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:hello: Hi there! I am looking for tips/advice from other fisherpeople of MN. I am fishing my first tournament ever this weekend. It is the Fishing for Ducks on MilleLacs.. I am desperate for any info as I'm very green with Millelacs, I have only fished 2x this year due to new baby and work so I don't forsee myself catching anything.


The tourney is inside the Garrison Bay and I am gonna be there at 6:30/7 am to try to beat people there for the far holes. (Only advice I've gotten so far)


What type of bait do you recommend? Any secrets? If I win I'll get you a nice steak dinner ;) 

Thank you and God Bless :grin:

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Builders

Catch a pout

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Tom Sawyer

As in any contest, I also try to get outside of the crowd and like to set up over deeper water. Mostly because I think the commotion on the ice spooks fish. Above all, go out with an attitude you already have, and if it's meant be, it's meant to be. Just go fishing, and have fun. Lately Mille lacs has been pumping out some nice daytime walleyes, so keep that in mind with your presentation. Call fish in with an aggressive bait such as the smallest size Rippin' Rap, Buckshot Rattle Spoon, or Swedish Pimple with a minnow head. Have a second rod baited up with a medium sized rainbow minnow or fathead minnow, hooked under the dorsal fin with a plain red hook. Another great option is to tail hook a minnow with a small jig like a Rat Finkie under a float ready to drop down to any negative, or neutral fish. This tactic has put many fish on the ice for me. My guess is there will be far more walleye, perch, and tullies weighed then pout during the contest this year.


Congrats on the new baby, Good Luck, and God Bless you too.

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Bass Thumb

The winner will be someone who hangs a large minnow under a bobber and lets it sit. I can see a lot of people aggressively jigging, watching the clock, and getting blanked.

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Builders

I fished it before with the slots a pout is the safe bet

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Down size. Everyone fishes with big presentations trying for first place. I have placed in the top 5 twice using a small 1/8 Oz spoon tired with spikes. Just constantly fish while everyone drinks lol. I try to stay towards the edge of the zone to stay on fresh fish. Good luck.

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I don't think you can access the fishing area until 9:00 AM, although getting there at 6:30 AM will get you a prime parking spot.

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    • Chris Haley
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      Who's fishing the tourney this weekend?  The wind is supposed to be perfect for pitching jigs in the reeds.  I wish I was going to be in it.
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    • JerkinLips
      Pike suckers are about 3½ inches long.  Walleyes really like them in the fall and early winter.  Caught my fish in 13-15 FOW drifting slowly.  Good solid bites.
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      Got up Thursday evening to rain and pretty heavy wind Friday morning had us holding off on putting the boat in the water. Fished briefly Friday evening at sunset and picked up an 18" and a couple smalls. Fishing was decent Saturday morning but no real size, everything was 12-15". I had one that looked to be 17"ish flop off as I was trying to flip it into the boat. All the fish we caught were in 17-22'. We were fishing around about a 6' top but never caught anything on top. They appeared to be relating to the structure but not actually on it. Tried again Saturday evening for a couple hours and continued to pick up small walleye just like the morning. Sunday was windy again but we decided to slug it out for awhile and caught one decent perch and one small walleye. We fished similar depths and spots as Saturday but they weren't there. Marked them out in 35'+ but didn't feel like fighting the wind out in the big water so we called it quits around noon and never went back out(the wind never really did lay down or we may have tried again). Jig/minnow way outfished bottom bouncers/crawlers. Wish bottom bouncers would have worked better because it was tough to keep a jig down as fast as we were drifting and we never found a school to spot lock on.
    • Mike89
      that last pic is great!!   Hazel is saying oppps!!!  
    • MikeG3Boat
      I am heading up there tomorrow.  Where do you guys get minnows up in the area?  Tower or Cook or down in Virginia?  I have never heard of pike suckers?  How large are they?  Are you guys fishing the East or West side of the lake?  Let me know.  I am thinking of fishing the East side tomorrow and then headed to the west side from Thursday thru Sunday.  Any help would be appreciated?  I am a newby to the area.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
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      Crap I am feeling like an old man today. Hazel is not letting Finn and I take a nap, but it is getting Finn and I ready for duck season.
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      Asking $1,100 contact me at jen at malcotools.com
    • JN13
      contact me at jen at malcotools.com
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