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What's next for Vikings?

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Are we stuck with names such as Peterson (fumbles age and contract), Patterson (foolishness) , Kalil (no words can describe it)?  

And personally- the local media says "Oh, the Vikings had the perfect game plan"  Not seeing it.  We still ran the ball on 1st down to Peterson most of the time and kept trying to make Bridgewater into a pocket passer when he needs be moving around the field like Russell and Cam Newton.  Bridgewater has talent but will continue to have problems in the pocket with the side arm motion,smaller size and lack of arm strength.  


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Peterson was the rushing champ.  Kalil was not a disaster this year.

Patterson, well he is still under rookie contract so you will see him on the squad next year because he is a cheap kick returner.  After next year, he will be gone.

My concerns lie with Bridgewater.  So many people are enamoured with him because he is an upgrade from every quarterback the Vikings have had since 2009 Favre. 

The upside is that he mostly avoids mistakes.  The downside is that he is so focused on the check down, that he doesn't notice open receivers.  There were at least two instances where a receiver was open down field but he was looking for the check down and never saw the opportunity.

The question is can he go from being a stable quarterback to a great one?  He has only played two seasons, so he is still learning.  We shall see.

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He as focused on the checkdown. And I believe that was only because he is used to defensive lineman and linebackers getting through the line in about half a second flat. I don't know a single quarterback that would sit in the pocket and absorb hit after hit and not start automatically looking for that check down. While I also think that he has a LOT to learn yet, I do believe that he can become a very good quarterback. Get him an offensive line that can block and maybe we might start seeing more of those downfield passes we all so desperately crave.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • back bay
      muskies - thanks - I think we are gonna stay in either lost bay or the brule - depending on where there are spots available when we get up there.  Any mainstays up there you can clue me in on as far as reefs go?  I see a few on the charts that meet the criteria but don't know if they are worthwhile and many are not named on the chart I was looking at.   If its closely guarded secret I understand.  Just trying to learn about a different style of fishing since the bays probably wont produce anything worthwhile by the time we get there.
    • smurfy
      Back at ya!!!👍 pretty warm on for sure.
    • Falconheart
      The Buhl pit lake at the end of the downtown one has a nice boat launch area and dock. Stubler lake across from campground has two fishing docks but no launch Mott put in Mt Irin has a boat launch  than there’s the another in Hibbing but don’t know the name
    • Muskies
      Chubs mostly...depending on the day and conditions. Always good to bring crawlers and leeches to try also.
    • tacklejunkie
      OK, I’ll give my report and see if anybody else has anything to say.    Headed out last Wednesday to Fish Lake. Just some bluegill and little perch and a couple of outside the slot walleye.  Then when evening came, switch from crawlers and spinners to leeches and spinners and picked up four walleye.  Three of them were within the slot.   Anywhere from 8 to 14 feet of water. A lot of recreation on the lake and it seemed the fishing for walleyes picked up later in the evening.    Just covering water on the flats and edges of weeds
    • ManBearPig
      Thank you for your reply Muskies!   Knowing now that there was a bug hatch going on during my last trip, as I suspected, I don't feel quite as bad about my fishing skills.   I'm  really looking forward to our end of July/early August trip.  This camping/fishing trip will be with  and old friend  that I've know since grade school days.  However, the last time that we camped together was in the BWCA about 40 years ago.  My plan has been to fish the mid-lake humps with crawlers on bottom bouncer/spinner rigs or just using jigs.  Now that you mentioned minnows, I may try to bring some of those as well.  As you using Fatheads on the jigs in late July?
    • Muskies
      Good morning Erik If you want to fish in July and August, the reefs are a good choice. I also look for shelves along side islands. The info received from the local people is correct. Use your electronics to find active fish. If you don’t see any fish move to a new spot. Once you find them a jig and minnow is a great choice. Good luck when you cone back.
    • Muskies
      Hello manbearpig, You were out in the middle of bug hatch...finally finishing up now. When you come back in late July try locate reefs in the 20-30 foot mark and you should have some luck. If you look at a map there are many in the area you were camping. I prefer using a jig and minnow as my go to but have  used different techniques over the years...depending on what the fish want. Hope you enjoyed your time on the lake.
    • PRO-V
    • FishinCT
      There’s a video on youtube of someone finding a sunken boat with side imaging. That’s what it looked like
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