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OutdoorMN News - Students make discovery on field trip to state park

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A recent field trip to Whitewater State Park near Rochester turned into more than a hypothetical exercise when a group of 125 seventh graders from Plainview-Elgin-Millville Junior High discovered an emerald ash borer (EAB) infestation in the park.


whitewater-eab-3The find was confirmed by a DNR resource specialist and reported to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, which oversees the state’s response to emerald ash borer.


It was the first time EAB has been confirmed in the park, even though it has been found elsewhere in Winona County.


As the students examined trees in a campground at the park, they noted several of them showed signs that might be associated with EAB. But one in particular stood out. Each of the five groups of students agreed that something was wrong with it, and when the last group of the day peeked under the bark, they found the telltale s-shaped grooves left by tunneling EAB larvae.


“I love it when my students get to see how topics we discuss in class, like invasive species, show up as real issues faced by scientists in the field,” said science teacher Amblyn Reisetter. “We’ve been lucky the past five years to work with Whitewater staff who can give my students these types of experiences in the field.”


Park naturalist Sara Holger talked to the students about the discovery, and what its implications might be.


With nearly a billion ash trees across the state, Minnesota has much to lose in terms of both economics and aesthetics.


First found in Minnesota in St. Paul in 2009, the pest has now spread to 14 counties, with the transport of infested firewood the primary means of its movement.


Visitors have been prohibited from bringing firewood into state parks and other public lands in Minnesota since 2007, except wood that has been certified as pest-free or is sold by a DNR approved-firewood vendor. Holger said the students agreed that limiting the movement of firewood was a reasonable restriction given what’s at stake.


“Think how empowered these kids are now, knowing they can make a difference, even at age 12,” Holger said. “Hopefully they’ll be inspired to dream about how they can continue participating in conservation efforts as adults!”


First detected in Michigan in 2002, the EAB has laid waste to more than 100 million ash trees in 28 states. The insect’s larvae feed on the inner bark of all 22 species of native ash trees, killing almost every tree infested within two to five years. The United States has about 7.5 billion ash trees. In some forests, more than half the trees are ash.


Minnesota’s 75 state parks and recreation areas are a popular resource for teachers seeking an outdoor classroom to help students learn about nature and the environment.

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A serious problem has encountered to the board of forest that only the pest-free firewood should get passed for the household use. Many a time we didn't even recognize the firewood contain termites or other pests that may enter the home as we people nowadays making high use of woods as to decorate our household things. Through this wood, the ticks and the termites can enter the house and can spread a serious nuisance. To get rid of these pest issues one should contact termite control NYC or another professional who can exterminate all the pest.

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Thanks for sharing.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • leech~~
      Well that gets you out of making lunch, but not getting unstuck! 😊
    • Wanderer
      You got that right!  I don’t fish Vermillion but have always liked reading the posts.  Log in issues or not, I hope he decides to get back in the swing of things here.   Again, not a big V fisherman but I’m gonna check my calendar for the weekend of the kids event and maybe throw my hat in to help if I can.  I can at least get some lines wet if pointed in the right direction.
    • Frank Boling 41
      Seems like Cliff has been MIA on these boards for a long time!
    • Wanderer
      @leech~~ did buy me a steak dinner at the Ely steakhouse when I took him lake trout fishing several years ago.  He’s not without his charities. 🙂
    • Wanderer
      Just west of shantytown. 😉😁
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Hey @leech could I put you in charge of bringing the beverages, snacks and food? Maybe even bring a little table to set it all up on like a buffet style 😂
    • leech~~
      Where?  Just so I can help next time? 😁
    • AlwaysFishing23
      You were a big help today I really appricetate it. I’ve fished that same area at least one a week for the last month. Every time from 1-6pm. Haven’t had a terrible trip yet every time I get a lot of nice gills. The first time I tried that bite I got a few nice crappies and a 17” walleye. Last night fished again and kept 6 nice gills and threw back a lot of good ones to and got I a 21” walleye. It’s a sunset bite for sure then after dark if you hang around long enough the crappies bite to. But it’s hard to stay out last 6pm when it’s this cold trying to heat the portable can become hard even with a good heater. Glad to hear you guys had some luck I’ve heard that area is good but I’ve never tried it. Haha another buddy who always fish’s in the cold told me I was crazy for going out. Well look you did well the last two days......😂. Good luck to you tommarow!
    • Wanderer
      Thanks for the shout out; glad to help!  I was heading back out to jump start my brothers diesel and saw you get stuck.  Needed to get my bro’s truck going first.  Saw you were in the same spot and knew a little help would go a long way in that rutted mess out there.   You had a good catch for the afternoon. 😎  We were in that area Friday night but after the bite was over.  Got some but not that good.  Had a nice evening crappie bite to the east last night.  A few pike this morning before pulling up stakes.     Gonna head north I think tomorrow.  But it sounds like I’m the only one willing to brave the weather.
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Thanks to Wanderer (Tracy) for extracting me from a sticky situation 🤦‍♂️. It was also nice to finally meet you in person!! I think you need to start a weekend towing business lol. I had a buddy of mine and his dad come out and check and make sure I was okay after you left. Fishing was pretty good I got 8 gills all around 8” and 1 crappie 9”. Dad came out and got 5 gills. We stayed till 6:15pm and I was able to make it off the lake no problem.