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Were the Twins worse in the late 90's or now?

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It's close. They were just as un-watchable now as they were then. No big bats and even worse pitching. I think the current group is worse than the 97-00 group. One of the big differences is they are drawing twice as many fans now as they were then. 2 million vs. 1 million which gives the Pohlads no reason to improve the team. I don't see them turning this around for at least 2 more years - maybe more.

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The attendance boggles my mind. I guess if you wanna come watch the other team, i can see it. They do have a young stud, the vargas dude. my only fear is that they will try to teach him something, you know like hit the ball the other way, put the ball in play and etc like they do with all there players. Just leave him alone. Santana, i see still splits time in the outfield. Isnt he your future ss? then play him there. Who cares about this nunez and escobar dudes, but im sure gardy thinks they are good clubhouse guys and wants to be fair to them. Man im getting sick of that redder and redder pumkin head, sent him packin.

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Think team had less talent back then but think the current team is more painful to watch because they play so sloppy and continue to make many of the same fundamental mistakes over and over again. Those past teams you compared to were severely lacking talent wise but at least they were solid defensively and seemed to learn from their mistakes; something that has not occurred with the current team. That is what diminishes my optimism for future success (unless of course the red pumpkin head is replaced)

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Pretty close. Both are/were pretty pathetic. Lost 97 games in 1999 with guys like Hunter, Mientkiewicz, Koskie, Guzman, Jacque Jones, Radke, Milton, Joe Mays. Went on to be very good with that nucleus 2-3 years later. Not sure I see that with the group that's milling around Target Field now, but you never know. A lot depends on Sano and Buxton obviously but with Vargas, Santana, Arcia the potential is there if they progress like that group from the late 90's did. Or they could just be another Michael Restovich (promising prospect who never did anything). Hunter hit .245 with 9 HR and Mient hit .229 in 1999, for example. Still hurts to see David Ortiz on those rosters and how we let him go for nothing. Not real sure where the pitching will come from though, I don't see a ton of promise there.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • mbeyer
      A new lake...... does that mean you’ve fished Vermilion?   i can’t comment on Pelican. But, I’ve spent many seasons fishing Vermilion for bass. I’d consider( any many others more in the know) Vermilion as a premier bass lake. 
    • huntnfish
      I contacted the MN DNR regarding the possibility of a straight walled rifle cartridge becoming legal in the shotgun zones and they stated that it’s a possibility but it’s not a decision the DNR makes. The legislature needs to make that change. If you are interested in this being changed make sure you contact your legislators and the DNR and maybe something it can be changed in the future. 
    • Harv
      Too early...but I wish there was enough ice.  
    • lawman
      A couple of us bass guys are looking for a new lake to fish next summer. We are planning on spending a week on a lake and was wondering if Pelican was a good destination for our group.  A lot of the lake looks shallow on the map we have. Any comments on this lake woukld be appreciated.
    • kelly-p
      You are being kind. I remember a few really bad trips mixed in. One thing about your crew was that you could turn a bad fishing area into very good fishing.
    • AlwaysFishing23
      There is still a lot of moving water. This morning it’s -3 but that’s not nearly cold enough to get things rolling for the harbor. Be patient it’ll be ready within the next Few weeks probably. 
    • papadarv
      One could always build on than use your M18 or other drill battery to power. Fixtures are under $10, a reel of 300 50/50 bright white leds <$7 and dimmer for $3. I slip mine above one of the roof supports & put battery in net overhead storage with hat, gloves and coat. LED Hub LightHB.mp4    
    • steeplechaser2
      Thanks, Kelly.  You are missed!  Many great trips with you!
    • h8go4s
      I doubt it, but you can check the harbor cams during the day.  http://www.duluthharborcam.com/p/blog-page_13.html As we drove into Duluth Friday afternoon there were 4 ships outside the lift bridge waiting. It was stuck down from ice after the big storm and I think it just got running again Thursday.
    • kelly-p
      I used to laugh at old people, wonder how many are laughing at me now. 😂
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