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Crane Lake Resorts

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Looking to book our annual trip up to Crane Lake and I've convinced pretty much my whole extended family to tag along this year. Given that I have somewhat of a family reunion going on I need a few cabins that are close to each other. I've stayed at Pine Point in the past, but I couldn't get in for the week we wanted. Anybody have any experience at Scott's Peaceful Valley? I've walked past it before while I was up there and cabins look nice and it looks like they have good docks for the boats. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has stayed there and how their experience was.



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Give Jim or Gretchen a call at voyagaire lodge.They have a lake home avail just down the road from the resort that sounds like what your looking for

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I would recommend nelsons resort. Great place , you can't go wrong.

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    • Joe
      By Joe
      2020 Crane Lake Kabetogama-Namakan Fishing Reports - Click Here.
      Great info below. Newer reports are on pages that follow.
      Post your Crane Lake Kabetogama - Namakan fishing reports here!!
    • Savage Brewer
      By Savage Brewer
      Looking for some recommendations for cabins or other good places to stay on Vermilion.  Hoping to take my wife up for a weekend of ice fishing and then later this summer taking dad up for a while, so I am looking to see where the locals would recommend staying for either season.  For the winter season it would be nice to find a place that also has ice houses to rent, or possibly someone who rents sleeper fish houses as I would love to get on some night bite action.  For a place in the summer it would be nice to have either slips or a ramp onsite.  Pretty open to ideas at this point.
      Thank you 
    • mskyfshntchr
      By mskyfshntchr
      The wife and I are looking at taking a week vaca this summer to a lake. I have 2 boys; 6 and 3 yrs old. Both like to fish and catch fish. So, pretty much looking for a good panfish lake. Would like it if some decent pike/musky or walleye also.
      Would like it to have something for the kids to do besides fishing- playground, nice beach, etc. Would prefer a smaller lake also- not looking at anything like Mille Lacs or Leech size.
      Kind of thinking Alexandria or Brainerd area. Not a must to go to either area, however.
      Let me know if you have experience at a resort that might fit the bill.
    • First Ice
      By First Ice
      Going up to Crane Lake for a week beginning July 10 with the family.  We will be looking to find some walleyes while we are there.  Which of Crane, Sand Point, or Namakan do you think is the best walleye lake? Or are they all pretty close?  We have never been up there before so I expect we will struggle for a while to find fish - really looking forward to it though.  Also, are minnows a must have, or can we get by with leaches and crawlers?
    • derbier122x
      By derbier122x
      I have never fished on Mille lacs, never targeted eyes anywhere for that matter. I want to get my 4 yr old daughter up there to do some fishing with me so we can learn the walleye thing together. Can anyone recommend a resort that has a good launch that runs during the weekdays? Also, do we bring our gear and bait or do they supply the needed stuff?
    • Drail1313
      By Drail1313
      Any idea on when it might happen this year?? TIA
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wanderer
      Yah, sometimes it’s hard to get info about city fishing when most of us try to get AWAY from the city! 😄   I read your post a few days ago and only thought of the river, Minnehaha Creek (both already mentioned) or the City Chain of Lakes. I used to trailer my bass boat to Calhoun or Bde Maka Ska and trolling motor the whole lake and sometimes into Lake of the Isles.  We always picked up nice bass on the weed lines and an occasional muskie.  My best bass was a 6-4 but we always caught at least one 5 lbs along with multiple 3’s and 4’s.  I never spent enough time on Harriet to figure it out.   The River can be fished in sections.  Just pick one.  Some of the harbor and island areas were always good for white bass and smallies.  Look for rip rap.  My favorite bait was a small bomber model A with clear sides and chrome middle to emulate the shad.  Occasionally I’d tie into some channel cats or even a stout flathead.
    • Salsballs93
      Although I appreciate the replies and any effort because I know it's good faith, they're not of much use. As originally posted, this is really looking to withIN Minneapolis / St Paul.
    • Wiley Coyote
    • Wanderer
      What part of the lake are they on?
    • BDR
      Thanks for the report Joe. I have spent a little time on leech this year with marginal results. Seems everytime I go its hot and calm.
    • LoonASea
      I moved to Iron River so dont get that way often     
    • Muskyhunter73
      Yeah, I was shocked. I figured we would catch some nice smallies and that would be worth it. 
    • Wiley Coyote
      Algae!   Ever since the zebra mussels have gotten into Whitefish the floating mats of algae have been a nuisance, but this year is terrible.  I hate that crap.  You can't troll without it getting all over your line and lure.  Not fun to swim in either!  My parents have even mentioned leaving the chain it bothers them so much.     Does anyone know if this is the blue-green algae that is toxic to dogs?   No chance I'll fish during the day this weekend, it's nuts out there right now.
    • StillFishin'
      Good to hear from you Mark.  Always liked your reports and glad your still posting when you get back to LV.   jim
    • Coloradokid55
      Headed to Brainerd Area July 9-11 coming from Colorado to visit friends. Well actually my girlfriend is I am tagging along to hopefully catch some fish with my flyrod And or jigs. Seeking advice on which lakes and tactics and anything else helpful to help maximize fishing  time in your state. I will have access to a canoe on Hubert Lake. Any and all advice would be much appreciated if anyone is into flyfishing Stillwater and would like to go or show me some pointers on your home waters That would be awesome thanks looking forward to any responses.
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