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Chad Holst


Brought to you by:



It’s that time of the year again. I am here to announce the 2014 Take A Kid Outdoors, TAKE A KID ICE FISHING event!

Our annual event is scheduled for Feb 15th 2014 at Chester Woods In Eyota/Rochester MN. (Just a few short miles East of Rochester)

This event is 100% free and open to ALL ages. Participants are asked to bring any equipment they have, but if you don’t have equipment, we will provide you with everything you need. Simply dress for the weather conditions and show up, we will take it from there!

We will also provide free food, drinks, bait, prizes, goodie bags for the first 400 participants and LOADS OF FUN!!

We will have warming houses set up for folks to stay warm in, and if the weather is extremely cold, the smaller kids will have a 80 foot long "portable ice house" (army tent) to fish out of.


We will also be providing transportation to and from the lake to the parking lot this year, thanks to a sponsorship from Cycle City of Rochester.

This year’s event will have more prizes, more action, more activities and is sure to be a blast.

We have also expedited the "prize" give away at the end so that it will not take 1.5 hours to distribute all of the great gifts we have for everyone.


Please be sure to check back often as we add sponsors, prize info, the daily schedule for the 15th and lots of exciting announcements that will be coming out!

Last year we had the 2nd largest Take A Kid Ice Fishing Event in the country. Let’s make this another successful event and show our support for the future of our sport!


A few quick teasers:

Last year we received 2 boxes of loaner equipment and prizes from 13 fishing. This year they sent 6 HUGE boxes!


We have picked up another MAJOR fishing manufacturer and will have some very HIGH END fishing equipment to give away for both kid prizes and ADULT prizes.

We had just over 35 donors and sponsoring companies last year, this year we already have over DOUBLE the sponsors! This year promises to be one of the best Take A Kid Ice Fishing events in the country.


A quick reminder of how we run the event:

There is no fee to attend or participate! FREE...FREE...and...FREE!!!

Any equipment needed will be provided free of charge. We will also have staff to help set up the rods with jigs and bait.


Bait will be provided, free of charge.


There is NO LICENSE required for this event. (we have taken care of the permit needs)

Kids may keep fish. Adults are NOT allowed to keep fish, unless they have a license. We stress a 100% CRP for all fish caught during the event.

ANY person 17 or older is considered a "guide". Any person 16 or under is considered a "kid". Our goal is to have 1 "guide" per "kid". If you do not have kids, we will find you one!

We have professional guides to help get participants set up, tying on jigs, bait etc... Each area will have a Pro guide assigned to that area for assistance.


You may fish inside your own tents, inside our LARGE event/fishing tents or out in the open.


All fish are immediately taken to a weigh area, weighed, and released. They fisherman will receive 1 fish ticket for each fish released. Prizes are then drawn from the fish tickets. The more you catch, the more prizes you could win!



There are special prizes for biggest of each species caught.

There are random prizes through-out the day.

There will be addition games available for extra fish tickets.

There will be sponsors on site, to allow participants to thank them for their contribution, to do product displays and to show how to use their equipment.

All holes are pre-drilled before the event, however persons are allowed to fish on their own area if they bring an auger.

Event stage, sponsor houses, and Take A Kid Out Doors ice house are the ONLY permanent houses allowed on the lake.

Transportation will be provided to and from the lake/parking area for participants and equipment. (Provided by Cycle City of Rochester)

Official time of event TBD but will be approx. 10AM-3PM with prizes handed out through-out the day and immediately after the event ends.

NO alcohol or drugs will be allowed. Anyone caught with either will be escorted off the property with MN DNR staff and Olmsted County parks staff.

Participants are allowed to start fishing before the event and are welcome to fish after the event. All participants must register at the registration table/house/tent. No pre-registration required.

Information and pictures from last year’s event and for the upcoming event can be found on the facebook page takeakidoutdoors or on the official website www.takeakidoutdoors.com (under construction at the moment)

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS, please contact me with any donations or volunteer information.

A special thanks to one of our advertising sponsors:


Please check back often for additional information!

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My son is excited he had a blast last year, I have 4 other dads and their kids coming this year too!!

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Here is the Flyer for the 2014 Event.

Spread the word. thanks guys, i appreciate it. Thank you HSO for allowing me to spread this around.

We could still use some helpers/volunteers. Both fisher persons and non fisher persons needed.




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Hey your flyer is missing a key piece of info. What town is hosting the event? Thanks!

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So i figured it was time to start having some fun. I was going to wait until this weekend to start, but why wait?

We are going to have a little HSO contest. You will have to keep reading to find out how to win....

...But first here are some of the amazing prizes and sponsors that we have put together for this years event:

Cycle City of Rochester will be providing transportation to and from the parking lot at Chester Woods down to the lake. The walk can be a bit slippery and if you have kids and gear in tow...its not a fun hike back up the hill. Thank you Cycle City for helping our event!


We will be giving away a TON of Rods and reels: We have several sponsors this year that helped us out, but 13 fishing and HT enterprises get the top billing. Not only did they supply us with more loaner equipment to add to our collection from last year, but they gave a huge amount of Rods and reels as gifts. we have over $2,000 worth of rods and reels to give away!



You know, Ice fishing is some times a bit cold...after all its doesnt work when its 90 degrees out... to help keep your ears warm, we have put together over 500 Beenies, bombers and baseball caps! Everyone that shows up with be able to get some logo gear to wear!

Now, when it gets slow on the ice, you may want to set down that rod and reel or put a tip up out...So we have 50 tip-ups and 25 heavy duty, canter adjustable rods holds to give away.

Your ears are warm, you've got a new rod, but how are you going to get through the ice without a hole? Thats were your brand new Auger comes in! Cross your fingers and get to fishing, because three fortunate tickets will be draw for one of our 3 Augers!

Ok...lets changes gears for a second. Mom. mom? mom...you need a a new rod too...but you may also like one of our manicure and spa gift certificates! Or, maybe you would rather get a nice hotel stay and a dinner for two....OR how about some Canvas Art from Wild Wings? You will even be treated to Rollie Brandt, The artist that supplied the art for our "memerories of Hope Ice House". She will be on site to meet folks that love to do the activities she paints in her Beautiful Pictures....Heres and example:


Courtesy of Wild Wings in Lake City MN



Ok, back to the contest just for you HSO members AND STAFF...

So i dont know about you, but seeing a kid light up when a fish takes that bobber down.... it just puts a smile in my heart. Seriously, that look is pretty hard to beat. So i was thinking that we should have a little "picture contest"..... keep reading, for more details...

We also have put together a great program of games for this years event. Each kid will have a chance to win fish tickets, for prizes, by catching fish...but they also will earn tickets via several games that will be set up around the lake. Practice up on your golf game...maybe train your race minnow...or practice your throwing skills....Who knows, you may even get a chance to earn tickets by simply high fiving a staff member. yes, dad, you can get fish tickets playing the games too..geesh.

Prizes...sorry, too much excitement! We've got you set up with rods, hats, reels, bait....now all you need is a lure or two to get theat Crappie excited about the dinner you are offering him. I think the 500...no...1,000! ...No, 1,500!!! lure packages we have will be more than enough to find the right lure for the job. Thabnks to HT, PK Lures, Snyder Lures, and several other amazing companies, we will be handing jigs and lures out like candy on halloween!

Some Times its hard to know if your fishing in the right spot...but if you had a new fish finder, i bet it would make it a little bit easier. Thanks to REED's Sporting goods, and ICE FORCE, we will be hooking up some lucky young or not so old angler with some great electronics! (more to come on this as we get closer)

...Ah, yah, the contest...

Did i mention we also have Hand warmers, Glow sticks, fish counters, ROD BAGS....BIG rod cases, line, bobbers and well..yah..im sure i mentioned that stuff.

So, the contest:

You will find a post about this Ice fishing event on 3 HSO forum pages. This thread...the thread in the general "ice fishing" forum, then under the community events thread.

REGARDLESS of if you are coming to the event or not, if you live in Mississippi or Minnesota, if you are 80 or 8...

your goal is to post a picture of a kid (of any age, but you will need to explain yourself if he..or she....has a full beard and a cigar in their mouth)...any kid ice fishing or with a picture of a fish caught through the ice, or IN a picture with someone else that caught a fish through the ice. If you post the picture, with the phrase "Thank you HSO, and all the sponsors, for making Take A Kid Outdoors Possible" you will have a chance to be picked for one of 10 lure/hat/goodie packages. IF...you also go to takeakidoutdoors on facebook and post the picture there...you will also get a brand new rod combo from 13 fishing.

FINALLY, if you also go to 13 fishing's face book page and thank them for sponsoring "Take A Kid Outdoors" your new 13 fishing rod will have a $10 bill wrapped around the handle, when you recieve it.

The first and the 10th will for SURE be one of the winners....along with random others picked by our board members.

Again, you must post the picture (and the phrase)in all 3 threads on this forum.

You are only able to get the rod combo if you also go to our facebook page and post the picture and phrase.

Finally for the $10 added to the winners rod combo, you must thank 13 fishing on their facebook page.

SO there yah go. Have some fun. And yes, we can be bribed with stories that go with the picture.

(sorry no time to check for typos)

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I'm not playing along correctly, priming the pump. Kids fishing is super.

Me and my oldest on North Arm on MNtonka.


My Little guy in deathstar w/ bowtie


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Thanks for posting. Looks like people are not rushing to win a great collection of hats/lures/goodies/13 fishing combo and $10.00! Post this is on the other 2 threads and you get the hat/lures/goodie collection.

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Thank you HSO, and all the sponsors, for making Take A Kid Outdoors possible!

My 4-year old fishing buddy that likes to steal my Vexilar, go figure.....


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Thank You HSO, And All The Sponsors For Making Take A Kid Outdoors Possible. My Daughter With Her FIrst Fish Through The Ice.Rainbow Trout Wt 1.06full-47729-42417-img_20140208_123855_871

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Thank you HSO, and all the sponsors, for making Take A Kid Outdoors Possible. The Boys and I can't wait for Saturday!

Gavin, Ian and Haden with some deep freeze Crappie action with bobbers plopping!


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Thank you HSO, and all the sponsors, for making Take A Kid Outdoors Possible. The Boys and I can't wait for Saturday!

Will Austin make it or after his hockey game....that's up to mom


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Thank you HSO, and all the sponsors, for making Take a kid Outdoors possible.

This is what happens when you teach your kid to fish, they outfish you everytime!full-47760-42615-0109131612.jpg

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wanderer
      The 30.20 barometer probably didn’t help much.  But it also might be worth trying shallower?   10 feet seemed to be good in the past week on a few lakes and have read here that even shallower has been doing well for some.
    • Wanderer
      I went out of the Federal Dam landing yesterday on Gull.  It was in good shape and we had 22 inches of ice where we fished.  I thought about going out again this afternoon but wind gusts to 25 don’t thrill me on bigger lakes with no real snow cover.
    • Wanderer
      I’ve only fished Kab once but I can imagine it behaves a lot like other shield lakes.  Try to spend time near current and use large baits; either live or artificial.  I’d never go pike fishing in that area without some F18 Rapalas.  The good old Original Floater in silver/black back being a top color choice.
    • knoppers
      well nothing is biting, I did catch 2 very small perch in 15 FOW, had all kinds of activity in deeper water, but no takers. my locator would lite up with fish, but nothing bites.
    • IceHawk
      It's just about go time smurf 😀 I didn't wish for this weather but there won't b any complaints about it for sure. Been a great ice season but honestly ready for it to be over. I  plan on picking up the boat soon getting it ready and doing a little pool 4 fishing and maybe a rainy river run yet. Probably got a couple ice outings left next week maybe some last minute runs to ottertail county. Had a epic day with some buds today locally, fish were right under the ice was a blast 👍
    • smurfy
      rumor has it an ATV went thru on Pokegama by grand rapids..........sounds like the guy made it out ok. not sure how accurate it is?????
    • PSU
    • FrazerBay
      let me know if you get a hold of them.Maybe they can can come back and finish the job they started 4 years ago on my boathouse after getting half the money upfront
    • smurfy
      I'm blaming icehawk.🤪🤣 thinking he wants to go back to work and is doing his summer dance.🤭
    • Wanderer
      Sure is a beautiful day out today though.   I swung by a local lake today with a more sheltered access and saw it’s still drivable but won’t be for long - like probably not by Monday at best, especially if it gets any heavy use this weekend.   I wouldn’t care about missing a walleye weekend either.  Besides, there’s walleyes in the chain one could go after outside of a GTG.
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