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Bear Pictures

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Lets see the successful bear hunting pictures from 2017!  I didn't get drawn but would love to see what everyone harvested.

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    • Troy Smutka
      By Troy Smutka
      9/24/18     Hunted a shallow, public lake on opening day with my Dad and two friends. Hunted the same lake on Sunday with my Dad and my son Parker, on his first duck hunt at age 6. Saturday the four of us hunted from two boats. Beautiful morning. Unfortunately, most of the hunters within earshot of us started shooting well before shooting time--some fourteen minutes early. Shame on those people. We passed up on teal, shovelers, and wood ducks in the decoys before shooting time, as the law and ethics demand. We saw a lot of ducks, were buzzed and burned by many, and managed to harvest three wood ducks, two ringnecks, a shoveler, and a greenwing teal. Sunday three generations of Smutkas had teal buzzing through the decoys all morning. Lots of excitement for 6 year old Parker. We harvested four bluewings and two greenwings. Good luck, and I will see you out there somewhere.

    • walleyeorwonti
      By walleyeorwonti
      .243 with scope, 4+1 Magazine. Black synthetic. Excellent. Call (612) 743-9885, leave message. $300.
    • Troy Smutka
      By Troy Smutka
      10/11/16 Central MN
           Decent first three weekends of the waterfowl season in central MN. Been water hunting only so far, on permanent water. Ducks are dispersed with all the temporary flood water around from all the rain. Crops are slowly coming out, will probably be behind schedule due to wet conditions. We have harvested mallards, wood ducks, BWT, GWT, shovelers, pintails, redheads, ringnecks, ruddy ducks,and Canada geese so far. Locals the first two weekends, but the cold front last week move a lot of local ducks out and a few new birds moved in out of ND and Canada. Good luck, and I will see you out there somewhere.

    • OptimO
      By OptimO
      Its that time of the year, turkey season is rapidly approaching and here is a short video clip to help set the mood.
      Turkey Hunting Video>> Fast Action - WNYA
    • OptimO
      By OptimO
      Last archery season we tried something different, we hunted on public land for the first time and it paid off.
      Deer Hunting Video>> Public Land Archery Hunt - WNYA
    • monstermoose78
      By monstermoose78
      Turkeys seem to be showing up every where again. I have been seeing lots of turkeys in small groups say 5 to 10 birds. Seen 3 toms strutting last night.
    • McGurk
      By McGurk
      Good Luck to all hunters this next week, and I'm sure we'd all love to read your stories (good and bad) and see your pix from the upcoming hunt!  Good Luck and Be Safe out there!
    • monstermoose78
      By monstermoose78
      With all the ducks I am seeing next weekend should be a fun time. I am going to be chasing Ducks in the morning and deer in the evening. I am jacked up for this duck season. My cousins husband said we will be doing more diver hunts this year. I am thinking I will hunt my dad's pond opening morning, because I will be deer hunting the field that afternoon. 
    • pman2788
      By pman2788
      I am new to bear hunting and was lucky enough to obtain a permit this year.  I have been wanting to hunt bear in MN for a while now. 
      I have a general idea of what kinds of things I should have out for my bait, but I just don't know how much I need to put out?
      I have people in my area who are able to help me bait daily and check my bait station for me, but I want to make sure I have enough bait for baiting and for hunting. 
      Any idea of how much i need to acquire?
    • Living_The_Dream
      By Living_The_Dream
      2 years in a row without a bear tag..WTF 
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • leech~~
      bowhuntingboy1 save your breath.  When you offer all kinds of information, examples and data and the only thing people have to come back with is Whiteman-bad for taking all their land 100's of years ago. You really can't get through to them. Even after restocking the lake for them after years of over use and Greed.  😕
    • bowhuntingboy1
      If the quota in the 90s was only 100kish more than it is now, that's a problem as it signifies they could potentially reach very near that quota. There is several year classes because 10s of thousands of dollars were dumped into stocking the lake, with the band funding about 2/3, which we should be grateful for. Still cost the state 28k and that is not a situation you want to have to keep a lake running. If we dont either have more huge, expensive stockings or stop tribal netting, red lake will again one day struggle. 
    • smurfy
      I do a lot of spearing and have never hear of a catch cover for a spear hole. my wifes house basically has the wood that was cut from the floor hinged to the floor as a cover??????
    • Rocky
      I am trying to find a catch cover type spear hole cover but cannot find one. Catch cover said they do not make one. I have seen them, just not sure where to get them. Any help would be greatly appreciated
    • leech~~
      I'm sure that we may not hear back from you, but you are right. There are some good deals on used flashers to be had. I picked up this spotless FL-8 with a battery and charger for my grandsons that was hardly used for $100 bills even! 👍    
    • leech~~
      Welcome to the forum.  The only way this could happen is if the idler is to high or the clutch is stuck and engaging.  Good Luck, let us know if you get it figured out?  It could help others with the same issue.   
    • Horseshoe_Don
      Got a few eyes but no size and all were within 15 minutes.   This is my 3rd year on that trap.    I checked the clear ice less that 2 days ago on the north end of my point and I would have gone through.   no doubt about it.   Waiting for more ice to get to my secret spot, yes the one you know.   Don
    • Tommyjohn
      I've had this Jiffy propane ice auger for a couple years and shortly after I bought it used, it would spin viciously while idling.  I took it apart because I thought it may be the clutch or clutch springs but those appeared okay.  I also adjusted the idler screw on the throttle plate and this did nothing.  Any ideas?
    • Lukas Bentzler
      I am new to ice fishing and live in Winona. Last year I tried lake Winona but couldn't get on any fish. Where do you guys reccomend to go for panfish? Gills crappie and perch are my favorite to eat!
    • chaffmj
      Shaky sorry for your loss! Big Crappies and then the return of the walleyes. Had a lot of good times on that lake!
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