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I am getting into walleye fishing, and have a hard time picking spots out on the lake.  How do you guys pick a spot to fish?  I have a lowrance elite5  that is not very good or I don't know how to use it.  So wondering what you look for on a contour map and how you determine your spots to fish.



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Really depends on the lake.


On small stocked lakes with defined weedlines, I would start at the outside weedline and work deeper during the bulk of the day.  moving back to tight to weeds in the evenings.


Look for steep drops and and any small underwater points or humps.  


If you can read your depth finders bottom color and undersrand the difference between hard and soft bottoms, search for the transitions between them.  these bottom differences attract and hold fish.


Water clarity can play a big role in when the fish tend to bite the best.


clear water=better low light bites


dark or stained water=better daylight bites.


Of course there are always exceptions.


Bait choices are also important.

I am a live bait person so here are my general opinion.


spring( may-early June) smaller minnows. shiners, fatheads, rainbows, and small suckers.


early summer(June)




leeches and crawlers.  I feel speed this time of year plays a role.  You CAN go too slow!  Dont be afraid to move a little faster.


fall(Sept-ice up)

medium to large minnows.

Pike suckers and redtails shine.

shallow(8-15ft) can be great.




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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • nulmer10
      I've been looking for how to target crappies now, I've been getting bluegills in 8-10 around weeds but have been really struggling to find crappies. Anyone having any luck with crappies?
    • mulefarm
    • Skibo
      @Skunked Again Billy won’t be happy that I forgot one of the iconic stops on the lake!  Thanks for including Glenwood. 
    • ANYFISH2
      We were out yesterday evening.  It was plenty warm for sure.  Bugs not bad by us.   Isaac saw 2 does 3 fawns and an 8 pt.  He harvested a doe in his first ever sit with the bow. Eli saw a doe and a fawn, passed. I saw watched squirrel's.  
    • ANYFISH2
      Isaac was successful on his first sit ever with a bow.   He has worked hard to be able to hunt with his bow this year.  He kinda shoots better than dad right now. Proud of this little man.
    • Wanderer
      Yah, she’s a bit much.  We’re forecasted to get gusts to 40 today.  My SIL was out yesterday and said the skeets were horrible.   One friend got a doe in WI last weekend and cooler aged her for a couple days.  He said the meat turned out great.     That’s what I’m getting ready for too.  
    • SkunkedAgain
      Good point about walking into Tower from the East Two. I often forget about that.   You could also go to Glenwood Lodge at the east end of Pine Island. It's mostly beer and pizza with snacks, at least the last time that I was there. As far as I know, what Skibo and I posted are all of the locations on or near the lake.   There are also multiple shore lunch sites on the lake. They all have beautiful views, a picnic table, fire ring, and latrine. Bring your own lunch, or better yet, bring the fixings to cook up your fresh catch from the lake.
    • mulefarm
      No , my boys deer hunt, but I just waterfowl.
    • going4it
      Terrible wind this weekend for me. Next weekend is forecasted 80s. Not the start I was hoping for 
    • Rick
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