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    • leech~~
      I know I know silly me. I keep going back to the intent and verbiage of the Origin treaty.  Yeah know the whole right to Hunt and fish within the Ceded territory for subsistence-thing.   Words that are still used today in their Regs below.  We both know the days of the canoe and torch light are long gone and eating fish for subsistence (food) has been replaced from Lbs to amount of cash! Is the Fishery a big money maker that the Band can live off of probably not, do they need to live off Walleye for food anymore probably not.  Is the Seven Clans Casino helping to fill the Fisheries void of days gone by?  Dang right skippy!  😉      But, it would be interesting to build your imaginary lake wall and see what happens in 10 years under two different management styles!  😄   Open-Water Spearing and Netting Regulations: 1837 Ceded Territory in Minnesota.   "Lakes other than Mille Lacs. Net fisheries in lakes other than Mille Lacs are intended to provide opportunity for subsistence harvest of walleye; so muskellunge and sturgeon may not be kept, nor can northern pike in excess of the bag limit, nor can commercial nets be set. Subsistence gillnetting is allowed from June 1 to March 1 in any lake that is 1,000 acres or larger and in all lakes identified in 9.08(2) of the Model Code. In lakes 1,000 acres or larger, the allowable mesh sizes (bar) are 1.5 to 1.75 inches. In identified lakes under 1,000 acres, only 1.75 inch mesh (bar) may be used. Nets may be up to 100 feet in length and 4 feet deep"
    • roony
      I know what you mean eyeguy but if you cry wolf too often people don't pay much attention any more. Any time you are on the ice, in a boat, or in the woods you have to use good judgement, it's just that simple. 
    • eyeguy 54
      all ice fishermen are not as brilliant as you guys. I like it when they make announcements.  nothing wrong with giving out advice when it's the advice givers that end up saving lives when c.r.a.p happens. 
    • roony
      Must comply with Nanny State.
    • roony
      Must Kill Smallmouth!
    • Xplorer
      No idea where you get this idea of subsistence, that has never been a condition of this agreement. Lets put it in perspective since you seem to be hung up on the fact that there are 5873 tribe members profiting from this commercial fishery. If the tribe makes a profit of $5 per pound of walleye harvested, and they harvest their entire 1 million pounds of walleye, that will produce a net yearly profit of exactly $852 per tribe member per year......... Yea that's livin' high off the hog. Family of 4, well that gets you a whole $3408 for the year.   Question for ya Leech..... they put a concrete wall on the rez line thru the lake this spring.  Which side gets fished out first (with no additional restrictions added to lower harvest for either side), State side or Tribe side?   
    • side_laker
      Pelican Has lots of bucket mouth and small mouth in it. If your interested in a resort in the lake highly recommend Joe over at Deer Lodge
    • iiccee63
      Are you serious??? Lakes are like people....they are all different. The DNR making a blanket statement like that is what they have to do. The lakes I give ice reports I know like the back of my hand. Meaning, I watch how they freeze up every single year. Like the St. Croix...I know how it freezes, where the trouble spots are typically ect. because I have fished it on and off since 86'. DNR has no clue what's going on the lakes I fish.    
    • leech~~
      Same with Pheasants. Not native but treated as so with a season and stamp costs. I would love to be able to fish more Lakers in other lakes then just a few I have to drive hours up to.
    • Sculpin
      Please also convey your collective ideas to the DNR relative to Mille Lacs lake, another fishery inundated with bass, and totally out of whack relative to the walleye population. The DNR would have you believe that the primary forage of small mouth bass is crayfish. When asked what they eat in the winter, you are met with a blank stare, and told there needs to be a study on that. I've caught a ton of smallies, but never once on a crayfish, or an imitation, but I'm sure they work. Leeches, crawlers, senkos, redtails, suckers, every crankbait imaginable, surface baits, buzzbaits, spinner baits.  The protection of the smallmouth fishery is driven by political pressure, the Smallmouth Alliance, folks like the Linders, tournament organizers, and everyone else who can convince the DNR they make for a great fishery. INVASIVES    
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