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T/C Triumph Bone Collector and primer problem

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I'm having problems with a brand new T/C Triumph Bone Collector. It won't ignite the primer, on the first shot. If I pull the hammer back again it'll go off perfect. The primer is punched as it should be. It looks just like a shot primer.

This happens on every new primer I put in the breach plug.

I've tried 3 different Brands of primers. The firing pin seems to work just fine, it's free to go back and forth. And the plug with the firing pin is tight.

I have not tried a new breach plug yet. That is my next move. Hopefully the dealer will give it to me, as I just dropped $800.00 on gun/scope and it doesn't work right...

I called into Thompson Center, they told me I had to send the gun in. 6-8 weeks to get it back. And deer season is a week away. NICE!


At this time, I'm shooting it the way it is.

Any ideas would be great.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wanderer
      Sticks like smurfy said, or an arm full of cattails.  I always made sure I had enough lumber marking my holes nothing would sink or blow away and could be seen from a good way off by a snowmobiler.   Like anything else, some people care; some don’t.     Other suggestion, look up some of the old “Look and Release” videos that were posted on the forums in the past.  Lotta good footage of nice fish left to swim away.
    • smurfy
      BINGO!! There isn't a time out that I don't laugh my arse off watching the way some of them pike act. That's the most fun of spearing.  
    • smurfy
      Usually by grabbing a stick, piece of brush, downed branches from shore.
    • monstermoose78
      Release is not chucking the spear!
    • gimruis
      Absolutely.  But angling with hook and line has the option for catch and release.  Spearing does not have that option.
    • gimruis
      If you don't mind me asking, how are old spear holes supposed to be marked?  I'm not familiar with this issue.
    • smurfy
      well I just drove past pokey like about 11;30 today on 169...……...and not to many are out and about just yet.😀 talked to a few locals..still pretty tough getting around on some of the lakes!!!!
    • smurfy
      I use mine on and off fishing. I have a sun shield for mine in the summer. it works ok at best. but I do use it to watch fish and check structure. I just used it the last 3 weekends tipup fishing. its both fun and frustrating. to watch a pike grab the sucker, mess with it then let it go, and watch there behavior is crazy fun. and frustrating. I bought a tripod for mine and you can zero in on your bait, but it does take a bit of playing to get it set right. I lost the little rubber stopper so I use a couple winter depth finders. the only downfall is the deeper you need to set it, the more risk you have of a fish tangling up in it!!!!  
    • Tom Sawyer
      "Tis the season"     Thee best time of the ice season is here. Get off the couch and enjoy it!
    • Tom Sawyer
      Very common to find large openings in ice after several 40 degree days, and especially with rain. 8" angling holes can easily double in size overnight after a good rain.  It's pretty hard to "mark" holes at that point in the season. Best time to be out there, in my opinion. But, by all means,  if your not comfortable with it Stay Home. For those that want to experience the best bite of the season, just watch your step, and be careful you don't loose that Vexilar down an oversize hole 😆 or get pulled in by a big fish 😢 😢 😢     Won't be long, for me to get the planks and waders ready 😀  
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