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Highlights from the LIONS game

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Well that had to be one of the most thoroughly depressing games I have ever watched.

1. Christian Flounder absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, proved that he is not even a serviceable back up NFL QB. He flat out stinks. Even on his completions he was FAR off the mark. If it wasn’t for some great catches he would have even looked more dreadful. Cassel by game 3.

2. Jared Allen once again proved that he is the most overpaid player in the NFL. With a salary approaching the $20 million mark I would have expected more than once measly tackle on some busted play from this loser! He was single-teamed ALL DAY and owned by some no-name donkey. They should have traded him for a gatorade cooler or a used jockstrap last year like I suggested.

3. Bill Pukegrave- We should see if the Hamburgler or Grimmace are available to take over the play-calling duties. Just terrible!!

4. Patterson and Jennings- I have been saying it the WHOLE TIME. When you don’t have a guy that can get the reciever the ball the recievers don’t matter. Jennings having second thoughts I am sure. Hope his contract isnt incentive-laiden. He will be lucky to have 20 catches all year with Ponder and Pukegrave.

5. The line of scrimmage. The Lions dominated us on both sides of the line.

6. The Lions- played a completely sloppy game and still managed to own us by a lot.

7. SUH- proved once again that he is one of the dirties players in the league.

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My ADD will kick in real quick but...

1. Ponder didn't look good but one into was Simpsons fault while a second was a fluke due to being blocked. Otherwise yeah he didn't look great but could have won us the game.

2.Allen deflected a pass but was obviously lacking otherwise. Completely out of shape or something.

3 and 5 play calling and o line play are terrible. I posed the honest question about what Jennings would really say when asked the question about plays in gb vs min. Musk grave must go. I thing he exploits ponders weaknesses more than ponder himself does.

6&7 agreed. Vikings were outplayed led because of bonehead plays by lions.

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Jennings has to be thinking [PoorWordUsage] did I get myself into.

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Jennings has to be thinking [PoorWordUsage] did I get myself into.

I was thinking the same thing.

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Jennings savy ways and ability to get open really showed why we paid him the big bucks this offseason, he's on pace to be one of the leagues best wr's this season.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • osok
      This surprises me Borch.  5-6 years ago when I was  living in the St. Cloud area, if you looked up "Mr. Consistency"  in the dictionary, your mugshot would come up.  Things must be all whacked out. 
    • jmuff24
      I am a catfish guy, but until now, i was unaware that i can legally use small bullheads for bait. However, I have never actually targeted them before, so i am just wondering if anyone knows of any "hotspots" for bullheads (if there is such a thing)
    • Borch
      Pretty quiet in here.  I've been fishing out of town the past 2 weeks.  Hope to fish the area lakes this week.  Heard reports of a good day crank bite on the chain but not much else.  With the full moon coming up this week may try some evening trolling.  Anyone else having any luck?
    • Wanderer
      Haven’t fished the river for weeks and came home to high, muddy water so I doubt I will for another week.  I’d focus on shorelines and whatever backwater I could find at this time if I did go.
    • PSU
      It was slow for me Tuesday afternoon and Thursday in Frazer / Smarts Bay. Wednesday was very good in 20-25 feet leeches / crawlers on a Lindy or a jig. Absolutely beautiful weather!
    • Mlaker3
      My wife and I had a good morning on Friday with bottom bouncers, spinners and crawlers in 20-24 ft.  Caught 9, threw back 3 18-19 in, 2 13-14 in. 
    • monstermoose78
      I would head over the hill into the back country and fish the streams and lakes. You will have much better success catching fish. Bring bug spray 
    • monstermoose78
      Lori has some nice gills and some okay crappies normally. Green has nicer sized crappies and gills. Ann lake has been kicking out some great fish. Check out fishing club.
    • JBMasterAngler
      Streams won’t have much of anything to offer this time of year. Maybe a couple tiny smolt rainbows. There are all kinds of shorefishing spots in the area though. Stream mouths are always the obvious spots to try. Spoons and spinners.
    • jhousenga
      How was the trip? I was on the lake Tuesday and the weather was as good as it gets!