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FM/HSO 2015 Turkey Quest SIgn Up

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Click Here for 2015 FM/HSO Turkey Quest Sign Up Form

Click Here for Summary of Sign Up for Turkey Quest

Purpose, About & Rules smile

The main purpose of this Contest is for the members to have some fun sharing their success and stories with a little friendly competition thrown in. Let's have some fun!

1. All birds submitted must have been harvested within the Rules and regulations of the state that they are hunted in.

2. Teams will be randomly assigned with equal,(as possible) assignment of youth hunters(those 17 or younger at the beginning or the Contest) and different subspecies hunted. Deadline for registration will be midnight(cdt) March 24, 2015 in the Contest Sign Up Thread. The teams will be posted as soon as they are determined and entered onto the site.

For members who miss the deadline a substitute pool will be kept where members will follow the same rules and can submit a bird but they must register by April 15th, 2014. They cannot harvest a bird before they are registered. If a team has a member that has not posted or responded to email by May 13th, 2015 a member from the pool will be randomly drawn to fill spots on teams with "no shows" just to keep it even.

Each team will consist of up to 6 hunters. At the start the teams will be named FM Forums 1, 2, 3... Teams can come up with their own name at anytime. Please decide on that one name before having the default one change,(no multiple name changes allowed).

3. Submitting birds for scoring. There will be a submission form posted for use by the start of the Contest.

You will need to get a witness for the measurements of spur, beard and weight. Both you and the witness will need to sign the form verifying the measurement as being correct. All measurements will need to be in standard measurement,(Inches/pounds).

In addition to the submission form members will need to post three photos,(there will be a submission thread for this). If you need help posting pics let me or your team mates know. One a close up of the spurs with a ruler/tape measure showing length,(you may need two pics if the spurs are different lengths). Also a second photo with a close up of the beard doing the same. The last picture should be of you,(the happy hunter with your face mask pull down) holding up your beautiful bird. We want to see the whole bird as well as what you look like. One of these photos should also have your 2015 filled turkey tag in it. If your state does not use a tag system then write the date the bird was taken on a piece of paper and include it in one of your photos.

When the Contest starts there will be also be a link to submit your filled out form. If you are not able to submit you bird online, send Borch or team member an email and we'll make arrangements to have it mailed and posted.

4. Scoring of the bird will be based on the NWTF scoring system. Each member will be able to score one bird(the first bird taken for your season even if you are allowed more than one) for the Contest.

The top 4 scores for each team will be used to calculate the team's final score. The team with the highest final score will be the winning team.

Also in addition to the team competition we'll have an individual youth,( those 17 or younger at the beginning of the Contest) and adult competition. We'll use the same bird and score for the bird submitted to the team competition. The highest scoring bird will be the winner.

5. The Contest will run from March 25, 2015 until June 10, 2015. Winners will be announced after that time.

Winning teams and individuals will earn the right to Advertise their great expertise and skills as the 2015 FM/HSO.com Turkey Contest Winners in their signature.

The 2015 FM/HSO.com Forum Members Turkey Quest is a Contest created and operated independently by FM/HSO.com forum members and is not officially sanctioned or managed by the site itself.

Let's have even more fun this year!!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • gimruis
      Its even better for smallmouth bass.  Our rivers are loaded with them and there's very little pressure.
    • Wanderer
      Almost too nice if weather yesterday and today in this area.  If I were out today with the southern winds/gusts to 30, I’d spend most of the day on my feet.  Good day to still hunt.
    • monstermoose78
      I want to hear details 
    • poliwhirl18
      You're quite lucky. 
    • Kettle
      Although I moved away from the area over 10 years ago I can say without reservation that the rum river has fantastic walleye fishing. There's some pigs in there besides numbers. I've also had really good bluegill fishing there too! 
    • Wanderer
      Any news after day one?
    • smurfy
      i was told that the owner of the bait shop in deer river, george passed away earlier this week. story is they figure the  kids will just close the doors. i'll miss the guy. he may have been a bit more expensive, but his extended hours and honor system made it worth the stop there. one just doesnt see that no more. i'd call him if he wasnt going to be there he'd have what i wanted in his outside fridge and off i went.   and he always was willing to talk..........alot!!!!!!!!!!
    • leech~~
      MRGC, Welcome to the forum.    Not to take this off topic but I have been going by your range there on the end of Monti for over 30 years.  I have always wondered how long do you think your going to be able to keep it open so close to the approaching town before they drive you guys out with safety and noise complaints?  It looks like you guys have done a lot of work with the back stop and other improvements.   Thinking long-term have you thought about looking for a piece of land for a new range before the Anti's try and get you out?   Just a question I have thought about all these years.  Good luck, hope you guys hang for another 30!   🙂   
    • ozzie
      Welcome to the area!  Blue Lake and Green Lake are panfish lakes close by with the occasional walleye to be had in either but with more consistently from Green.  Briggs Lake chain is another good option for both crappies and walleyes and with it being part of the river system some size can be had for both.  Go a little south from there and you can hit up the Annandale area lakes which have walleyes and crappies.  Good Luck and let us know how ya do!
    • MRGC
      2019 Fall Rifle Site-in at the Monticello Rod & Gun Club October 19-20, 26-27 November 2-3. 10am to 4pm $10.00 per gun and $5.00 for additional gun per person. Monticello Rod & Gun Club 1821 W. River Street Monticello, MN 55362 If you need help, members will be available.   www.monticellorodandgunclub.org