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Waterfowl Photos

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What a morning in beautiful North Dakota!!! Scouted out a field with a couple hundred birds on it last night. Set up on the "X" & starting at about 7:30 it was lights out. Ended with 18 birds, lots of juvies & no bands. Every bird we saw made a bee line straight for our spread. Several flocks of 5-10 birds with one big flock of about 70 that tried to land on our faces! Also had a couple hundred ducks taunt us. One landed so close its wings hit my shoulder smile Could have easily shot 30+ geese. I got 12, one buddy got 5 & another got 1. It was both of theirs first goose hunt so I wasn't expecting them to hit much. We also had 4 good flocks decoy in while I was chasing a crip about 1/2 mile away & they only knocked 2 outta those groups. After 18 we decided to quit shooting with birds still in the air. All in all it was hands down the best day of goose hunting I've ever had. Hopefully these guys aren't going to expect action like this every time out!


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I love it!! I bought an a400 in the winter but it was stolen outta my pickup this spring. Couldn't justify buying 2 $1800 shotguns in one year so I picked up a used a391 & it's amazing. I used 20 shells & only missed 3 shots. The rest were at crips. Kinda hard to miss when they're cupped up >30 yards smile Was shooting 3" Hypersonic BBs & was amazed at how manageable recoil was. I didn't even notice it & could get on the next bird immediately.

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Didn't know the new a400 was stolen! Sorry to hear that...it happened to me several years ago. The sheriffs office sends me a card every year verifying the gun is still missing and I need to sign and send back to keep it on file. About 15 years now but you never know.

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Solid shoot on the last day of the early season. Had mallards, gadwalls, and pinnies bombing the spread all morning. Bring on the regular season!


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