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High School Hockey

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I dont know?  I think this is the BEST tournament I have ever watched!!


Every game is competitive, and exciting.


Good luck to all tomorrow.


AA- Moorhead vs. Grand Rapids

A- Monticello-Annandale-Maple Lake vs. Hermantown.

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The excitement continues on championship Saturday!


Hermantown needing 2 OT periods and enduring a waved off goal to win with 20 sec left, 4-3.


Thank you class A for a tournament to remember.


Class AA I hope it continues tonight.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Rick
      Welcome to FM @svingla.   Let us know how you do please. Pics are awesome!   Have fun buddy.   You might want to follow the two guys above so you can see the outstanding fishing info they share easily.   Just click their name and then this icon: 
    • DonkeyHodey
      If you are set with Middle Spunk I'd jig for sunnies/crappies (or chase northerns).   Middle Spunk is heavily developed.  I avoid it for that reason but if you're going to be there anyways, you could certainly find worse lakes.  (my two cents are there are too many tubers/wake boarders in the summer which probably means winter is the better time to fish it...)   All three spunks can pretty good for fishing but all have heavy fishing pressure...  They all three are pretty much panfish/northern lakes.  (That usually means fishing can be boom or bust.) Upper (or Big) Spunk (which is actually the lower of the lakes looking at a map...) has the most interesting structure in it (humps, big bulrush island, etc... and a couple of pretty neat little bays in the summer) I personally prefer lower spunk.--probably half of the lake is undeveloped bulrushes.
    • rundrave
      you can try this:   Frank DeLuca 5382 Jentoft Road Saginaw, MN  55779 [email protected] 218.729.7941
    • Getanet
      Do any of you guys know if Surface Tension still swims around these parts? I think I need my Nils sharpened. I had sent him a message through the HSO forum a while ago and didn't hear back. I'm not sure if HSO and Fishing MN share the same messaging platform, or if I need to try him here instead. Did a quick search and it doesn't look like he's posted in a while, so I'm hoping someone knows his whereabouts.    
    • IceHawk
      Decent panfish lake. They would be my target kicks out some sporadic bites all year. Not much for a walleye lake they get stocked quite often but for some reason never take off. Don't rule out chaseing  Tullibbees. Every winter she gives some up. Piles of deep water out there she can be a tough one. I personally prefer Upper  easier to break down compared to Middle good luck!
    • svingla
      Heading up to Avon to fish Middle Spunk lake this weekend. Looking for any advice or insights for fishing this lake and what to target.
    • imhatz
      All set for our annual fishing trip to Crane and Sand Point Lake. I have been going since mid 1980's and the new crew for the past 11 years. We will be there May 29 and staying at a campsite in Sand Point. We plan to venture up a bit perhaps to Wolf Island or Namakan. We fish almost exclusively for pike...all bass and eyes go back to swim again. Any spots to share for pike. We may even change it up a bit and fish crappies this year.  thanks ...good luck all you ice warriors. mark
    • Barbelboy
      its a fun trip. i'd suggest going with a guide the first trip. I've gone out with the one who's last name starts with an H. He was pretty darn awesome.Then you can replicate the tactics. I've gone over there 3 times. Caught fish every time. It's AMAZING that in a large metropolitan area like that there are virtually no fishermen on the ice when it's there. 
    • The Chemist
      E mail on the way.
    • Rick
      Thanks @Larry Gunderson and welcome to FM.   Join in and have fun. Hopefully someone else jumps in on this topic as well.
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