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Fun Twins Lineup Hypothetical

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Just because it would be cool and something the Twins would NEVER do.... I put together a hypothetical lineup for the Twins if they made ONE trade and one position switch...

It is tough to watch the lack of productivity at SS year after year after year and it is hard for me to watch Suzuki, even though I love the guy who is a pros, pro, when we have a better option on the roster.  

What if the Twins traded for Tulowitzki.  Indications are the Rockies are ready to deal him.  The second part of my dream is to have Mauer catch at least half the time....


Dozier       2B

Mauer       C

Tulowitzki  SS

Sano         DH

Hunter       RF

Plouffe      3B

Vargas      DH

Rosario     LF

Buxton/Hicks CF

How the outfield would shakeout would be interesting, but having Suzuki as a second catcher or 1/2 time catcher, Escobar as a utility along with Nunez, plus Hicks or Buxton on the bench.... seems to me to be a really solid lineup compared to have Suzuki and Santana in there every night...

Odds are less than zero that it happens, but it sure would be fun!

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Moving Mauer back to catcher and putting Vargas at first doesn't really gain you much.  You essentially trade Suzuki for Vargas (who is currently in Double A)

Suzuki is hitting .227 but Vargas is only marginally better at .245.  Vargas also has a lower on base percentage and strikes out 3x more often than Suzuki. The other problem with Mauer at catcher is that he'll need to miss more games which takes Mauers better albeit still meager.278 average out of the game at least once a week.  That leaves you with the two lesser options in Suzuki and Vargas playing in games together too often.  I think in the long run that is a net loss for the team.  They are better off keeping Mauer at 1st and playing everyday.


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It is tough to watch the lack of productivity at SS year after year after year

That Hardy deal looks worse and worse by the day for the twins. Should have never got rid of him.

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Agreed on Hardy.  The Twins gave him one injury filled season and then dumped him.  A little patience with him would have paid off huge.

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Five of Hardy's first seven seasons have him playing less than 130 games.  The season with the Twins was season six.  Joe Mauer had two season of less than 130 games in his first seven seasons and I think most guys here were very vocal about him not being in the lineup.  Hardy is a career .258 hitter averaging about 15 home runs per year.  Home runs being pumped by hitting in Baltimore, a more friendly home run park.   I'm ok with the Twins losing him.

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Lets not forget that multiple players over the years, have complained about how the Twins training staff either misdiagnosed, mistreated or downplayed injuries. Hardy claimed the Twins didn't properly identify or treat his wrist injury when he was here, and it wasn't until he went to Baltimore, that the issue was resolved. 

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"Lets not forget that multiple players over the years, have complained about how the Twins training staff either misdiagnosed, mistreated or downplayed injuries. Hardy claimed the Twins didn't properly identify or treat his wrist injury when he was here, and it wasn't until he went to Baltimore, that the issue was resolved. "

Care to list these multiple players?  Living outstate, I probably miss the gossip type reporting, but this is the first I've heard such an accusation.

For some reason, and I could be totally wrong, I thought he may have come to the Twins with the wrist problems.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • anchor man
      I'll be up there with a couple friends on the chain. Never have any confidence for walleyes on opener, so we'll go after whatever bites (with an emphasis on eyes). 😀  
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  On the lake, the focus is on the May 15, 2021 Fishing Opener for walleyes.  There is much optimism as fishing in the Rainy River this spring was excellent and reports of good fishing from the spring season on the lake was also good. The limit for walleyes and saugers during the open season is a combined limit of six fish, up to four of the six can be walleyes.  There is a slot limit in which all walleyes 19.5 - 28.0 inches must be released.  One can be kept over 28 inches.   Pike anglers are still catching fish in back bays. The pike season is open year-round on LOW and the Rainy River.     On the Rainy River...   Sturgeon anglers are enjoying catch and release through 5/15/21.  Closed 5/16/21 - 6/30/21.  Harvest season opens up again on 7/1/21 - 9/30/21. Good numbers of sturgeon have been running in the Rapid River near Clementson just east of Baudette this past week.  These fish are incredible to see up close, but are also very much protected and respected. Anglers looking to this weekend and the opener.  Typically, there is some good walleye fishing in the river early in the season, such as this weekend. Up at the NW Angle...  A few anglers fishing pike in back bays but most looking forward to the May 15th fishing opener.  The go to walleye spots come the opener will be shoreline and island structure and underwater points.  The technique, a jig and a minnow! With the Canada border still closed, there are many ways to get up to the Angle.  The LOW Passenger Service, charter boat shuttle service from the south end, is open and running.  If you have the right boat and expertise, boating across is an option.  And finally, Lake Country Air flying service, a float plane service out of Baudette and other locations.  
    • ozzie
      i will be up in the area but not sure i will hit the chain.  the history with me and opener on the chain has not been productive so this year I am finding a smaller shallow lake in the area and going to hit it for walleyes.  I have not asked my father in law what the temps were but he has hit south cross and clamshell a few times and when fish are caught they have been on the smaller side.  Good Luck to you!
    • ozzie
      If I snagged an anchor line I am pretty sure i would not ask the anchored angler to lift so I can get my jig back, but I am sure I would warn them that there is a hook now in there anchor line!  I am that way fishing around docks...if I get caught on a dock I will always butt up to it and carefully remove my hook so they do not stick themselves or have a little kid get stuck from it.  Amazingly I have had confrontations with people in this regard!  And it is not like i am pitching bass jigs as I am usually crappie fishing around docks so i am using light line, small hook and cork bobber so I am not hurting a dock if i accidentally cast into it.  Oh well...Good luck to all you Vermillion fisherman on opener and in the rest of the season!
    • CJH
      No one's been out on the chain?
    • Walleye Guy
      Twin City Outboard in Shakopee only works on old motors.  They do great work and the pricing is reasonable.
    • SkunkedAgain
      My 1960 Johnson Seahorse is on the fritz. I did an overhaul the over the winter rebuilding the carb, replacing dry fuel hoses, fixing two stripped bolts (helicoils) on the powerhead, etc... This spring she only wants to run on one cylinder. I am assuming that it's the coil or something similar but suck at the electrical side.    Great American Marine in Bloomington won't touch old motors anymore. Neither will Boat Motor Recyclers in Burnsville (1990 and up!).    Does anyone up near Vermilion still work on older motors? I'll take a recommendation for somewhere near the lake or in the Twin Cities. Any input is appreciated.
    • SkunkedAgain
      It all depends. My go-to opener presentation is dragging a #7 perch rap when closer to the spawn. With the water temps as they are, I think that I'll be jigging and slip-bobbering with whatever works, but I usually start out with rainbows.
    • SkunkedAgain
      I'm only 5'8 so it's swimming for me.
    • ozzie
      thanks for the heads up!  I think most, if not all of us are aware that the border is closed since it has caused a lot of trip cancellations!  Hopefully they will find a way to let us fishing fools up into their country sooner than later, as I am sure their tourism industry is hurting and could use the money the foreign vacationers spend!  
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