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Advice to young hunters

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I've been thinking about this the last few days, after talking to some young hunters & a lot of older deer hunters who have never hunted turkeys or have not been very successful.  I got to thinking maybe it would be good for guys to share in a thread what they've learned.  I'll throw out what I know or at least based on my experience what I think I know & others of course should chime in:


My first advice is don't be afraid to try something.  Turkeys have great vision, can run like the dickens, & are generally pretty spooky, but they really aren't all that intelligent.  I suppose some older birds remember something that happened to them in a certain spot, but not much.  Turkeys are definitely NOT deer.  Here's some SIGNIFICANT ways they're different:


1.  you do not have to worry about scent

2.  they not only don't mind being in the middle of an open field, they generally prefer it

3.  they don't really care it it's windy, they're still out moving around unless maybe it's 25mph our higher

4.  they don't seem to stay anywhere very long, they may come out of the same trees most days & go to roost there most nights, but they might be 2 miles away a couple hours after daylight

5.  they can't see through hills or trees, if you can put something between you & them & get closer, they have no clue

6.  if you can see the top of their fan, but not their head, they can't see you

7.  even if they're in the open & clearly visible to you, if they don't look in your direction at least somewhat at longer distances, they either don't see you or aren't concerned

8.  as long as you're not moving & don't look like a person or a predator to them, you & your blind virtually don't exist, they just don't care


Turkeys are very stalkable/ambushable, but you have to be careful there are no other hunters doing the same thing as you are in the same immediate area, same field, whatever.  I would only advice this on private land where you know you're the only one hunting or perhaps even on public if it's wide open where you can see there's not another hunter.


If you call somewhere for a bit & then move to another spot even a few yards away you sound like a moving bird much more than a hunter & they may respond to that.


Try different calls even of the same type, I've shot 2 or 3 birds that wouldn't come to a call I've called in lots of birds with & I switched to another one that had worked in the past, that bird that wouldn't come liked it & here he came.  It's probably not dissimilar to you liking the sound of one girl's voice over another's.



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Another thing I meant to say, is don't be afraid to drive around & knock on doors if you see turkeys.  You can't just hop out & go after birds if you see them, but you can sure try to find the landowner or the neighboring landowner & get permission.  In the spring especially it's not that difficult.  Most people in the central part of the state don't care about turkey hunting.  It's a long time from deer hunting which almost everybody cares about, but turkeys unless they got a friend or relative who's hunting they don't care.  Especially too if you're hunting the later season, yeah well  so & so always hunts, but he got his bird 2 weeks ago, there's still 12 out there most days, go ahead.


I'm 50 & the first time I could hunt turkeys around here was when I was 33.  There are not that many people older than me in this part of the state that hunt turkeys.  Naturally there are some, but if you just ask the guys you know over 50 in central MN who hunt deer if they hunt turkeys the biggest chunk will say no.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • nytelyter
      i am in. please . has been a slow year for me to be getting out Annie had her ankle replaced new years eve and been "nursing her" keeping her offf her feet. she is doing great now and i need some ice time.   oh and i have "pie" ready  
    • Dakota Loing
      Hey I was curious to see if there were any active fishing clubs near whitebear lake or forest lake 
    • Dave S
      I think the largest was maybe 10". Didn't notice any tullibee cruising through but it's very possible.  Just surprised that if they were there, that we didn't get any.   There was a small walleye that came top side as well.
    • IceHawk
      Well before light. Try to be on  ice fishing  before daybreak normally. Early bird gets the worm has always been my philosophy. 😉 Nothing better IMO than  watching the sun rise a ,hot cup of coffee and fish on my vex its like a dream I never want to end 😀 I will  fish in midday afternoon if Im on a more relaxed schedule. We can make anything work. 
    • IceHawk
      Well done Dave ! Get any 13 inch Plus? Hook any tullies or see any in that area ?
    • IceHawk
      Smurfy that N end is always busy in winter very productive area easy access. Been like that for over 30 plus years that I've fished it. Pretty consistent bite in the N bay every year unless they go on a freshwater shrimp kick then they can be tough to entice at times 😲 A bunch of untapped water on that S end but a few guys venture out there and find fish. Town bay area is generally a good spot as Millers bay. 
    • leech~~
      Me too. once he moves a house over that 60' hole! 😄
    • jlang_04
      Well I went out tonight for a short amount of time before dark. I had my son(2.5) and wife along so didn't have a lot of time to scout or fish. There were only two other permanents on the lake that I could see from the public landing. There was a plowed road and 4 trucks in the parking lot. We set up in 14' of water but never marked anything. I'll head back another time. Thanks for the tip Rick!
    • Tom Sawyer
      Passed you up workin those docks today, figured I'd throw a chatter bait around the pads down that shoreline ...... Purple was good today 😉
    • Dave S
      We started in the area I mentioned to you this morning but the small perch were relentless and saw nothing else there. We made a move again and couldn't believe my eyes. 60 FOW and suspended  20 feet up. They didn't just cover the water column between 40-50 feet. THEY SMOTHERED IT. As you can see from the pic, we had a Garmin Live Scope with us. Holy Cow is all I can say. It helped us mobilize and follow the fish but the lure choice and color selection was critical. It sure started getting busy out there by the time we left 😆.
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