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Fly tying forum


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Didn't there used to be a fly tying forum. I recently started tying flies and jigs even though I don't actually fly fish. But I have found that many of the flies I have tied catch some really nice bass and pike.

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I'M new here but I would definately check out a fly tying forum. It might give me a reason totry new patterns. Be great if one got started.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wanderer
      Cuyuna in Crosby and Riverwood in Aitkin are two decent hospitals.  Don’t let the size of St. Joe’s/Essentia fool ya. 😉   Otherwise…. There’s not much help for the other.  People from all over drive in for the big box stores in Brainerd/Baxter.
    • smurfy
      Well then.......why move 🙄🤭 I get it, my wife won't move north either.
    • leech~~
      Yeah, but they an't got no, Cub, Kohls, Walmart, Fleet Farm, Menards, Home Depot, big hospital and a bunch of clinics. And if I go first I'm not leaving my wife to live out in the sticks by herself with no family around..................So. 😐
    • smurfy
      Lots of places for sale the other way towards Crosby and north of Crosby.
    • leech~~
      My wife is from Brainerd and has a lot of relatives up there. More then likely it would be Baxter or above Brainerd. 
    • Wanderer
      Heat can cause some issues.  Like an old PTO on a lawn tractor that won’t engage after it’s been running, then shut off, then turned on again.  Having to wait 2-3 hours to get it to engage again tells you it’s time at least adjust it but plan on a replacement soon.
    • Tom7227
      I can't figure  out how enough heat would form to cause a problem. What part could be getting hot?  That sort of makes sense but then it will start and quit again quite quickly.  I don't  know what engine it has and that's a problem with it.  Finding the parts is troublesome even with Jack's Small Engine.
    • smurfy
      thats the engine on the one i have.
    • delcecchi
      The not restarting for hours....   Could it possibly be an ignition thing where as it gets hot it stops providing spark and has to cool all the way down to start again?     That's the only thing besides flooding I can think of.   Typically, isn't the spark on small engines produced by magnets on the flywheel going by a coil?    So when it quits and won't restart, is it getting spark?      And is the plug wet when it quits?        Has it got the Honda motor or something else?   
    • smurfy
      That's odd Tom, I have a power washer from northern tool also. Not sure which one but only issues I've had with mine is I had to replace both tires???🙄🙄
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