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Mike Walerak

Rainy Lake Walleye

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Mike Walerak

Just got back from a week of camping and fishing on Rainy Lake. While the bite was not fast and furious it was consistant and good.   We seemed to find fish scattered from 6 FOW all the way to 35 FOW with the reefs holding most of the fish.  Locating and staying on a school and waiting them out seemed to work best rather that chase after the hot bite.  We mainly fished jigs with crawlers, shiners and leeches but did do some live bait rigging. Neither tactic seemed to out produce the other.  They seemed to show preference to one of the baits for a while and then would shut off. Changing up baits and/or presentation seemed like get them going again.

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    • Yetzer2468
      By Yetzer2468
      Hey guys! First post so excuse me if I'm posting in the wrong spot. 
      I just moved to Elk River, MN and am feening for some fish. I have no idea where to go first but do any of you know any decent spots to get some Crappie or Walleye within a 45 min drive from Elk River? Any spots are greatly appreciated. 
    • smalljaw
      By smalljaw
      Finally, a rain free day on Rainy Lake.
    • smalljaw
    • Topwaterordie
      By Topwaterordie
      Anyone got any place that they would like to share with me to catch walleyes from shore. That is good anytime of the season.
      Preferably public land. I've got bad hips and cant be lifting my canoe any longer, so Im stuck to fishing on the shore. If you have
      any ideas of places let me know. Id be grateful for the advice.
      Minnesota or North Dakota advise welcome.
      Oh, Ill be fishing at night mostly. Ill be using live bait, Chubs and leeches.
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      Anyone know of lakes with decent shore fishing near Mankato? I've gone to North Shore on Madison Lake but can't find any shore on other lakes near by. Any suggestions?
    • MN BassFisher
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      A group of us recently made it up to Flag Island Resort for 3 days of multispecies ice fishing on Lake of the Woods. The accommodations and folks who worked at the Resort were top notch! Bending over backwards to put you on fish and make your trip one to remember.
      The Fishing - Day 1 it was decided to stay, somewhat, close to the Resort in the MN side of LOTW to target Walleye, Sauger and Perch due to 24+ hours of snow. We got into pretty good numbers of fish and some quality fished showed up as well! Below is a video of that action from Day 1.
    • MN BassFisher
      By MN BassFisher
      A group of high school buddies and some of their family make an Annual trip up to Baudette to fish Walleyes on Lake of the Woods. I look forward to this trip each year! Since this is an Annual Trip we all put some money and bragging rights on the line for the Angler who can catch the biggest fish of the weekend, take home the Trophy, $500 Cash and call themselves "Mr. Walleye" for the next 365 days. The Largest Perch and Heaviest Eelpout/Burbot also take home prizes. I didn't have the camera's rolling on Day 1 (which was lights out) but on Day 2 of the trip we were filming. It was fun day and I even caught my new Personal Best Perch!
    • MN BassFisher
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      @bassfshin24 and I snuck up to Mille Lacs for 2 days of fishing recently. We were targeting Walleye near shallow structure in the low light hours and bumping out a bit deeper during mid-day. The first day was slow for us but we found more action on Day 2 including my 2nd biggest Walleye through the ice. I also caught my first tagged Walleye! Pay attention for my slip and fall...
    • Borch
      By Borch
      A group of us are planning on getting together on Lake Osakis for the day on 8/18/18 for a day of fishing and a midday picnic at the Battle Point Park.  We would enjoy connecting with some fellow anglers from the site to connect and have some fun.  Osakis is a great lake for big gills, slab crappies, nice walleye, pike, smallmouth and largemouth bass.  The best walleye bite has been during low light periods.  Sunfish and crappie bite all day.  We plan on taking a break around noon at the Battle Point Park for lunch.  Right now tentatively looking to connect around 8-9 at the access.  Otherwise look for a red and white Warrior and connect with me, "Borch" on the water I'd you'd like.   I might even have a fishing report really fresh fishing report for you. 
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Fishing Frenzy
      I checked Grand, Pearl and Goodner and Eden. Except for the shoreline by grand it was all wide as of last Sunday. I walked out like 25 yards on Eden and Goodner and had 3 1/2 inches as of yesterday. Was a few people fishing.
    • smurfy
      Well first you need to get it on a lake before that could happen.🤣
    • leech~~
      Can you please show me any of the data I used was wrong. I'm sure the MN DNR, Red Lake Band and Kelly would love to see that because all the data numbers I used came from those sources.  As as far as making a point, do you have one to add on this subject?  You added no information or new facts what so ever, other then your feelings and an old history lesson that we have all heard a 1000 times.  The fact is, the Red Lake Band is in charge and manages the majority of the largest fresh water lake in the state of Minnesota.  For the sake of all mankind we hope they get it right this-time!  😕 
    • Mike89
      my spear hole door is insulated and when I close it at night I have no issues with it freezing up...
    • papadarv
      @smurfy no spear holes just jig holes. Never leave it on the ice overnight so no issues with poly freeze. 
    • Rick
      If you have personal issues please report the post. If your post goes off topic in an area that can be reported or messaged to me privately it has been and will be removed for the sake of keeping the peace here. Good points made from every angle, let's keep it that way. No personal attacks. If you want to address me personally about an action I may have taken, please private message.
    • smurfy
      NOW thats on heck of a spear shack!!!!!!😎👍 do you have issues with the poly freezing up a bit???
    • IceHawk
      Good to see you had some action. I'm waiting to get over on that side myself. 😀 Usally better quality there but time will tell. Released a 28 and two 27 inchers in that area this summer so maybe with any luck one of us will put one of them topside again. The dirty water bites Hopefully it clears out .  I find that the eye fishing can be a little on the slow side when the clarity is down. Time for the rippin raps shallow 👍
    • walros
      I think most of the problem here is that no one trusts each other to have their best interests in this matter. I think the lake was abused, both sides realize what a great fishery it was and are trying to make it back into what it was. Personally I think they have done that and deserve credit for doing so. Is everyone going to be happy, seriously doubt that is gonna happen but it is a great fishery that should be around for many years. For that we should be grateful that both sides have compromised their positions for the greater good of this lake. Rant over !  
    • papadarv
      Did the same for my DIY wheel house hole covers only added pink poly insulation cut to hole size attached to the bottom of the hinged wood cover. Used velcro to hold open. Works great
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