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Matt Johnson

2015/2016 Final Season Standings

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Matt Johnson

This season was definitely not an easy one in regards to logistics! Cancelled events... changing of lakes... you name it... the weather sure threw some curveballs at us!  All that being said though, it was still and exceptional season with a lot of positives coming from it. We set multiple records and the competition was some of the best yet! Here is the Top 10 teams from the 2015/2016 season and big fish...


1st Place - Adam Griffith/Alex McStott (79 points)

2nd Place - Eric Linnell/Matt Brookman (73 points)

3rd Place - Henry Ulm/Aaron Starry (71 points)

4th Place - Clayton Kettering/Tyler Andrews (68 points)

5th Place - Jeff Barsness/Mitch Thies (67 points)

6th Place - Shawn Lankki/Austin Schorn (66 points)

7th Place - Josh Sykora/Drew Little (65 points)

8th Place - Chris Lafean/Mike Stein (60 points)

9th Place - Charles DeGrio/Matt Weber (59 points)

10th Place - Mike Ferrell/Alie Witthans (58 points)

Big Fish - Henry Ulm/Aaron Starry (1.47 pound Crappie - Lake Independence)


For a complete list of the results... 2015/2016 Season Results - CLICK HERE

Also check out the UPL Facebook page for more photos from the event... UPL Facebook Page - CLICK HERE

Awesome job to all of the teams this season!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Getanet
      Don't mean to pick a scab here, but the mods have asked for more engagement from members, so I'm trying. I've never been up to VNP, but am looking at camping on KAB in early June. Would be heading up from the Twin Cities. Neither my buddy or I have been up there before, and we would not be going if we didn't know ahead of time we had a campsite reserved.  Without that assurance we would just stay at one of our families cabins in the Brainerd Lakes area instead.    
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      The Pike River is almost wide open today! It will not be long now before they start the walleye netting! Cliff
    • AlwaysFishing23
      If I were you I’d run only what the manufacturer recommends. If it’s a Suzuki brand lube I’d only use that. For peace of mind and if anything were to happen you can say your were running the recomnded fluids. Also your local dealer should have everything you would need and can help you out if you have any questions. Not sure about the other fluids you mentioned but that’s what I would do if I were you. Good luck
    • huntnfish
      I am new to the 4 stroke world and need to change the fluids in my 05 Suzuki 115 four stroke. What does everyone use for oil, filter, and lube? I was planning on using Mobil 1 or Amsoil 10-40 for the engine oil and the Lucas 90w gear oil for the lower unit. I don't know what filter to get. I know Fram has a filter that fits the motor. I run synthetic oil in my vehicles along with the filters designed for synthetic. I change my own oil and figure the peace of mind is worth the extra few bucks. Any opinions? 
    • Getanet
      Hi Guys - believe it or not I just realized there are all these great boat-in camping opportunities on Kab and other lakes. My buddy and I are looking at reserving a site in early June, and since we're so late to the game our options are fairly limited. I've read through this thread to get a little idea of what's what on Kab, and none of the ones mentioned are currently available the weekends we're looking at going . But it's good to know Moxie island is about 2 miles from the Visitor Center, which gives me a frame of reference for how far some of the other sites are. The ones that are available tend to be open a lot - and I'm not sure if it's because of their location or quality of the site. For what it's worth it would be 2 guys, using my buddies 17 ft boat, and ideally going after walleye. Are any of these sites ones you wouldn't send your worst enemy to? Cutover Island South K6
      Northland K24 - (this one is hardly ever booked)
      Windigo K35
      LaBounty's PT K14
      Grassy Island K9
      Peterson PT K25 (realize it would be better to use the Ash River launch for this location)
    • Rick G
      Pretty sure mine will be ready by the time the ice comes off our area lakes.... untill then, I hear the suckers are already starting to run
    • Rick G
      Was a good winter for sure. Had a blast and learned a few things fishing with you, Chris. 
    • gunner55
      We drive by the stripping station on Cutfoot weekly & try to keep people up on that too. I think it may be a bit later here, will check it out tomorrow
    • Darrell Larson
      Have a couple spots that are 10' open, I live on north side of Pike Bay, large rocks along shoreline helps heat water. Hard to see the ice condition on the Bay as there is a lot of slush on top, once that melts and the warm sun hits the ice it will go quick. Our new Chesapeake pup discovered she lives on a lake yesterday.
    • ZachD
      Its that time of year again pick up your heart guard and your flea and tick.