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Sbe ii VS. Franchi Intensity

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I'm going to be making a purchase in the next few weeks and believe I have it narrowed down to a SBE II or Franchi Intensity. Comparing them side x side I'm leaning towards the Franchi. I'm just curious is anyone has shot both or owns one or the other. looking for how they are in the field. Like I said just comparing the specs I'm leaning towards Franchi. Thanks

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Which one fits you best?

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If you are referring to the Franchi Instinct L  I can tell you it is a LOT of shotgun for the money. Franchi has been making firearms for a long time. The first one I owned was the (now famous) AL48,  one of the sleekest and nicest shooting shotguns ever.  I am perhaps not understanding your post correctly:  the Instinct L is an over under, and the SBE is what it is.

I would never fear buying any shotgun made by Franchi,   even though the name is not as well known in this country as in some other parts of the world.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Stickjiggler
      Papadarv Your camera setup looks pretty sweet. Any chance you would do a how to build it for us?
    • Rick
      Welcome to FM @chuckziegler.   Thank you for the info.
    • CigarGuy
      I think BigV sent you a msg. The number on the sign is 218-666-6063
    • papadarv
      I fish out of a wheel house, hub or flip. Over the years I have found a camera to be an extremely fishing tool as long as water is somewhat clear. (Dont work well on Red or LOTW). My Flasher or Showdown both mark fish before they show up on camera due to cone area greater than camera view. Biggest advantage over flashsr/showdown is the "light bite" which happens often on ice. With flasher, red (fish) consumes green (bait) turning green to red indicating fish on - setting hook and miss. With camera I see fish barley lip the minnow/worm/plastic often hold a few to 15 seconds than suck bait in and instentally spit it out aka the miss. With camera you see the suck in, set the hook, fish on. Watching the many behaviours really adds to wisdom. Sometimes like last Sunday watching my grandkids playing and learning with Gills & Perch was extreanily gratifying. My camera is self built, in a suitcase totally push button wireless to drop, retrive, rotate left/hight, one button record high def.  
    • Wanderer
      😄 yeah, actual lumber would be littering.  I just meant that as a slang expression for wood, aka branches.     For what it’s worth, I think you know I’m also one who appreciates a good muskie and will gladly abide by conservation efforts for the specie.  I just don’t put any one fish higher above all others when it comes to the management of a lake.  Except maybe lake trout! 🙃
    • Chill62
      Lake travel getting better...you can thank me for buying tracks 3 weeks ago!!!  LOL  Good thing is it'll make it easier to get around bad part is the sun will start eating up the ice quickly.
    • chuckziegler
      Cell service is spotty but ATT is available several places on the lake.  You can also use the cell phone at the Sherrick's office in an emergency.  Just ask for Steve.  Call 937 244 1900 for any additional questions. Chuck Ziegler Owner
    • chuckziegler
      The resort is under new ownership and  is open from May through September. There are 4 fully equipped rental cabins, which include boats, motors, full kitchen, generator, hot showers and flush toilets.  Parties of 6 or more pay $450.00 per person per week, all inclusive. Prices have been this low since the 1990's. Great fishing for walleye, northern, small mouth, perch, whitefish, and lake trout. Limited access lake, so the fishing pressure is very low. Located on Johnson Lake with access to Little Johnson and Spring Lake. Borders Voyagers National Park, and Superior National Forest. Call 937 244 1900 for details. Chuck Ziegler , Owner
    • Rick
      As for me I would prefer they pull those trophies out of the lake. Their reproductive ability is more limited and they are soon destined to become food for the ecosystem anyway.   I also advocate for encouraging harvest of year classes that are too large, such as the 2013 year class that will soon be protected. It's not always about me me me. Sometimes it's about what is best for the fishery.
    • Eyesniper
      Does anyone have current knowledge on ice road distances? I know each resort will be different. Hearing roads are 20+ miles out from pine which would put them beyond garden. Heading up after the weekend and curious how far the roads are out. Any info helps, thanks guys. Enjoy fishing with the warm weekend!
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