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St. Croix Newbie (Twin Cities area)

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Aaron Carrell

Hey guys,

I've peaked in on this forum a few times over the last 10 years but have never followed through with my desire to hit up the St. Croix to target some smallmouth primarily. Well... I'm hoping to make it happen this Saturday and was hoping for some general guidance. I live in Minneapolis and was hoping to fish the areas nearest to me, and based on the map and previous threads I've seen I was leaning towards the area from Prescott heading north to wherever (preferably staying south of the Lake). My questions are the following:

  • Where are the simplest ramps to use within the area described above, and preferably without paying a fee?
  • Is there a stretch of the river that is in general easiest to start from? better overall? Areas to altogether avoid? (I'm comfortable on Pool 2 and rivers in general, though not always the best at finding the fish, but thats just due to a lack of time spent searching usually)
  • Is there anything I should expect this time of year regarding the fishing, traffic, other regulations that are out of the ordinary?

I appreciate any help anyone is willing to provide! I hate going in completely blind, so thats why I'm reaching out here. 

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Public Access right below the hastings dam on the Mississippi. It's maybe 2 miles by water from the mouth of the croix. Lot's of wing dams to fish for smallies, and the shorelines along the croix in that area are nice and rocky. The constant wake of boat traffic might drive you nuts though.

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Fisherman For a Lifetime

On a Saturday? Go early, really early.  Because by Noon-ish, it'll become a "hatch" of pleasure boats. You'll be rocked into submission shortly after.  Good luck!



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    • smalljaw
    • MinnowBuckets
      By MinnowBuckets
      Hi all. I am new to the forum, but not to the area. Who are the folks on here that like to target smallies on the Mississippi (and tribs)? 
      The last few years I have really enjoyed fishing smallmouth bass in the St. Cloud, Sauk Rapids, and Sartell stretches of the sippi. Anybody getting out for them yet this fall? How is the action for you? Not looking for your secrets (I have plenty of my own), just wanting folks to chime in that share a passion for fishing this awesome river!
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      What would be the best lake map micro sd card for my Lowrance Elite 5 for use on the St Croix River.  Ive done some research and it seems lakemaster chips are not compatible for lowrance anymore, am I right about this?  So then its between Navionics and Insight Pro.  I read that the most recent Insight Pro version does not have contours for the Croix but I find this hard to believe.  If anyone has anything to say about which has the most accurate contour lines, most up to date, etc I would greatly appreciate it!  I would use an older version of lakemaster too if it would work in my lowrance and I could get a hold of one.   Thanks!
    • NBK14
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      Would anyone be willing to share some info on shore fishing this area? 
      I've never tried it and plan on giving it a shot soon so here's a few questions. Are shore folk confined to a small space, or is there room to roam? Is it heavily pressured? Are there any deeper holes and or decent structure to concentrate on? 
      We aren't targeting any one species and will be using various baits. I'm kinda excited to use a circle hook loaded w/ cutbait and cast plastic at the same time. 
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      Anybody know how the water levels are in the Franconia area? I'm going to put in at Franconia for the opener this weekend. Thanks.
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      - Subscribe to this fishing report.
      There are some great St. Croix river fishing reports here. Be sure to share your experience here as well.
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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • JBMasterAngler
      Well, just wrapped up my last day in Grand Marais. All the smaller, shallow lakes are locked up with ice, or will be after tonight. Lots of snow up the trail, but getting around on back roads wasn’t a problem. I stopped and fished most of the trout lakes around the gunflint and arrowhead trails...the ones that weren’t frozen over anyway. My dad didn’t see a single grouse...I saw one at the start of the arrowhead. I didn’t hear a single gunshot while I was out fishing. Saw 1 moose, 1 bear, a few deer, foxes were everywhere! And even saw a fisher run across the road. Saw just about every animal print you can think of in the snow. Still a few diving ducks around, snow buntings and crossbills everywhere. And finally seen a gray jay! Despite the cold and snow, it really wasn’t that bad out. Was a different perspective fishing all the lakes in waders, as opposed to being in a boat.   
    • Rick
      Thanks for stopping in Darren. I will always consider you a great friend. You always gave and then gave some more.   You are appreciated.
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      nice looking fish!!!!!!!!👍   join he hook-n- hospital group. the last 2 years 3 people i know did that, one of them me. our hospital happens to be deer river............they have a wall of hooks they've removed in the past. when i went i was patient #4 for the day with a hook!!!
    • The Chemist
      A huge shout out to Borch who gave some really good pointers on running the raps in our lake.   This fall my dad spent more days fishing from my boat and actually was begging me to go. Dont know if we will be able to do it again but made some really good memories. 
    • The Chemist
      And i did this. I wished i could learn not to have this happen. Having to go to the ER was odd with the whole covid thing.
    • The Chemist
      The last couple of months were great out on the lake. Smallies and northerns and mix in some large mouths and eyes. Fishing in 2-5fr of water.
    • The Chemist
      So as i got a Cabelas CC, I will be able to get a new locator. Currently have 2 FL-8s but want an upgrade. I basically spend the winter for Cats. Have over $500 in awards.
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  Dress warm and catch walleyes!  Some even bring their Mr. Heater in the boat.  High temps this week in the low 40's.  The water temps are in the 30's and the walleyes are staged in many early ice areas.  Good reports on the lake with a mix of small fish, eaters and some big fish.  Consider areas on the lake such as the Lighthouse Gap, Morris Point Gap, Zippel Bay and Long Point.  Good reports in all of those areas.  Walleyes in 7 - 26' of water.  Most anglers anchored up and jigging with an emerald shiner.  Pink, gold, glow and green jigs working well.  Pike are active in bays and along shorelines.  Trolling crankbaits for some anglers is still effective, but jigging by far the chosen technique this time of year. On the Rainy River...   Anglers seeing good numbers of walleyes on electronics as well as a lot of bait.  With so many shiners in the river, catching walleyes has been tougher than normal.  The river is still low, current slow.  Best depths anywhere from 7-24'.  Most anglers are jigging with live or frozen shiners.  Pink, glow and gold combo effective.  Trolling crankbaits over flats where fish are spread still pulling some fish.  Walleyes in Four Mile Bay 10-15'.  Sturgeon anglers focusing on deeper holes with current.  A sturgeon rig with crawlers and shiners. Up at the NW Angle...   Nice walleyes being caught up at the Angle for anglers braving some colder than normal temps.  Jig and a minnow on points and areas with current all good places to start in 13'-26'.  Gold, pink, and glow colors great choices.  Some big pike being caught by walleye anglers as well as those trolling shorelines.  Pike and muskies in bays and off of rock points.  
    • Wanderer
      Same latitude as your turf but at the western end of the state yesterday.  Water temps are around 40 on the big water but the small ponds are freezing or capped already.  Birds are on the move big time including light and dark geese and swans.   Some small ponds that were partially open had a few birds on them that appeared to mostly be hooded mergs.   We had a spoony shoot with a few others mixed in. GWT and BWT (loner), gadwall, and buffleheads.  We saw blue bills and golden eyes but no shots fired on them.  3 man limit.  
    • Coleman
      Anyone been on the Chain or Big Birch within the past 3-4 days?  Just curious what the water temps are hovering around.  
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