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Fly fishing for muskies


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I was hoping to get another one or two yet this fall, based on the forecasts I think I'm done. This was from mid-October, glad I had the camera rolling

See Video in post below please......

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Awesome work! So jealous. Want to get in to fly fishing for skies next year. What gear do you use?

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Make sure you have gear that is up to the task. Most guys use a 10 or 11 weight rod. A sinking line of some sort slings those big flies a little easier, but if all your fishing is in shallow [<5']water stick to a floating line. I use a short leader that is about 3 feet of heavy [.026 ]mono tied to some 30 lb. knottable wire to prevent bite offs. As far as flies go, I like single hook streamers I tie myself, tied on super sharp 5/0 hooks. The fish in this video ate what would be described as a "deer hair headed deceiver" that I tied, it was not particularly big, maybe 8" long.

Fish water that has a strong population of muskies, and pick a day when the wind is calm. this makes boat control and casting the fly much more enjoyable.

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

Here is the video back:



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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • rundrave
      Your welcome to join me anytime. I still hunt and fish with a lot of the same guys that no longer frequent FM or HSO.    I have reduced a lot of my content also because it’s not worth the hassle to type up detailed reports or stories any more so I know exactly how you feel.   I have a good network via PM’s and reports that my circle doesn’t share on the forums etc. I’m not in Facebook either but my PM’s are always open lol   sure do miss the glory days on these forums.
    • slipperybob
      Otter was one of the first shelter to get the insulated material right to reduce condensation and frost build up. Eskimo is right behind there now with their newer Stormsheild Fabric on their Outbreak XD series.
    • monstermoose78
      @IceHawk I will stay in touch and the things I learn from you and the St. Cloud crew was awesome.
    • smurfy
      better fire up that device i put on the new truck!!!!!!!!!😆🤪
    • IceHawk
      Thanks guys! I hope someday you guys can get things back to where it once was. And if would get there I and I'm sure others will be back! She was a blast in its heydays for sure !! Wanderer maybe with some luck we can someday share a blind together. I can see through your stuff you have the same passion for waterfowl as me. 👍 RundRave really like to join you sometime in SD to do a little pheasant hunting your intel from out there and pics have always kept smile on my face 😀  Smurfy you were always there to make me smile on a poopty day !  Wish I could of met more of you guys over the years but  unfortunately it didn't happen but I'm on the ice at least 4-5  days a week so you never no! Most of the ST Cloud crew I fish with quite often so I'll see you guys soon.  A few questions have been related to me going on Facebook with my stuff joining some groups that's a strong no! I'm not on Facebook tried it once not for me. Some of you may see me posting on some other sites  and a few other places I'm working on 😉
    • smurfy
      if anyone wants to know how censored it was, its me. i try my best to post fishing trips and adventures and in various other threads just to jump start them....especially in the food threads.    my trouble, even though i grew up in richmond and still live in cold spring 99% of my hunting and fishing is up in itasca county so giving reports around this area is not much. pathetic i know......still havent been on any local lakes......maybe after this next trip north.........hopefully ice gets thicker to drive out.   i do know one thing even though i didnt real add much value to this areas threads i sure enjoyed all the guys that did post things...even learned some. like Ozzie said i dont and wont do facebook. i sure hope you guys reconsider. i did go to a few G-T-G'S  but that was before i got to know some of you's better.
    • ozzie
      I guess my main reason for staying and reporting and checking in daily for any action or topics is that I am not on Facebook and have no want to be on there.  I like this site as I feel I get to know people even though many have left and I never really "met" them.  I get it why it is not frequented often by many as there is not as much talk and when there is it used to get censored, or you get different opinions that were not always delightful!  I will most likely remain around giving my simple reports or thoughts with the hope that maybe, just maybe, this site can go back to half of what it was at one time!  Take care on your next adventure IceHawk and hope to hear from you occasionally!!!  Good Luck  
    • Tom Sawyer
      I know exactly what your feeling Chris, and don't blame you a bit. I still pop in from time to time to see mothergoose's trophys and have a good laugh to break the day up on break at work. But to put time and effort in a detailed fish report, tackle review, or even chit chat isn't my game plan around here anymore. Helping with contributing to contests, helping with GTG's, Fishing Report Club, sorry we tried, we really have been left high and dry. Time for new blood to step up and put their time in. My last post was censored, past ones have been edited as a play game by admin, so I moved on.  It's almost comical now what's left here for content 😆.   @Wandererthere are great reports on FB if you know where to look. Corey, a not long ago member and his friends are alive and well with....    "What's Working Now"
    • JBMasterAngler
      I’m coming up to my 14 year anniversary with this site, and back then was certainly FM’s heyday! 2020 was probably the least active I’ve been on this site by far! I still post reports on all my trips, and chime in whenever I can, but yeah, I just don’t have the interest or urge to come here like I did back then. I won’t ever stop coming here though. And who knows? Maybe this site will experience a renaissance one day!
    • Wanderer
      The bb stands for broad band. 😉
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