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Wild player opinions

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It's been a tough year as a fan so far with how well they were on their game early and playing the style they were built for to feeling lucky if they get a point. Opinions on individual play so far as broken down by my personal opinion on expectations.

Far exceeds expectations

Niederreiter - best guy on the team and getting the puck in the net when he should. Stud on the puck

Scandella - responsible, my expectations were modest and his shot is a bomb now

Slightly exceeds expectations

Carter - didn't expect much, went to college with him, he plays a good game and is scoring some

Parise - stats are meeting expectations but man does that guy hustle and earn every bit of his pay

Zucker - finally starting to play a well rounded game and score at this level, responsible now too

Sutter - plays a tough game and does some little things right

Spurgeon - very effective given his size and I think improved from last year

Meets expectations

Koivu - works hard, meeting expectations overall because he's the best face off guy they have

Sutor - nothing fancy and [PoorWordUsage] me off sometimes but not too often

Brodziak - better than last year

Fontaine - about what I thought

Folin - had been exceeding a bit but about what I hope for

Ballard - boring

Prosser - I expect little and it's there

Slightly below expectations

Fontaine - has had some good chances but doesn't finish

Cooke - been injured a lot but not impact ion like last year yet

Backstrom - average backup quality at best, sad we accept this

Far below expectations

Coyle - hardly hear his name, what did we pay all that money for, he needs to play like the beast he is

Granlund - supposed to be a future star, making some amazing plays but I have lofty expectations

Haula - has shown he can really play but is sucking this year, needs to score

Pomminville - is something wrong with him, gets grade A chances and blows them, hard to watch

Vanek - lazy lazy lazy, gliding around the ice, zero hustle

Bordin - another supposed stud, plays good minutes but again, lofty expectations

Kuemper - inconsistent. Head case I'm guessing

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Has any of these opinions changed since?

I have one- sit the new 4th winger Bergenheim and play Schroeder every night. He was doing well for a few games before these new guys came in.

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