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Dog Temperament in the duck boat


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Looking for advice on keeping the dog focused and quiet in the duck boat.  Was out today and we shot enough ducks to keep her busy, however my dog is such a hyper hypo that it's a  little annoying.  Either whining or jumping back and forth from the front and back of the boat.  Do I just need to establish the expectation and keep on her till she finally gets it or is this how some dogs are in the boat? This is her 4th year duck hunting and she has continued to improve each season.  Overall I am happy with her work, especially with the limited amount of hunting I do.  We were out today for 3 hours, shot 8 birds and she did great on the retrieving end and is pretty much focused on the skies, but if something is not constantly dropping from them I feel like I have a screaming baby on my hands.  It's not really that bad, just very annoying.   I would just like her to sit in her spot, stare at the skies and wait for my command.  Is this to much to ask?

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How is she on the sit command?  That is the basis of everything.  She needs to learn to sit still and wait until the next command.  I don't even teach my dogs "stay" because it isn't necessary if they are solid on "sit".  Every dog has the ability to be steady, it is up to you to teach them.  A lab that isn't steady in the boat is not only annoying, it is potentially dangerous with loaded guns and the potential to capsize a boat in open water. 

If she knows sit but just needs some reinforcement, it may just take a couple trips where you don't even bring the gun along and let others shoot while you handle the dog. 

If she's real bad, I would recommend going back to the basics. It will be tougher with an older dog versus a puppy but is definitely worth it. Check out the retriever training DVDS by Bill Hillman. They are spendy but definitely worth it.

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I think you need to go back to basics. What you are trying to do doesn't have to be reinforced in just the boat.

You need that dog to obey and listen to each command you give. If you are trying to get her to sit/stay then that's what you need to work on.

You can practice and work on that command every time you open the door to the kennel to let the dog out. You tell her to sit/stay and you open the door. If she doesn't you know close the door and repeat.

Every time you give your dog a bowl of food don't just give it to her make her sit/stay before she get its. There are  varieties of situation that the sit command can be used for. Start with small exercises and work your way up to bigger more complicated tasks, repetition, repetition repetition. Be sure to praise and always try to end work on a positive note. 

I think the most important thing is don't give a command you cant reinforce.

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Hey guys thanks for the tips.  What you are saying really makes sense.  I have been working on these items this week, not expecting a completely changed dog out there but looking forward to continued exercises this weekend out in the blind.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • leech~~
      So that's how you have been doing so well these past years. You brought a Guide! 👍 😉
    • leech~~
      What were you trying to catch on the sand bars and what time of day were you there? 
    • Hookmaster
      Rick G, how many times did Hairy bite until you hooked it?
    • gimruis
      If you intend to fish past Sunday, you'll need a new 2021 angling license.   Additionally, the deadline to remove permanent/overnight fish houses is Monday in the southern half of the state.  If found unattended over night beyond the deadline, enforcement officials can confiscate the house itself.
    • nytelyter
      Count Me and Ann in.  Will Bring PIE even came up with a new flavor this past summer called "Lemon Drop" also I will Bring chips and Clam dip. keep us posted thanks!!  
    • CigarGuy
      Was that you out fishing by the mouth of H.O.L. Bay last evening? We went out towards Wakemup, marked a few but not takers.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Well I sure picked the wrong week to be up at the lake! I certainly enjoy the coldest of days more than this spring weather in February. Seeing the sun is nice, but I'd rather see that at the end of March versus now. What powder there was on the lake is virtually gone. On the plus side, the snow base is solid and good for 4-wheelers as well as sleds. Hopefully we get 6-12" of snow soon and then we will have some great riding conditions. I didn't ride the trails, but did ride quite a bit in the woods. Things are getting bare.   Edit - I just walked outside....it's snowing! I should have complained sooner...
    • smurfy
    • walleye101
      At the risk of sending this thread further off the rails, let's talk "slots". There is nothing majic about a protected slot limit (PSL). It can be a useful tool if your spawning stock NEEDS some protection, or if there is demand for growing larger fish.  All of the lakes you mention have had a PSL in the past, and some still do.  The most used PSL originally, protected all fish from 17-26 inches, because that protection covered almost all the mature females in a population (and lots of mature males). The thought at the time was that if some spawners are good, more is better, or at least can't hurt.  Wrong! Almost all those lakes have since adjusted those PSLs, or eliminated them. Red closed the fishery during restoration, then used the PSL while spawning stock still NEEDED some protection. Upper Red has since abandoned the PSL all together for much less restrictive, one over 17", or 20" regulations. Both allow considerable harvest of spawners. The other lakes mentioned have all experienced some stockpiling of excess spawning stock and suppression of new year classes, causing managers to make multiple adjustments to allow more harvest and free up productivity. Lake of the Woods, which you didn't mention started out with a 19.5-28" PSL to be more compatible with Ontario's regulation (50cm). That worked out well because it allowed considerable harvest under the PSL, reducing spawner density before they grew into the PSL.  Finally there's Mille Lacs which has continued with very restrictive harvest regulations, currently with a closed summer season, no PSL, but insted a two inch harvest slot limit.  Lot's of large fish, an abundance of spawning stock, but recruitment of new young fish has been dismal.  Now can we get back to discussing why a statewide bag limit reduction applied across all Minnesota walleye lakes, natural or stocked, makes no sense?       
    • 7sixes
      Thanks everyone for the reassurance! Everything was fine but not a thing was biting and nothing even appeared on text book perfect sand bars 😭
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