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Frabill Recon 1 man flip over fish house. 2 years old, no holes or tears. Only pulled on snow and ice so bottom is near new. Removable windows in mint condition with blackout covers inside and closeable vents.  Added Reflectix thermal insulation on the top and back so it really holds the heat in and lights up easier with no added weight. Folding and detachable seat mount and folding padded seat included.

$150 Firm.  **Does not include travel cover***

Collapsed: 50"L x 31"W x 18"T, Open: 92"L x 31"W x 56"T. Weight: 50 lbs. Located in West Bloomington. Please contact me here via PM. Thanks for your interest.



00T0T_hxNUPY27OC_600x450.jpg 00Z0Z_5g3BCpUVQaw_600x450.jpg



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  • Similar Content

    • papadarv
      By papadarv
      The ION Quick Release has the same diameter shaft as the Clam Plate so it directally connects to a clam plate. Allows for a quick change to all the different auger bits you use by using a stub shaft on your auger bit. I configured my 6", 7" & 8" Mora / Strike Master augers to adapt to the Clam Plate. The ice anchor bit also works with my Eskimo ice anchors.
    • Gnomeworks
      By Gnomeworks
      Hello everyone,
      Does anyone know if there are any fish in the East Branch of Raven Stream? It's in the town of St Benedict, just north of New Prague? I'm thinking of buying a bit of land that happens to have this stream running through it, but I would only want it if there fish in the stream. I'm not too proud, it doesn't need trout in it, panfish and bullheads would suit me just fine. :)
      Anybody familiar with this stretch of water?
      Thanks in advance for any replies!
    • fishingtime13
      By fishingtime13
      Im wanting to go and fish the missisippi river by my place, there is a little inlet with some down trees, a drop off  and a little bridge that goes over the inlet.
      Its off of east river road at the end of 79th.  I believe its called riverview heights park.
      My questions is, has anyone gone fishing there? I see people there quite often and have chatted with them a little bit, but haven't gotten much out of them.
      It looks promising for some largemouth and catfish.
      if you have fished there what works good? and are they biting now?
      I will be there at about 5 am tomorrow morning.
    • Chevy Nation
      By Chevy Nation
      Hey guys and gals!
      I was wondering what kind of fish is this? I was thinking they were redhorse suckers or something but I am not 100% sure! I have been catching them out of the Mississippi and don't know if they are invasive or what the heck they are because they smell god awful!

    • huskybass
      By huskybass
      Hey All,
      In the past week I have broken my 22 year old 33cc Eskimo auger (loved it), and just last night I burned out a 18v Makita drill on a Clam plate. The drill will be replaced with a brushless.. However, I am still in the market for an auger. Now, before everyone starts saying “go electric,” I will say this.. I drill a lot of holes. 100-200 hole days/weekends. I can’t always keep batteries warm/charged.
      So, I’d like opinions on an affordable and somewhat light auger. 2 that come to mind right now are an Eskimo Stingray 33cc w/ 8″ bit. As you know, Eskimo now has a 5 year warranty, which is very appealing. <$280> plus tax. 28lbs.
      The other auger I’m considering is a Strikemaster Chipper Lite 1.5hp Solo. Now, I haven’t seen many review for it, but Fleet Farm is advertising it for around $280 as well. 24lbs
      I’ve used my buddy’s StrikeLite in the past and really liked it, but that was a 4 stroke.
      Should I buy new or used? There are a few in good shape on Craigslist as well..
      I really would like to keep the spending around $300 or less.
    • UpNorth Bassing
      By UpNorth Bassing
      ISO vexilar pm me what you got and price picture is preferred 
    • UpNorth Bassing
      By UpNorth Bassing
      Hello I am looking for this exact reel with the cork handles in left hand it is the black berry 2014 model. I really want one so if you have it pm me I will pay a decent price 

    • Jim Panfish Uran
      By Jim Panfish Uran
      How much wind has your hub held up in? I've been out in 20mph winds last year out on Pike Bay with a big old Clam six pack and it was a little scary lol. Since I bought the Eskimo 6120i  I haven't really been out in high winds other than on Winnie last March and it seemed to hold up a lot better in the wind than the six pack. 
      I bought the anchor drill adapter thingy and that is the best money I've ever spent on ice equipment lol. Bam, bam bam they go in like crazy and you are set up. A couple anchor lines on the outside windy side and a few on the inside and I think it would hold up to quite a bit. Any experience? 
    • TactcialFishing
      By TactcialFishing
      Welcome Anglers,

      To those who love the sport of ice fishing. We all have a story or two of the BIG ONE that got away. Now we can show the big one that didn't get away! Introducing the Crappie Coffin, the only ice fishing net on the market today. Born out of the frustration of losing that big fish at the top of the hole. I decided to go to work on a solution to this problem. The Crappie Coffin is the result of this effort. Placed in the drilled ice hole, you drop your jig down through the center of the Crappie Coffin and fish as always. The hooked fish is reeled up and enters through the one way passage at the bottom and is then trapped within the net. Also your sonar transducer will work normally placed inside the unit. No more lost fish wrapped around your transducer. Once you use the Crappie Coffin you'll never want to fish without one.

    • curt quesnell
      By curt quesnell
      Fishing was not real fast in the dead calm of Saturday morning.  So we used a basic bit of smarts that I dont usually think applies to Lake of the Woods. We downsized the jigs to 1/8 ounce or less and fish started going right away. (I must remember this IS a good LOW idea)
      Contact with the bottom was tough with the tiny jigs in 30 feet of water so I remembered I had a brand new Clam Rattling Blade Spoon in the pocket of my jacket.  I tied that on and fish still came quickly and the ease of fishing the larger bodied bait made everything easier.
      I know you have heard it before, but it is a good idea to bring your ice fishing jigging spoons along for open water fishing too.
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • fishingstar
      I have two Labs that are 7 years a part. it took them less then a month to get a long. Now they are best buds.
    • SkunkedAgain
      ...and that was the worst team that they will play all season. It's a rough road ahead.
    • delcecchi
      Interesting.   Have to give the narrows more respect in the future...
    • delcecchi
      Ah the old un-named bay trick...  Got an end?   
    • pwencel
      We have 4 AKC GSP puppies left for sale that are ready for their new homes. Pedigrees Available. Great family dogs and hunting dogs. Born on 8/2/21. Call or text me for pictures or if you have any questions!.  320 808 4541
    • monstermoose78
      Finn is going to be 6 in October. Thanks the pup will be fun
    • maryjames9939
      someone provide me good information on vintage seiko watch..
    • smurfy
      👍i'll bet he is. how old is Finn??? when i brought my new lab home, my 13 year old sheltie was not a fan!!!!! with the energy that young pup had, the sheltie did a lot of hiding!!!!!🤣 its getting better!!!!!   have fun with the new pup!!!!!!!!!
    • monstermoose78
      Tomorrow is the day Hazel comes home!! I am super excited to have a second lab in the house. Finn is in for a surprise with puppy around. 
    • mtheis
      I just got back from staying up at Vermilion for a week, and I made a few notes:   The water temp was consistent at 66 degrees Monday through Saturday.  The weather was crazy wet or wildly windy, and I found my biggest walleyes (15-17's) were caught in my standard spots Monday through Wednesday.  Then a switch turned off, and I had to relocate and find new spots as my previous ones were dead for the rest of the week.  Never seen anything like that before.  After the lake calmed, and skies turned blue, I could only catch the 9-14 inchers.  The biggest I saved for fish fries, and I even scrapped up a limit to take home.   I used lead core, and I fished in water depths ranging from 20-25 ft.  I saw alot of HUGE balls of bait and tried to keep slightly above them.  I tried many different colors, and silver out produced everything and I couldn't buy a fish on my favorite color, fire tiger.  The lake appears to be less dirty this year for me.  With invasive species this may become the norm.    I found a bay that was absolutely stacked with fish.  I spent two days there, and no one was around to compete with me.  I loved it.  But it was too small for me to let out enough lead core so I tied a three way with a line counter reel and a 2 oz sinker with a 6ft leader.  That worked really well.  It came to me again, you do not need to invest in a lot of pricey equipment to get your lures down deep.  Those fish were again in 20-25 ft of water.  I hope this helps someone!
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