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Dog Temperament in the duck boat


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Looking for advice on keeping the dog focused and quiet in the duck boat.  Was out today and we shot enough ducks to keep her busy, however my dog is such a hyper hypo that it's a  little annoying.  Either whining or jumping back and forth from the front and back of the boat.  Do I just need to establish the expectation and keep on her till she finally gets it or is this how some dogs are in the boat? This is her 4th year duck hunting and she has continued to improve each season.  Overall I am happy with her work, especially with the limited amount of hunting I do.  We were out today for 3 hours, shot 8 birds and she did great on the retrieving end and is pretty much focused on the skies, but if something is not constantly dropping from them I feel like I have a screaming baby on my hands.  It's not really that bad, just very annoying.   I would just like her to sit in her spot, stare at the skies and wait for my command.  Is this to much to ask?

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How is she on the sit command?  That is the basis of everything.  She needs to learn to sit still and wait until the next command.  I don't even teach my dogs "stay" because it isn't necessary if they are solid on "sit".  Every dog has the ability to be steady, it is up to you to teach them.  A lab that isn't steady in the boat is not only annoying, it is potentially dangerous with loaded guns and the potential to capsize a boat in open water. 

If she knows sit but just needs some reinforcement, it may just take a couple trips where you don't even bring the gun along and let others shoot while you handle the dog. 

If she's real bad, I would recommend going back to the basics. It will be tougher with an older dog versus a puppy but is definitely worth it. Check out the retriever training DVDS by Bill Hillman. They are spendy but definitely worth it.

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I think you need to go back to basics. What you are trying to do doesn't have to be reinforced in just the boat.

You need that dog to obey and listen to each command you give. If you are trying to get her to sit/stay then that's what you need to work on.

You can practice and work on that command every time you open the door to the kennel to let the dog out. You tell her to sit/stay and you open the door. If she doesn't you know close the door and repeat.

Every time you give your dog a bowl of food don't just give it to her make her sit/stay before she get its. There are  varieties of situation that the sit command can be used for. Start with small exercises and work your way up to bigger more complicated tasks, repetition, repetition repetition. Be sure to praise and always try to end work on a positive note. 

I think the most important thing is don't give a command you cant reinforce.

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Hey guys thanks for the tips.  What you are saying really makes sense.  I have been working on these items this week, not expecting a completely changed dog out there but looking forward to continued exercises this weekend out in the blind.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • smurfy
      Lots of places for sale the other way towards Crosby and north of Crosby.
    • leech~~
      My wife is from Brainerd and has a lot of relatives up there. More then likely it would be Baxter or above Brainerd. 
    • Wanderer
      Heat can cause some issues.  Like an old PTO on a lawn tractor that won’t engage after it’s been running, then shut off, then turned on again.  Having to wait 2-3 hours to get it to engage again tells you it’s time at least adjust it but plan on a replacement soon.
    • Tom7227
      I can't figure  out how enough heat would form to cause a problem. What part could be getting hot?  That sort of makes sense but then it will start and quit again quite quickly.  I don't  know what engine it has and that's a problem with it.  Finding the parts is troublesome even with Jack's Small Engine.
    • smurfy
      thats the engine on the one i have.
    • delcecchi
      The not restarting for hours....   Could it possibly be an ignition thing where as it gets hot it stops providing spark and has to cool all the way down to start again?     That's the only thing besides flooding I can think of.   Typically, isn't the spark on small engines produced by magnets on the flywheel going by a coil?    So when it quits and won't restart, is it getting spark?      And is the plug wet when it quits?        Has it got the Honda motor or something else?   
    • smurfy
      That's odd Tom, I have a power washer from northern tool also. Not sure which one but only issues I've had with mine is I had to replace both tires???🙄🙄
    • Tom7227
      Full throttle before I even start to spray.  When trying to restart it pulls easy and I keep the wand open to assure it doesn't get backed up.  I agree it has to be a fuel issue.  But the tank to engine line is a straight shot except for the fuel shut off valve.  When I was replacing the carb the fuel would run out of the fuel line quite a bit until I remembered to shut off the fuel line.   The gas has been brand new non-oxy every time I have tried it.  
    • Wanderer
      When you try to restart it does it pull easy or hard?   When mine has water pressure built up, it pulls hard to start.  I trigger the wand to release the pressure so it starts easier.   Maybe the hours for yours is due to pressure that needs to bleed off?  Hard to tell not being there.     I can kill mine at low throttle just by spraying.  Are you running yours at a high throttle position?  Again, hard to tell without hearing the RPMs of the engine.   Otherwise for fuel, it could be a blockage or venting issue anywhere in the system. If there wasn’t a change in performance with the change of carburetor, the carburetor is probably not the issue.  If it sat with old gas for a while something could be varnished up and the engine starves for gas until it quits.  Taking hours to get enough fuel flowing again to run seems odd if you actually get to run it hard enough to spray for even a few minutes.   Hearing the way it behaves would help a lot for me.   I’ve had pressure washers that you’re not supposed to let idle for extended time without spraying and others like my current one that bypass just fine while it’s running.  I’m just wondering if your killing it on high pressure AND low idle.  Mine will die every time that way.
    • Tom7227
      It is a Powerhorse, the northern tool house brand.  It dies while I am spraying.  If I replaced the carb what more fuel issues could there be?  The carb replacement took about 5 minutes and was extremely simple.
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