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MN BassFisher

Mille Lacs | Highs and Lows (Video)

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MN BassFisher

My buddy Tony (@bassfshin24) and I hit the road after Christmas to go and chase some Walleyes on Mille Lacs Lake. We had plans to fish shallow structure during the low light hours and then head out to deeper structure during the day using an ATV. Day 1 the temps had warmed up some from the recent negative temps but we were surprised to find a very slow bite. The slow day was topped off by some ATV problems which left us scratching our heads on what to do for Day 2. As it turned out our options were minimal so we decided to pull out on the lake by hand to some shallow structure. It was -15 when we hit the lake but we were greeted by a bunch of hungry Walleye!


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Cool video what were you using for a camera? 

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MN BassFisher
6 minutes ago, Jmlsmp said:

Cool video what were you using for a camera? 

Thank you! I have a GoPro Hero 3 (the one capturing overhead angles) and then a GoPro Hero 5 (the one on the headstrap). 

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    • Eyesniper
      By Eyesniper
      Has anyone been out to big swan recently? Curious how the ice is and if there are spots to avoid as I’ve not fished this lake before. Looking to target cats as my other lakes have been lacking this year. Don’t need other people’s spots just ice conditions. Would like to bring out my 3/4 ton and 17’ IC if possible. 
    • Rick
      By Rick
      2020 Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Reports - CLICK HERE
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      2009 - 2020 Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Reports are below ↓↓↓↓ (Over 100 pages of 25 posts per page).
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      Lot's of good info below already. Newer Reports are on pages that follow.
      Be sure to give back and share your fishing reports here as well.
    • Yetzer2468
      By Yetzer2468
      Hey guys! First post so excuse me if I'm posting in the wrong spot. 
      I just moved to Elk River, MN and am feening for some fish. I have no idea where to go first but do any of you know any decent spots to get some Crappie or Walleye within a 45 min drive from Elk River? Any spots are greatly appreciated. 
    • smalljaw
      By smalljaw
      Finally, a rain free day on Rainy Lake.
    • smalljaw
    • Topwaterordie
      By Topwaterordie
      Anyone got any place that they would like to share with me to catch walleyes from shore. That is good anytime of the season.
      Preferably public land. I've got bad hips and cant be lifting my canoe any longer, so Im stuck to fishing on the shore. If you have
      any ideas of places let me know. Id be grateful for the advice.
      Minnesota or North Dakota advise welcome.
      Oh, Ill be fishing at night mostly. Ill be using live bait, Chubs and leeches.
    • cg2
      By cg2
      Anyone know of lakes with decent shore fishing near Mankato? I've gone to North Shore on Madison Lake but can't find any shore on other lakes near by. Any suggestions?
    • MN BassFisher
      By MN BassFisher
      A group of us recently made it up to Flag Island Resort for 3 days of multispecies ice fishing on Lake of the Woods. The accommodations and folks who worked at the Resort were top notch! Bending over backwards to put you on fish and make your trip one to remember.
      The Fishing - Day 1 it was decided to stay, somewhat, close to the Resort in the MN side of LOTW to target Walleye, Sauger and Perch due to 24+ hours of snow. We got into pretty good numbers of fish and some quality fished showed up as well! Below is a video of that action from Day 1.
    • MN BassFisher
      By MN BassFisher
      A group of high school buddies and some of their family make an Annual trip up to Baudette to fish Walleyes on Lake of the Woods. I look forward to this trip each year! Since this is an Annual Trip we all put some money and bragging rights on the line for the Angler who can catch the biggest fish of the weekend, take home the Trophy, $500 Cash and call themselves "Mr. Walleye" for the next 365 days. The Largest Perch and Heaviest Eelpout/Burbot also take home prizes. I didn't have the camera's rolling on Day 1 (which was lights out) but on Day 2 of the trip we were filming. It was fun day and I even caught my new Personal Best Perch!
    • MN BassFisher
      By MN BassFisher
      @bassfshin24 and I snuck up to Mille Lacs for 2 days of fishing recently. We were targeting Walleye near shallow structure in the low light hours and bumping out a bit deeper during mid-day. The first day was slow for us but we found more action on Day 2 including my 2nd biggest Walleye through the ice. I also caught my first tagged Walleye! Pay attention for my slip and fall...
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    • SkunkedAgain
      PJ Fleck was an undersized, over-achiever with a big motor. I think that he looks for the guys with the same qualities because they can relate.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Yup, it looks like my ATV is staying home until later this winter when everything settles down and I can get it back across the ice! Thanks for the reports everyone. You're making me wish for better lake access (and a snowmobile!).   Stay safe
    • MattJ
    • Hoey
      There also should be local leagues or groups to join up with.
    • iiccee63
      I forgot to post my ice report from last Sunday for Linwood lake. There was 15" everywhere I drilled. Trucks beginning to drive finally including my F150. Happy fishing!
    • Hoey
      From what I know, the State Trail crosses past the Arnesen area SW over past 12 Mile Reef near the Manitoba border, then NW up toward the Angle, then East toward Garden, then north up into the Angle waters.  It is somewhat of an out of the way route and like Leech indicated, about tracked SxS on that trail.  Going cross county is possible using the Arnesen trackvan trail up 16 Mile Reef, then x-cross country to the NE.  Another possible route is to cross the border at Warroad by driving a car/truck up there.
    • Hoey
      Five of us fished Fri and only three on Saturday due to the weather.  It was another tough breezy couple of days.  SE wind on Fri and NW on Saturday.  Our bite was slow, however I did carry the group on Fri.  They contributed 4 of these fish.  My bucket was full.  The others fished close by, less than 20 yards away in all directions.  Fish for dinner!!!   Saturday was a different story for me.  I was skunked and not keeping eyes under 15 nor sauger under 14.  My two guests that day ended up with 6 or so.   
    • Mike89
      contact bait shops and local sportsman groups...
    • Hookmaster
      Thanks for the feedback so far. I didn't know about the continuous draw on the Vantage. I'm going to the boat show this weekend and will talk to the MinnKota staff about that. I plan on fishing big water as I do now but am smart about avoiding big waves. My current boat is a1999 Lund 1700 Angler SS. It has served me well and the new boat will allow me to handle bigger waves with the same level of security. Keep the feedback coming
    • PRO-V
      It ain't pretty. Not seeing anyone on the lakes. Snow on my roof was almost hip deep so I shoveled it off. Finished it off with a swan dive (unintended) face down. So deep I could hardly walk out of the back yard.
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