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29th Pan-O-Prog Bass Team Tournament

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29th Pan-O-Prog Bass Team Tournament

July 12, 2014

Lake Marion, Lakeville, MN

6:00 am - 1:00 pm

Registration is open!!! Visit Gopher Bassmaster website for more information.

Boat field is limited to 40 teams.


1st - $2,000 2nd - $1,200 3rd - $800 4th - $600

5th - $400 6th - $300

7th - $250 8th - $200 + Gift Card

9th - Prize Pack 10th - Prize Pack

Big Bass - $300 + Gift Cards

*Based on a full field of 40 boats

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70* temps in the forecast for this week! Reserve your spot today!

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They are also posted on the GopherBass.com web page

Place Team Big Fish # Fish Weight Payout

1 Glenn Walker Paul Rausch 4.44 6 20.12 $1,750

2 Chris Potratz Matt Stearns 6 19.85 $750 + Hbird688ci HD

3 Matt Burch Marty Sexton 5.18 6 19.75 $700

4 Brian Wareham Tim Garant 3.47 6 18.64 $525

5 Matt Pretzel Craig Walters 4.44 6 18.49 $350

6 Rich Lindgren Paul Coffey 6 18.35 $265

7 Joel Willert Jason Willert 4.59 6 17.56 $220

8 Xiong kong Calvin Lee 5.19 6 17.27 $180

9 Sam Sobieck Brok Schwartzkopf 4.59 6 16.99 Prize Pack

10 Sean Frame Jerry Hawke 4.33 6 16.00 Prize Pack

11 George Fischer Andy Fischer 3.62 6 15.84

12 Mike Doughty Tim Krebs 4.42 6 15.64

13 Jon Bentley Tom Nightingale 6 14.62

14 Jay Swanson Steve Brummer 6 14.46

15 Chris Winchester Corey Waller 3.89 6 13.89

16 Jeremy Scherer Travis Klein 6 12.46

17 Billy Flikeid Tommy Flikeid 3.28 6 12.24

18 Phil Smith Nate Hydukovich 6 11.34

19 Dennis Palma Duane Flicek 6 11.12

20 Al Paulson Chris Rivers 6 11.06

21 Erich Standly Jeff Smeets 4.02 6 10.55

22 David Olson Tom Menozzi 5.23 4 10.40 $350 - Big Bass

23 Ken Walters Steve Steele 5 9.35

24 Brad Zwiefel Jeff Zwiefel 4.34 3 8.59

25 Gary Polinski John Vanderheyden 3.77 4 8.51

26 Scott Hagen Martin Hagen 4 8.26

27 Luke Povolny Paul Povolny 5 6.31

28 Brett Nelson Paul Cater 1 2.95

29 Dean Garant David Garant DNW

29 Mark Witwicke Dan Latz DNW

29 Jason Polinski Troy Polinski DNW

29 Mike Orth Ryan Reinke DNW

29 Paul Schultz Vern Lamprey DNW

29 Mitch Bradshaw Nick McDermott DNW

29 Steve Sauber Aaron Groff DNW

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • JBMasterAngler
      The mouth of the creek is quite a ways downstream from the landing, and you’ll have to cross several peoples’ docks. Entire stream is surrounded by private property. Sure, you can technically legally access the stream, but why would you want to bother with the headache of dealing with landowners that DON’T want you there? Stream is small enough to step across in most places, it’s very weedy, and lot’s of overhanging brush. Not to mention, below average at best numbers of small trout!   You want easy access? Buy a Wisconsin license! Right across the river in Pierce County alone, there’s hundreds of miles of public easements on trout streams that are ten times better than anything Minnesota has to offer!
    • JerkinLips
      Pike suckers are about 3½ inches long.  Walleyes really like them in the fall and early winter.  Caught my fish in 13-15 FOW drifting slowly.  Good solid bites.
    • delcecchi
    • JN13
    • fishingMN4eyes
      Got up Thursday evening to rain and pretty heavy wind Friday morning had us holding off on putting the boat in the water. Fished briefly Friday evening at sunset and picked up an 18" and a couple smalls. Fishing was decent Saturday morning but no real size, everything was 12-15". I had one that looked to be 17"ish flop off as I was trying to flip it into the boat. All the fish we caught were in 17-22'. We were fishing around about a 6' top but never caught anything on top. They appeared to be relating to the structure but not actually on it. Tried again Saturday evening for a couple hours and continued to pick up small walleye just like the morning. Sunday was windy again but we decided to slug it out for awhile and caught one decent perch and one small walleye. We fished similar depths and spots as Saturday but they weren't there. Marked them out in 35'+ but didn't feel like fighting the wind out in the big water so we called it quits around noon and never went back out(the wind never really did lay down or we may have tried again). Jig/minnow way outfished bottom bouncers/crawlers. Wish bottom bouncers would have worked better because it was tough to keep a jig down as fast as we were drifting and we never found a school to spot lock on.
    • Mike89
      that last pic is great!!   Hazel is saying oppps!!!  
    • MikeG3Boat
      I am heading up there tomorrow.  Where do you guys get minnows up in the area?  Tower or Cook or down in Virginia?  I have never heard of pike suckers?  How large are they?  Are you guys fishing the East or West side of the lake?  Let me know.  I am thinking of fishing the East side tomorrow and then headed to the west side from Thursday thru Sunday.  Any help would be appreciated?  I am a newby to the area.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
    • monstermoose78
      Finn and Hazel are getting along poor Finn get the biggest chomps from the baby shark teeth. Finn and I just want a nap, but we can’t as we are puppy patrol. 
    • monstermoose78
      Crap I am feeling like an old man today. Hazel is not letting Finn and I take a nap, but it is getting Finn and I ready for duck season.
    • JN13
      Asking $1,100 contact me at jen at malcotools.com
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