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    • THe CRiPPLeR
      Looking to trade for a Mossberg 510 mini. Ive got B2's or other waterfowl equipment. Possibly a 9.8 merc that needs an impeller. Tell me what you want.
    • Wanderer
      I dunno @LoonASea, I used to wonder the same thing.  But I have seen several floaters plucked off the water’s surface by eagles before they were completely dead.   I had the same comment about hooking mortality on Mille Lacs; how can they say such things without seeing a bunch of floaters?  Then I started hearing from friends that actually fish the lake that say they see them often since the tight slots have come into effect.     Rush Lake by Rush City had reports of hundreds of dead crappies under the ice by Crane Island.  A deep hole I’ve fished myself and put back lots of crappies I’ve had to close the mouth on to get them to swim back down the hole.  Made me wonder...   What I like about the ND study is it’s actually a study, not just feelings or intuition.  I don’t like the news any more than most with the exception that it lends some reference to an often debated topic.  Some “proof” if you will.  I’ve felt this to be an issue for several years already but didn’t have anything to refer to except my own personal experiences.  So I’ll continue to fish with this information in mind and continue to look for more.
    • smalljaw
    • papadarv
      On Gen 1 build I uses a 720p camera I sealed inside a small flashlight. On Gen 2 I purchased the camera, cable olreadr on a reel with a 1200TVL resolution. From what I can determine it should equal or better than Gen 1. Video of the Gen 1. Gen 2 not complete till after ice out.      
    • Lora-Jean
      Hello, I am new to this site but came here in hopes someone...anyone can point me in a direction to purchase Minnesota wild rice to plant.  I live in Maine and want to plant some in my farm pond for myself and my ducks.  Any info is greatly appreciated as I am only able to find parched rice on line.   Thank you for any direction you can point me in.  Respectfully, Lora-Jean
    • LoonASea
      If catching a fish out of water too deep for a safe release and releasing it ,,,,, Why arent the cabin / lakeshore owners complaining about lots of dead fish washing up on shore??? ,,, Do they sink to the bottom ,,,they cant all be eaten by birds
    • JerkinLips
      mbeyer, can't be from this year, can it?
    • JerkinLips
      Colder weather is better for the venison, but the warm days were sure nice for sitting in the stand or in the boat that year.
    • CaptJohnWis
      On a better note, I left the North Arm and headed south. Had fun playing with my new Garmin Live Scope. I probably would not have caught anything today without it. The fish were there but extremely picky. You had to use just the right action to entice a hit. Kinda like ice fishing for stubborn walleyes. Very small lure as well. I caught everything vertical jigging where I could see how the fish were reacting - nothing casting.   Would have weighed in about 18 pounds if I had been in the tournament. Maybe I should enter - then if I see you catch a fish, I can hover right over your spot. Apparently paying an entry fee allows you to disrespect other fishermen.     Rainy2019-9-14.mp4
    • CaptJohnWis
      Idiot loose on Rainy!   Day started out nice and then on my first spot am anchored up for 30 minuters and casting about 50 feet away on a reef. Here comes a big Ranger headed right at me. I figure it must be one of my buddies to come so close but I don't recognize him. Does he stop at 100 feet away? NO. Does he stop 50 feet away - NO. How about 25 feet? again no, He come withing 10 feet and then says," SORRY TO CROWD YOU BUT I AM IN A BASS TOURNAMENTt" !!!?? Then he proceeds to go right where I am casting - I lose it and go ballistic. Why does he think you can hover right over where somebody is casting? IDIOT! Whole lake to fish and he has to start TEN feet from my boat.   I left the North Arm where I had planned to spend the day. Didn't need to run into any more jerks. Went south. Ended up with about an 18 pound bag of 5 bass. See next video for more enjoyable viewing.   https://youtu.be/aGgdkHGLkvM Idiot_tournament_fisherman..mp4