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Kabetogama Fishing Reports

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Hi all,


Wondering if the big hatch has happened yet. I was up 2 weeks ago and seen a few here and there water temps around 67. Fishing was ok, got a few nice eaters on fatheads in Lost Bay in 18' of water. Blackduck looked like the hatch was just starting this weekend, water temps about 71.


Heading up next week so hope the flys are gone but I think we may just hit the big hatch!!! Well good luck to all and thanks for any updates.

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Pretty active hatch last night. Fishing for me is not too bad, caught several walleyes and sauger right up on the reed or cattail edge but also scattered off islands or reefs at 18 to 22 ft.. I typically fish for 2 or 3 hours each morning when here, heading out now smile

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Spent the last 5 days on west Namakan and had mayflies hatching the whole time.

Had bug slicks floating around our bay (Moose) the whole trip. Water is dropping, our dock was about 4" above water when we left late this morning.

Fishing was good between the storms, eaters, slots and dinks all mixed in along with some pretty darn good smallie fishing.

Also hooked my biggest freshwater fish ever.....early monday morning I hooked into a massive sturgeon. Long story short I got it up to 2' below the side of the boat. I wont say how big it was but it was a dino sturg, much,, much bigger than my PB 54" from the rainy river. Was fun to see it, and know they are down there in the lake. Ended up it straightened out my duolock snap where it connected to my 4' lindy leader.

Water temps were a consistent 69 wherever we went. Saw tons of wildlife too, watched a wolf walk the shoreline near the disability site on Nam, lots of deer, beavers, snapping turtles, eagles, and for the first time in 18 years, came back to camp from Kettle Falls one day and had pair of geese and goslings walking thru camp eating the tops off the long grass : ) Awesome trip, will be back up in a couple weeks again!!

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Xplorer Nice report and nice trip!!! Wish you could have boated that big one!! Hope to get up there again this fall.

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There would have been no way I could have lifted that fish out of the water, I just wish I would have woken up my son to go along that morning so he could have gotten a pic of it with my phone.

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

Never know if the report wraps up a great week in the Northland or starts out a new week, so I’m figuring this report is in the middle.

Anglers had mixed opinions on fishing last week, the favorable consensus was they all caught fish throughout the week. The negative side, too few of the skillet size most folks seek.

Lake bios, surface temp remains in the mid 70’s. Clarity normal(stained) activity, mayflies on and off, looks like a long season, as temperatures swings this past week into next week continue to jump around. Steady warm temps which favor the hatch so the process is short isn’t happening.w

Being said, you have two factors to keep in mind, walleyes will favor soft bottom structure seeking baitfish and mayfly larvae. This makes an easy target for location, knowing where they are is a plus.

Walleye having a great food source available does slow dow the bite so be prepared to offer a choice that will trigger a bite.

Artificial lures trolled or coasted come into play this time of year, concentrate on shorelines and bays that have soft bottom features.

Live bait choices should be kept close to the bottom using a slip sinker rig and perhaps a spinner blade, change speeds and straddle depths when you work on area.

Lately we’ve had sufficient and sometimes too much wind, a fishermans best friend. All species of fish will be feeding in the windward side of structure, or windswept bays.

Strong winds that limit fishing leaves a strong message that fish will be feeding in those areas long after the wind subsides.

Northern pike will be favoring deep weed edges, big suckers using bobbers or artificial lures just about guarantees you success.

Smallmouth looking fr baitfish along with walleyes, but they concentrate on crayfish, toss crayfish colored lures or imitations at them on rock structures and gravel.

Early summer turn ons for eyes, other than soft bottom shallows. Sugarbush island channel, Noshoda Point, Cuculus Island, Blind Ash, Green and Larkin Islands and Lost Bay for all species.

West end Kab, the Grassy Island group has all structures to offer and Cutover Island both fromt and backside are hot at this time of year.

Many Events here on Kabetogama this weekend – BINGO starts for Tuesday and Thursday Nights at 8pm at the New Community Hall Thursday June 25th. Kabetogama Methodist Church Blueberry Pancake Breakfast on Sunday June 28th 8am – Noon along with MINGO’S Miles 5th Annual 5K Individual Walk/Run and followed by 1st Annual 5K Team Event. See kabetogama.com or voyageurscountry.com for registration and additional information.

Happy Start of Summer

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fishing…

Crabby Phil(not really) & Ellen Hart

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