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OutdoorMN News - Students make discovery on field trip to state park

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A recent field trip to Whitewater State Park near Rochester turned into more than a hypothetical exercise when a group of 125 seventh graders from Plainview-Elgin-Millville Junior High discovered an emerald ash borer (EAB) infestation in the park.


whitewater-eab-3The find was confirmed by a DNR resource specialist and reported to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, which oversees the state’s response to emerald ash borer.


It was the first time EAB has been confirmed in the park, even though it has been found elsewhere in Winona County.


As the students examined trees in a campground at the park, they noted several of them showed signs that might be associated with EAB. But one in particular stood out. Each of the five groups of students agreed that something was wrong with it, and when the last group of the day peeked under the bark, they found the telltale s-shaped grooves left by tunneling EAB larvae.


“I love it when my students get to see how topics we discuss in class, like invasive species, show up as real issues faced by scientists in the field,” said science teacher Amblyn Reisetter. “We’ve been lucky the past five years to work with Whitewater staff who can give my students these types of experiences in the field.”


Park naturalist Sara Holger talked to the students about the discovery, and what its implications might be.


With nearly a billion ash trees across the state, Minnesota has much to lose in terms of both economics and aesthetics.


First found in Minnesota in St. Paul in 2009, the pest has now spread to 14 counties, with the transport of infested firewood the primary means of its movement.


Visitors have been prohibited from bringing firewood into state parks and other public lands in Minnesota since 2007, except wood that has been certified as pest-free or is sold by a DNR approved-firewood vendor. Holger said the students agreed that limiting the movement of firewood was a reasonable restriction given what’s at stake.


“Think how empowered these kids are now, knowing they can make a difference, even at age 12,” Holger said. “Hopefully they’ll be inspired to dream about how they can continue participating in conservation efforts as adults!”


First detected in Michigan in 2002, the EAB has laid waste to more than 100 million ash trees in 28 states. The insect’s larvae feed on the inner bark of all 22 species of native ash trees, killing almost every tree infested within two to five years. The United States has about 7.5 billion ash trees. In some forests, more than half the trees are ash.


Minnesota’s 75 state parks and recreation areas are a popular resource for teachers seeking an outdoor classroom to help students learn about nature and the environment.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Use a good brand of MARINE silicone sealant. Most marinas will give you the right stuff! Cliff
    • Wanderer
      Yup, that’s one that’s as tough or tougher than lakers.  Keep at it!  I’ve fished 6 days this year em and boated 2.  Been fortunate enough to see some every time out though, so I’ll take that.   Glad to hear you’re trying it out. 😎
    • yoppdk
      I'm pretty sure there is a setting on your Hummer that lets you set where (voltage level) you want to get the "low battery" warning or dropout. At least mine does ... and I temporarily reset it once to keep it from dropping out each time I started the outboard. Of course I wouldn't advise that for a long-term fix as you might go to start the engine one time and get nothing but clicks. Is it possible that setting got changed at one time and maybe it's set too high?
    • chaffmj
      Well I got skunked on my first ever attempt to fish muskies. It was still a lot of fun and I will try it again!
    • Rick
      DNR urges people to use caution when operating farm equipment Exceptionally dry conditions in the northwest part of the state have contributed to several small fires over the past week. To prevent a possible wildfire, the Department of Natural Resources urges extreme caution when using farm equipment right now.  To reduce the chances of starting a wildfire when working in the field, follow these steps: Make sure machinery is well maintained and working properly to prevent overheating and the formation of sparks. When cutting or mowing, be aware of rocks that may cause sparks if struck by mower blades. Check that all fire extinguishers are appropriate for the size of the machinery, are fully charged, and are easily accessible. Carry an ABC rated fire extinguisher – it can be used for electrical and petroleum-based fires originating on the tractor and for vegetative fires. Check and remove combustible vegetation from motors, exhausts, ledges and brackets several times a day. Remove debris from the surface of the baler using a portable gas-powered leaf blower. Keep hay in groups of 10 bales or fewer and at least 100 feet away from structures or other ignition sources. Firebreaks – 30 feet of mowed grass, bare ground, or rock between bale groups – will help prevent fire from extending to additional bales. Frequently check to see if stored hay is hot or has internal fire (noted by a caramel or strong burning odor, visible vapor or smoke, strong musty smell, or all of the above). Do not move overheated or smoldering hay. Immediately call 911 if fire occurs and provide clear directions to your location. Check the weather – avoid running equipment on days with warm temperatures, high winds, and low humidity. Plan your day – take advantage of mornings and evenings that tend to have calmer winds, cooler temperatures, and higher humidity. Find more information about fire danger at mndnr.gov/burnrestrictions. ### Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • mrpike1973
      From what I'm hearing I believe I will just keep my K-Drill. I have no doubts whatsoever that Nils is a great product and Frank does awesome work on the blades. Many of my friends have used his services before. I drill a lot and almost always on dirty wind swept ice last year was terrible on the lakes I was on. 2 sets of blades for me last year first set got dull around January then replaced to the second set at the end of the year. I did call K Drill today they said that's normal for the usage I do. No cause for alarm at all. So I'm always looking for the grass is greener on the other side type person. No hurt feelings here fellas both are good augers and I will not say bad things about them just thought I was missing the boat but as someone said does it really matter if you get the hole drilled 2 seconds faster? It matters how many fish you pull up that hole😁
    • BobT
      Here's a thought that just occurred to me. I was having some similar issues with my sonar unit. While troubleshooting noise feedback from my trolling motor, one thing I tried was to add a ferrite core filter on the power cable to my HB 596c. Now that I think about it, I have not had a problem with my HB shutting down on starting my outboard since I added the filter. It's possible the ferrite core is attenuating the voltage fluctuation just enough.    Got the clamp-on filter online for less than $5.00. Something like this one from ebay. You need to get the right size to fit your HBs power cable. Mine was 1/4".   Inexpensive thing to try.
    • leech~~
      So there is Trout in there as well?  Where is this Holy Buckets Lake?  😯
    • BobT
      Now, I'm puzzled. Both units should therefore be experiencing the same brownout conditions when you start your outboard. I wonder if a surge suppressor might be helpful? Is the bow mount unit a newer unit and if so, maybe it has updated technology that is less susceptible to the voltage drop. I'm just thinking out loud now. 
    • Rick G
      Wow, nice gill😁