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Wilderness Warmth - Cove Bay ice report 12-14-13

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We were out again today drilling and this is what we found. The average ice thickness in the bay is 10"-12" depending on the snow cover. There are several spots of heavy slush and water in the beginning of the bay. As you work your out through the bay there are a couple more heavy slush spots. Ice remains 10"-12" all the way through the channel. We drilled past the channel to just shy of the Beard and the Horse Shoe. The ice was 10"-12" with a couple spots of 13" when there was little to no snow cover.

The ice to the west of our road (approx. 300 yards) dropped to 8" and heavy slush. We staked the road all the way to just short of the Beard and the Horse Shoe. Past our last stake there is a heavy and wide slush layer heading to the west. We did not plow the road at this time as we are going to wait for the slush to freeze up. We are only advising ATV and snowmobile travel. If you have an ATV and are pulling sleds chains are a must.

It will take some time for the slush to freeze up so proceed with caution and drill your way off the road. PLEASE stay at least 100' off the stakes when drilling holes or traveling so as not to flood or create ruts where the road will be (these will freeze and be hard to plow).

Thank you. Be safe and be patient.

Wilderness Warmth



[email protected]

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Wow. I though Cove would be much better by now. This snow really has things messed up. Rush lake had 15" everywhere this weekend. Good luck! Hopefully it will thicken up soon.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • HunterFisher11
      So looking at some property on long lake right by Ottertail lake and wondering how the fishing is on it and the depths on it? Thanks for any information!!!!
    • scottschiller
      still for sale?  
    • Raven77
      What moose said.  Tore up my lower unit there several years ago up toward the Kiwishiwi.  
    • Fish Head
      Mark B!!!  Great to hear one of your reports again. I sure miss them.  Take care and I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip in Sept. 
    • Toshjhao
      I know it’s a little ways out but will be my first time going to lake vermilion August 7-10 out of Norwegian bay. Just wondering how the bass fishing is and will be around that time if anyone knows 
    • Duckhunter1941
      Thanks for the information! Are you talking about south walnut by the dam and just north of there where the other river meets the lake? I’d assume it’s more of a spring spot when the waters a little higher and the walleyes are running? 
    • Rick
      It's a shallow lake with a channel that runs through it. You will be better off with a canoe or kayak to fish it.   The walleyes tend to congregate where the channel runs close to shore. You can also fish the holes in the blue earth river for them. A few flatties hang there too.
    • monstermoose78
      Watch for rocks. Where there is current. 
    • Wanderer
      Whatya got?  If it’s for free it’s for me. 😁
    • Duckhunter1941
      I was wondering if anyone has ever fished walnut or south walnut lake/ the blue earth river area? I see the dnr stocks walleye about every other year but I never hear of anyone fishing it 
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