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Best lotw Resort

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Whats the best resort in Lake of the woods for ice fishing? We always go to Arneson's and always have a great time just looking for something closer to the river. Thanks

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I can't vouch for anyone on the river, the only one on the river I ever stayed at was WigWam and I can't say it was a good experience. 


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All depends on what is most important to you.  Some are more expensive but offer better service, nicer accommodations etc.  Are you a do-it-yourselfer or do you want to be taken care of?  Do you want to drive out or be taken out to your house in a track rig?  Are you cooking in the cabin or eating in the restaurant?  These all tie into each resort.  What I consider the best is not someone elses opinion but it doesn't mean either of us are wrong.  There are definitely some I wouldn't go to but I am not going to bash on here.

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Wheeler's Point, Ballard's and Sportsman's are my top choices. All three have treated our group very well over the years. We stayed with Wheeler's Point this past weekend and the fishing and service was awesome. The Saturday night meal we ate in their restaurant was very good and we managed to have some fun in their bar too. ;-)  They also have a great fishing cleaning shack.


I have some negative opinions on some other resorts but they won't get mentioned on the internet.


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When fishing is good, you will get good reports about most resorts.  It is when fishing is poor and the guides have to work harder that separates the good from the bad.

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Morris Point does a very good job, and it's right on the lake, no crossing 4 Mile Bay. Cyrus does a nice job over that way too.

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Wheelers. Had a sleeper there a couple weeks ago. Their shack had a great floor plan and service was excellent. 2 guys. 2 days of fishing. Took home 11 fish.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • fishingstar
      I had to adjust both my garage doors springs to open my doors further. I was going to mount a light bar on mine for ice fishing but now i don't think I can. You also need watch out for the rope for the release. I closed it in my door and closed the garage as I backed out.
    • whateverisbiting
      Great info thanks for all the responses always new things to try!
    • CigarGuy
      I put a light bar on top of my Prowler and almost ripped it off pulling into the garage. Another thing that almost got me was the bar hanging down from the quick release on the garage door chain drive track. Going to grind part of that off. Chains aren't in the cards this year, going to buy a new electric auger at the sports show tomorrow.  Happy wife, happy life 🙂. Hope we don't get all the snow they're talking about, that will really screw things up!
    • monstermoose78
      Well I don’t care about the drought as it’s ice fishing time for me. 
    • Muskies
      Sorry to hear about your loss. Mntman, That is a lot to deal with.  As for fishing, between work and work at home I did not drop a line in the water after the end of august. Along with that, the water at my dock was getting pretty low with the bottom of the boat rubbing on a few rocks so pulled the boat out and set to removing them…picture are the results. (Where the rocks are is usually 12-14” under water) And yes the old fashion way with shovel and pry bar. Hope you have a merry Christmas and holiday season! The fish will be waiting for us all next spring!
    • smurfy
      Any snow we get may help lakes and rivers but won't do much for soil moisture. Most will run off.   But Yea lakes and rivers could use a refill.
    • gimruis
      We're still in a major drought.  Any moisture would be beneficial.   It is going to take an epic amount of snow this winter to even make a dent.
    • gimruis
      Ya thats the issue my friend has too.  I should have mentioned that earlier but the issue is the garage door, technically not the size of the garage.
    • JerkinLips
      My Polaris Ranger barely fits under my garage door opening.  I have to prop the door open completely so it doesn't hit it.
    • Austin12345
      Definitely agree with this Clam frost is the real deal I picked some up last year I was running a four pound frost mono and three pound floro leader for my walleye rods last year and a 3 pound mono leader and 2 pound floro leader for pan fish. I set my drag lose so I pull out my line on the first drop this gets rid of all memory making it very sensitive. Sufix makes good stuff to and I love all their lines for summer time but in the winter I would give clam the slight edge.
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