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Holy carp

Anyone think we will be able to get our ice fishing around the metro this weekend?

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almost everything I've seen was open  yesterday. be lucky to have 3 inches by this weekend.  maybe by Monday or Tuesday if the weather holds up  we could have consistent ice.  I'm sure there will be a few out there this weekend, probably make the news, not in a good way.

good luck and stay dry.



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eyeguy 54

temps dropping nice nex week


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Jim Almquist

The forum that you Holy carp posted in will have some good ice around but then again its not the cities but way up north.

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Had anyone been up on strand or Nichols? How thick is the ice?

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Nel Lord

Saw the first fisherman on the southeast end of Medicine lake....about 50 yds out.

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Holy carp

I went to O’Dowd yesterday and it’s froze over. A guy was out pounding holes pretty close to the middle of the lake. I’d say atleast 2in some places as much as 3-3 1/2in. I’m heading out for the evening bite today. I’ll put pics up of the ice and hopefully a few eyes.

good luck everyone!

Whoops wrong forum again. Sorry

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    • 4KarpsFishin
      By 4KarpsFishin
       Fully locked up. 3-4" ice early in the bay
      Looks to have had 4 explorers out already, by seeing their sled tracks. 

    • Holy carp
      By Holy carp
      I’m going out today after work to check ice on O’Dowd- anyone been out checking ice?
      ill put the ice conditions I find on O’Dowd today on here after I check. 
    • Ted Thornton
      By Ted Thornton
      I am renting a lakehouse on Lower Prior Lake early July with my family from CA. What recomendations are out there for some easy fishing that require the minimim of gear. Also any thoughts on trapping Crawdads....
    • Holy carp
      By Holy carp
      Anyone catching anything on any of these lakes? I've been out pike fishing on Pierson and auburn last couple of afternoons to no avail- went out for night bite on waconia sat 9th and have been skunked everytime. Cold front the culprit?
    • Troy Smutka
      By Troy Smutka
      - Subscribe to this fishing report.
      Ice conditions still vary greatly from lake to lake. While seven to ten iches of pretty good ice, due to our lack of snow cover, is common, still use caution.
      Channel areas on Minnetonka, for example, may have much less ice than that. Walking, with or without a portable house like a Clam Fish Trap is a safe bet on Prior and Waconia, and many areas of Minnetonka. ATVs should be cautious, and I would wait to put out wheel houses, especially with another four day stretch of near-record to record temps that is upon us.
      Panfish are biting on Waconia and Prior. They are working deep water already, 18 to 23 feet, probably due to no snow cover on top of relatively thin ice for this time of year.
      Try the center of deep bays or coves, or the deep basin areas not too far from bays or shoreline points. We are catching bluegills all day, with peak time being early in the morning, and AFTER DARK.
      Crappies are getting nocturnal, so try staying out after dark. Small jigs with waxies or micro-sized Gulp! are catching both, and a crappie minow under a float is catching crappies and even some waleyes and pike in these same areas. Good luck, and be safe!
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    • eyeguy 54
      Real men can wear pink! Lol
    • Bass Thumb
      Yeah, Chris. I was hoping to get some color. Unfortunately, bright pink was not the color I had in mind.
    • mrpike1973
      Went to the chain on the boat did not get to far. No cats had a good time felt good to hear the Yamaha purr. It's sure moving the water that is.
    • Brandon Klatt
      Exactly, a 5fish limit would do wonders.
    • JerkinLips
      Thanks to all for sharing.  I also hadn't heard of this before. Regarding the cheeks, what size does the walleye need to be to make them worthwhile?  I never keep any walleyes over 20".
    • Sculpin
      There were trucks out on Isle Bay yesterday, and ALLOT of snow remains on the main lake. I think significant open water for the opener is a long shot at best. 
    • smurfy
      man them well most of them are along 38 north of rapids. some of them little puddles too!!!!!! 
    • Duffman
      I haven't been here in ages. But I have fished Moonshine, Caribou, Trout, Little Trout, Wabana, Bee Cee (when it held trout), Lucky, Kremer and Nickel. So this thread caught my eye.
    • krustykrab
      The Pine River stripping station will begin running on Monday, April 23rd.
    • laportian
      I live on the north side of Cass on the Pughole. We had 30 inches of ice out in front of my dock yesterday. Pughole is the flowage between Kitchie and Cass. I'm 200 yards off Cass and the current is pretty strong there. Top few inches was pretty mushy. Nothing happening as far as fish yet. But they are coming. Jumbos move in soon. Also seen a truck out off of Star Island on Monday evening. I imagine they have more ice out on the main lake than I have. I'm for sure going to be out ice fishing through next week at my place. Ice hasn't even begun to pull from shore at my place.