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Twins in 1st Place - It's been a while

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Wish Ervin Santana was available for the playoffs if we get in, these games lately feel like playoff games, just win however, 1 more run then the opponent.

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twins are still in it, should be a fun weekend of baseball.

so what does a MN sports fan do if the Twins are still in it come Sunday. Do you watch the Twins for the Vikings lol

I was hoping the twins would have been up big last night so they could have plunked Jose Ramirez  from night before




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1 game out of the Wildcard with 3 games to go. Who would have thunk this at the beginning of the season.

I'm going to watch the game against KC tonight with my daughter and grandson. Should be fun.

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I believe they need to run the table for a reasonable shot. Personally, I hope they don't make it.  It will be embarrassing and deflating to lose to the Yankees. Again.  

It's a great experience for all the young up and comers we have to be playing meaningful baseball this late in the season. For once, the future looks bright.

It's been a good run, maybe next year...


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I am very happy with the progress the young Twins have shown. The future looks good if they can keep improving. The team batting average needs to come up and a few tweaks on the pitching staff should put us in contention again next year. KC is a solid team.

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    • trumy
      Dropped through first layer to second layer of ice and got stuck were driving out from  burntside lodge on plowed road  have moved road some no problems good solid road buddy came from  up by lake of the woods last weekend one ton dually pulling his ice castle  went out from the lodge road caught 5 lakers on friday not sure how they did on Saturday 
    • SkunkedAgain
      That's the point Rick. jigginjim talked about leaving a portable out on the lake while he was gone (more than 200ft away). Therefore he needed to have his name on it. I think that we agree on this.
    • Chill62
      Hardest part is getting onto most lakes not driving around. if you can make it 75 yards onto a lake your golden. Saturday morning will be cold you'll be good. Saturday coming off you might have fun. Sunday might be soupy. 
    • PRO-V
      I knew I read that before!!
    • The Chemist
      Jeff: prayers for you that the procedure goes well and that you have a speedy recovery.
    • Ando009
      How are the lakes west of ottertail. Can you get around with a ranger on tires or should I bring sleds?
    • Mike89
      very interesting....
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Something that made me cuckle today and figured Id share. I was out today and went and looked at a smaller lake relatives speared or use to spear. There was about 38 spearing setups in a 200-300 yard circle. And get this, 90% of those holes were setup with the same type of portable house. This lake is about 400 acres. It use to have a great population of nice panfish and a healthy pike population. Now that these relatives have speared this lake the last 5 years the panfish are all tiny and theres only small pike left. And now those relitives complain that "there is no nice spearable pike left" and the panfishing is poor. Well all be darn who would think after years of spearing the same lake and taking multiple large pike (over 28") each time out the fishing would be horrible. Go figure! I'm all for spearing and do it my self and think its a great pass time. What i DONT enjoy is when people take and take from a fishery and never look back to see the path of destruction there creating. This really is the most disappointing thing about spearing for me :(.
    • JBMasterAngler
      That is my Grand Marais report, word for word from last June. Not really sure why that guy copied and pasted it.
    • Mike89
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