Just booked our first LOTW winter trip this week. Interesting and funny😂 reading this thread. I thought the price for a long weekend was a bit steep, but like others have said, it's guys trip so we will be paying per person. I can fully understand the family angle.   Thanks for the laughs!
    • gunner55
      Not sure, leech~~. But her health may have a play into it, as about the time he was rebuilding our place, he started just after Labor Day 2013, she had a major accident while riding 1 of her horses. The horse landed on her & crushed her hips, so bad they said she was lucky to be alive & were afraid she'd never walk again.  Her not being around to do his paperwork actually caused some issues with some of the other sub-contractors at out place. Many surgeries later ,with them having to come down to Mayo for the last, she seems to be able to get by.  I agree to in that I think the business would be easier to sell with the bar & restuarant too. Another issue is that all her good help has had to find different work & would be very hard to replace. Know there's quite a few people  that are  still hoping they rebuild.
    • Pat McGraw
      FYI May have been mentioned before but just in case, there is a ridge running from Gold Island towards Breezy Point in Frazer bay as well.  
    • bassbouncer
      Still waiting for the fire marshal to determine cause. They are working on a plan but can’t knock it down until the fire marshal lets them
      Fished West end Sat AM, typical result.... NADA!  There is a huge pressure ridge running across Wake'em'up bay, across Center Island all the way into Norwegian Bay.  Also one out in H'O'L bay. Use caution out there!   
      I fished 3 different lakes in the area this last weekend, and they all seemed to have a consistent 8-10" of ice.  I don't have any info on Pelican, but I would have to assume about the same out there.  I saw some ATVs and snowmobiles out on Pelican driving by it on Sunday. 
      The last I heard, they are planning on rebuilding the store and shooting to have it open by fishing opener 2019.  We'll see if that happens or not.  I'm sure the red tape with the insurance companies is a mile long, so getting to the point or rebuilding could take some time. 
    • cookie129
      The second weekends is in the books. For now it looks like we dodged a bullet with the pressure ridge not becoming active from the 46 degree day Saturday. Hillmens is    asking to  drive extra slow.  Our grand daughter Ashly was up with Davon and our great grandson Bentley.  Pretty cool as Bentley got to reel in a fish making him  the 7th generation of our family to wet a line on such a grand lake.    Because of all the flooding around the houses and the slower fishing Jonny boy and I put here in high gear and proceeded to move most of the fleet on sunday.  It was a good test as we moved California, montana ,florida,. north Dakota and Kentucky. Plus reset them and got all the guest back fishing.  The fishing could of been better, but it always slows down when all the skids houses and traffic hit the lake.  Yesterday we moved montana and north Carolina out deeper where Jonny boy was going to spend the night. I was dragging but around 3pm but did get a second wind aftera hot shower, I got back out on the lake as the sun was setting. Again another spectacular sunset was my reward for a hard days work.  Were going to move old Minnesota and north Dakota today as we push out deeper.  Just like every year we will drive over a million fish looking for the mother load