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Dock Boy

   Voyageur Park Lodge on Lake Kabetogama recently purchased brand new Ice Trek brand fish houses to rent on Lake Kabetogama.  The houses themselves are all aluminum with spray foam insulation, clean, warm and comfortable!  If your looking for something different from the usual LOW, Red experience check us out.  These are day use houses only and we will offer lodging at Voyageur Park Lodge.  We will only have one lodging unit open in the winter, so fishing parties will be the only guests at the resort, so lots of privacy and no other parties around.  Fish houses will be private out on the ice also! 

We are excited to be the only angling houses on Lake Kabetogama!  If your looking for  something different let us know!

Voyageur Park Lodge (Reef Runner Ice houses)

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Sweet! I may have to look you up if I get up to my RV this winter.

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Will you have roads plowed to the houses or are sleds needed?  Also which cabin do you have winterized?

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Dock Boy

We do not plow roads here as we have a tracked machine to transport guests.   Roads breed people and we prefer our houses to be remote and not around any other houses.  For the most up to date info you can check out our facebook page.  We have a link directly from our website.  


Tight lines!



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      This is a pretty cool video - I have to admire Jay's wife to go along on the fishing trip despite being sick and being rewarded by catching a trophy walleye. Also, I've never been in a SnoBear but they look impressive - if we get any more snow here I might need one just to get to work!!
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      South End
      Great reports continue to come in for walleyes and saugers. Fish being caught in a variety of depths from 24-34' of water.  Morning/evening bite in 15-20'.  Some suspended fish.  Keep jigging lines moving.  Gold, glow red and other glow colors effective.  Try rattles to draw fish in.  Deadstick with a plain hook and live minnow.  Fish houses on ice through March 31, walleyes open through April 14, pike season open continuous.  Thick ice, extensions needed.  Resort houses available with good ice.  Ice roads open.
      Rainy River
      A strong current in the river this year and a lot of snow.  Snowmobile trail on a river is open and marked from Baudette (downstream from the bridge) to the lake.  Stay on the trail for safety.
      NW Angle
      Excellent reports across the Angle.  Walleyes coming from 22-30'.  Saugers and jumbo perch mixed in.  Jig one line, second line dead stick with a plain hook with a live minnow.  Snowmobile trails from south shore across the lake to Angle are marked with fresh snow.  Lots of slush off of the trail. 

  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • whateverisbiting
      Scientifically speaking, yes it will slow down the infection rate as we progress into summer.  Another significant factor is the higher humidity indoors (low humidity makes our membranes more susceptible to infection).   However, if New Orleans is a window of the weather impact, then we need to be careful about being too optimistic.  Mardi Gras at the end of Feb led to a huge outbreak there and temps were mild.  Perhaps the way COVID-19 propagates will mean that weather is not the final answer.   Besides this example, I think some of the discrepancies you see in reporting on things like this is that some do not want to acknowledge that weather actually will help because psychologically that could lead to lower social distancing compliance.  On the other hand, those trying to prop up confidence in the economy may be overstating the weather impact.  This dynamic seems to be in effect for most issues surrounding COVID-19;  it creates a challenge for the average person to know what to believe.   When I say hunting and fishing is no impact, that assumes you are not driving a couple hours and interacting with people there at gas stations and grocery stores, and then coming home and doing the same.  Militant approaches to shelter in place is a precaution against people either not understanding how to social distance or they don't care.  As long as we are practice it effectively, we won't need to go there.   Two weeks ago I went to a specialty supply store.  There was a note to call a phone number, they will take your order and charge your card, then put your order on the loading dock.  That is effective (though giving your credit card number over the phone may lead to other problems but I know the people there).   We are able to go to grocery stores because we have to.  The cashiers should all be wearing gloves and masks.  Otherwise they are prime vectors for transmission.
    • Rick
      Thanks for the video!   AWESOME!
    • Rick
      Ouch, last time I did that @Joe took a sled to bridge the gap and told me " That's why I went to college".   I went home changed and came back.   Oh yeah, he hears "and that's why you went to college" quite often these days. 😁
    • Rick
    • papadarv
      Down here in north metro season over. Open water 100 yards off shore on Coon Lake Anoka, expect it fully open by mid next week with today's rain and warmer temps. Time to get the boat out of winter storage. 20200327_130822.mp4  
    • eyeguy 54
      Better material in the Ascend than the Pelican. I looked at them also. Nice product. Forgot to mention that on the Ascend the carry handle on front is same that was on my future beach. Had to replace it after 2 years. Cloth goes bad. 
    • BobT
      I put my ice gear away on Wednesday. Now I'm waiting for open water.
    • BobT
      This is what is posted on the DNR website. Driving for pleasure is still allowed as well.    https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/covid-19.html
    • Austin12345
      another brand I have been looking at is ascend they have some good kayaks it looks like
    • Austin12345
      ya that looks pretty good
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