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Sept 28 Report - Soooo Close!

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My girlfriend Carla and I were up to Mille Lacs for a nice little weekend this last weekend. We stayed at Appeldoorn's Sunset Bay in one of their beautiful cabins and were hoping to do a little bit of fishing, visit Father Hennepin & Mille Lacs Kathio state parks, and just have a nice weekend.

I haven't taken her trolling for walleyes yet and I was hoping this would be a good chance to do it. The weather was not looking good for us on Saturday. Rain and Wind. The lake was rocking on the east side and wasn't sure if we could even get out in my 16' boat. We decided to take a drive around the lake and thankfully found much better water on the west side so the plan was to head out to troll at dark.

The good news is I was able to fish one of my favorite areas. My Humminbird is littered with trails and waypoints of fish here so at least I wasn't fishing blind. We started out trolling shad raps on leadcore as I wanted to stay off the edge. Tried to move around from 14-20' thinking this would give me the best shot at catching something as the shallow water trolling reports from the previous weekend have been terrible. After about an hour, I finally hooked up with a 22 incher. I wish that wouldn't have happened because I then kept on the leadcore deeper water pattern longer than I should have.

About 10pm or so, I gave up on that and switched to flatlining SSR-5 Shallow Shad Raps in about 7-8' of water with some weeds. In this area I can troll on top of and through the weeds so we're only running our baits 3-4' down. I was going to take one pass across this area and call it a night unless something happened. 5 minutes into this troll, I stuck another fish, a nice fat 23 incher. I just said you have to be kidding me because this is what I was planning to do all night.

As soon as I got the boat back on track and our lures running, I got hit again. I'm getting mad at this point because I want her to be catching the fish. I tried handing my rod off several times but she wanted nothing to do with it. As I'm fighting this fish, it was definitely nicer, much nicer... and in fact the biggest walleye I've ever caught out of Lake Mille Lacs. Carla did a fantastic job with the net and we soon had a very conservatively measured 29-1/2" fish laying in the bottom of the boat. Alot of guys would have measured this one to 30" but with mouth shut on the bumpboard and tail pinched, we were at 29-1/2". We worked the area a little more... Carla hooked up with a fish that shook loose right away which was a big bummer.

About this time the wind switched on us and it was getting pretty bumpy... particularly in my boat. We took our time getting back in in the dark and we're pretty dang happy with the night.

Water Temps were 63.5 degrees

Speed was anywhere from 1.6 to 2.0 mph

So we landed 3 fish - a 22", 23" and 29-1/2" and lost 1 more. All 3 were hooked on the back hook of the crank and 2 popped loose in the night so they definitely weren't inhaling the bait.




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Nice piggie! Makes me want to get back out there again!

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lindy rig

Thanks for the details and congrats on almost breaking the 30" mark!

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Stick in Mud

Thanks for a little bit of good news....Water temps were 60 this morning, so things are looking up!

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Way to go, nice fish. We found the same thing. We fished Sat/Sunday. Blown off lake Saturday, fished Sat night 5p.m and until 5p.m. on Sunday. First time on Mille Lacs, beautiful lake. We caught 2 smallies and 4 nice eyes. A 24", 23", 22.5" and 18" and 3/4 were caught with 1 treble in their mouth on the rear hook!

Nice lake. We spent a lot of time eliminating water, caught the walleye's fishing for smallmouth. Some sureset hooks on the rear treble might help a bit right now...

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Nice fish and Report.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • TomWehler
      Guy drives up to the Marauder Boys n me on dock. Big new Ranger full up with toys.  “Yea hey...you live here?   Ya.  This is my place...my boyz...   ”Ya so just learning this rig an easy wondering if you Know where Northern or Pike Bay is”   We sure could....says me Musky T   After a minute “So you gonna tell me or what?”   Ohhhh ...you asked if I knew where that place is... an I do.   So guess you ment can I help YOU find it. You bet I can...   ”Well geeezz man no games here just where is it”   Well friend Yer In It sir.    North be that a way n sun sets in the West.   Keep on rocken!   Zoom.   They gone... 😎 Xzna is always on guard n We Got This Corona Crap Under Control!!!   Enjoy they day n Tacos tonight!   T         
    • Fish Head
      It sounds like we're making progress. 
    • Grainbelt
      Fishing with Luiza, Fishing with Vicky Stark, Jackie Shea, Kelly young.  Come on guys get real.
    • Rick G
      Starting to see some slabs moving shallow
    • Rick G
      Well you have a few questions... lets get started😁 Rods... like bass or walleye or anything else that swims,  you may or may not be able to do it all with one pole,  more than one.  I use a couple different types, depending on what's working. I like a long one for fishing floats, to make those long casts. For this I chose a 7 1/2 ft, moderate action, light power.  For throwing those 1/32 -1/16oz jigs without a float I use a 6 1/2 ft ultra light, fast action... much like a light walleye rod.  A little later in the summer  and into fall, vertical jigging 4-5 mm tungsten jigs comes to life. I use a shorter rod, sometimes even an ice rod for this approach. Your line selection should match your jig size and rod type. Most of the time I will spool up with 4lb Trilene xl,  If I'm fishing water with a lot of pike, I will bump up to 6, but generally go as light as you can get by with, just like ice fishing. I find myself using plastics about 90% of the time now days. Some of favorites are Impulse 1in minnows and minnow fry, Gulp whiptails, and lil hustler 1inch tubes. Most of the time Im pairing these plastics with a 1/60 or 1/32 lead head jig. I like a little slower fall rate when fishing early  panfish... later in the season, when the fish move deeper, switching  to a little heavier weight jigs will do a better job.
    • lakesareaoutdoors
      Haha I knew putting in peeps in the video would set some people off! haha you love them our you hate them! Thanks for the views guys! 
    • tbetts1000
      I was just out on Daisy Bay and there is 9-10” of clear ice with 5-6” of very wet slush on top. Last week the same hole had 18” of ice with 6” of packed snow/slush. 
    • smalliehunter
      I've never chased panfish during the open water season.  I caught my first bluegill this winter, and have developed quite the crush on them.  What's your go to rod, length and action?  Plastics or bait?  Line type and lb?  Do you use a bobber?  Should I use same jigs as winter or plain hook? 
    • Rick
      I remember the 10 o'clock news having a banner that said "Do you know where your kids are?"
    • Kettle
      There is still a lot of ice up here, it's getting darker obviously and on some really small bodies of water pulling away from shore but I know they are still running 4 wheelers on larger lakes
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