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Bass Photos


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My son and I had a great day bass fishing the weekend of catch and release only. We caught almost 30 fish and the biggest was 23" 7.6lbs and the smallest was 20 3/4" all prespawn pigs on deep cranks on wind blown inside turns on the deep breaks of points. Oh this so brought back all my memories of tournament days of Bass Fishing but never have I had this many big fish in one day and the best part was spending it with my son who is also hooked on bass fishing and has been since he was 4 when he started going with me pre fishing for tournaments. the best partner a Dad can have is his Son or Daughter. here are a couple of pics that i have on my computer I will upload more of the pigs.

bass 1.jpg

Bass 2.jpg


Carter bass 1.jpg

Carter Bass.jpg


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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Builders

dandies!   got out with a friend today and his biggest went 20 1/4, mine was 19 3/4 .  



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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Builders

@Timber Ghost ....   you need to learn how to smile !  ;)  nice fishies. couple from todays trip on the creek. Erics beast went 20 5/8. 




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Well, the way he is going, he probably feels like, " just another cookie cutter 20"er".:crazy:


He definitely is on a roll.  Thanks for sharing Timber.

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1 hour ago, JIvers said:


21", and fat, so I am confident she hit 5.5 lbs. Put back down the hole after this photo.

I would say so!  A porker like that @ 21 inches was likely over 6. :cool:  And it looks like it could be a tad over 21.  The largies I used to fish with that length and apparent girth were usually pushing toward the 7 mark.  That’s a true hawg!  Congrats!

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    • gimruis
      I went fishing for the final time this season yesterday.  It was not very good.  Its the latest I've fished in a season for many years though because its been so warm out.   I decided not to duck hunt again this season based on the lack of success I've had in recent years.  By the reports I've heard locally, I made the right decision.   Between a full time job, yard work, going to the gym, and being a responsible Father/Husband, I don't get as much time to do what I want to anymore.  That's just the reality of it.  Sometimes I regret the decisions I've made on that, but now I'm stuck with it and its a necessary evil.  Retirement is still 20+ years away.  But I did go fishing 31 times this past season and I'm taking the whole week off to deer hunt.  After deer hunting I'll be pheasant hunting until the end of the year.   I'm grateful for my health and my mental ability that allow me to continue to do the things I enjoy, albeit not as much as I used to.   I try to post on here when I have successful days of fishing or hunting.  Sometimes it seems like the only fishing updates for weeks on end come from Vermilion.
    • smurfy
      🤣 neighbors don't bow hunt and they might just get a deer iffin a deer happens to run over them.😉   Thanks!!👍
    • Wanderer
      Is that that little guy at the feeder with the cr*ppy rack?    Your neighbor got the ‘tirdy pointer last weekend with his bow. 😉😝   Good luck Smurfy!
    • smurfy
      To the original intent of the post, I fished about 10 days ago and now done. Time to play with guns. Got the home front and cabin pretty much all set up for winter. Next up go get dat turdy pointer.
    • smurfy
      I hear ya bud, just pulling your chain a bit .😉
    • smurfy
      My in-laws used to live just down from morning star. They weren't on the lake but they supposedly had access to the lake near morning star, some lake easement for residents living on the opposite side of the lake.
    • deanbaron1990
      One last morning on the water this past Saturday before we took the docks and lifts out in the afternoon. Trolled the Morning Star bay for crappies. It was slow with just 2 or 3 crappies, although they were big ones. We could have kept them but chose to release. Also got a couple of northerns. I got skunked but my girlfriend got a good size northern. Biggest fish that any of the four of us caught on Saturday.
    • leech~~
      Well, actually going on family life expectancy.  Not many man on my dad's side made it past their late 60's.  On the other hand my wife's side most lived to late 80's into 90's.  So again, I really don't want to leave me wife in an area she is unfamiliar with or know anyone.  If she should pass away before me for some unknown reason.  Yes, they will find me dead in a cabin in the woods. 
    • ozzie
      Well I had to go north this weekend with the predicted weather and boy did it not disappoint!   What a great weekend of perfect weather!!  Hit up Gull Lake Saturday afternoon equipped with a dozen lite pike minnows and a plan to move until we graphed fish and move if they don't bite.  First stop we searched and found one spot with bait balls and a few fish but nothing was biting so we went searching.  Searched alot of ground over the next hour and half and didn't mark a fish, so we went back to the spot with fish marked and as we pulled up there was one boat right on the spot...catching a fish!!  We trolled around with this boat exchanging information and catching fish for the next 2 hours.  We ended up catching 9 throwing back a 25" and keeping 8 from 13" up to 23" that was gut hooked.  Fished in 20-32' of water using lindy rigs with lite pike minnows.  Some fish we would give a lot of line to and they would have the bait swallowed and other times we would give line and find the hook just barely in the lip!  Missed a lot of hook sets but could not beat what was possibly the last fishing trip of the year for me...GOOD LUCK 
    • ozzie
      I have been gearing up getting ready to walk again after 10 weeks!  I have been lucky enough to get out fishing a few times and can't wait to get out in the deer stand...bad thing is I have a basketball tournament for my 4th grade son on opening weekend of deer season and I am the coach!  Oh well I have used enough patience getting this far, what are another few days!  Otherwise not much for me to do...
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