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Weatherby pa 08 shotgun Questions

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My daughter is shooting my 12 gauge 870 Wingmaster really good. Im looking for a nice looking, nice shooting and dependable pump shotgun for her at a decent price. I'm not liking the newer 870 Wingmasters as much as I did when I bought mine 30 years ago. I recently saw some Weatherby PA08s. Very nice looking gun which rival the looks of old Wingmasters with walnut stock, deep checkering, fairly light for $350 new. Reviews I see from 2011-2014 have me concerned a bit about hard trigger pull and shells sometimes not ejecting. Anyone have any experience or knowledge about these Weatherby pumps? If there were issues, you would think Weatherby would have fixed them by now.

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Sorry can't help with the Weatherby, but we all shoot the Mossberg 500 and have had zero issues with them.  Remind me a lot of the older 870's

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the mossberg 500 is not close to the quality of a 870 Wingmaster. I won a 500 at a banquet  and my son hunts with it. It is a very solid gun but I will take my Wingmaster any day.

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