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What do you guys/gals think?

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Some recent happenings have the future wife and I thinking about picking up and moving. We have always wanted to move north of the metro and have discussed the areas around Alex, Brainerd, and very lightly the Duluth area. Were both in our mid 20's, have a 4 year old, and one due within the next few weeks, and both have college degrees with experience. we both like the area we are in now but are curious about other areas. Were looking at purchasing a new house and dont know if this is where we wanna set down our definitive roots for our family.

Ive spent some time on C list looking through Jobs and a few other sites and there seems to be good markets in both areas, Plenty to do and see, and a fair amount of housing.

Alex has always been a favorite spot for me since we have family with vacation places in the area, I can transfer to the store up there very easily, and its not as far of drive.

Brainerd would have better perks for her since she has already been inquiring about jobs with longstanding offers from one place (she has family in the area that has offered her a position any time). The market for jobs for me looks promising but without actually driving up and checking it out I cant be sure. And again not far from the metro should we wanna come down for a visit.

So what are your guys thoughts? Is it worth it in this economy and time to move the whole family? Are these two areas good choices? any suggestions on other areas? Neither of us are really "city folk" but dont mind heading out into the metro every once in a while, but we have no interest in living there or any closer than we are now (about 45 minutes from downtown minneapolis)

We have up to 3 years to decide what we wanna do as we both want to figure it out before we turn 30, we figure by then the kids wont have been in school to long and wont be affected terribly, and it will give us time to figure it out. Should it happen sooner than later, thats fine, but we are for sure putting some time into deciding.

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I'm guessing Brainerd,Only because your in a good location with good size lakes surrounding that Arnt too far away.The other thing is to check the schools rateing in the state and see where it falls.My wife and I did that when we wernt sure what area near st cloud to move and we ended up in sartell.Supposely sartell is in the top ten in the state.Being in construction I Had to make sure I was near a city like st cloud for my business.If something ever happened where my business failed I have a city full of jobs in my profession or another to fall on. I prefer to be on the out skirts of a city,.Far enough from the..well you can fill in the blanks

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Did we already talk about this somewhere else, or was it someone else entirely asking the same question?

My wife and I have been married for 24 years. We have 4 terrific kids. Together we've lived in 7 different towns and cities over those 24 years. Some we've really enjoyed, and some have been obvious stepping stones to the next location.

I love the Twin Cities, the culture, and everything about it, but I have no desire to live there. For my liking at least, there are just too many people in too small an area, and way to much traffic and controlled intersections.

This decision is entirely and completely up to you and your spouse. I wouldn't let anyone else's thoughts or opinions sway you one way or the other.

I learned many years ago to leave it all up to the good Lord. He'll open doors, and/or close them in our lives as He sees fit, and according to His plan. I just go where He leads me, and have been blessed immensely for following His lead. He knows better than anyone what (and where) is best in our lives. Ask Him, and watch and wait for His response. If your heart is in the right place, and you trust Him, the answer will be obvious.

Go in peace brother. You'll know when the time is right, and where you're supposed to be.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • jhousenga
      59 crossing Daisy Bay Friday night. 67 in Big Bay this afternoon.
    • monstermoose78
      The stearms in the arrowhead are small very small I would recommend a 6 foot or short rod for most streams as you will be pitching your bait out. They are also over grown with brush wading these streams is a challenge. You will be fishing for mostly brook trout above the first posted boundary FYI it’s normally a large water fall but not always. Also the first week of June there will not be much from the lake to the first posted boundary anyways. Remember there special regs below the first posted boundary and the above the first posted boundary.  If you want to use your fly rod I would hit the small trout lakes in the area. A split shot and small chunk of crawler is my go to bait for Brookies. There are a few streams with some browns and rainbows but very few. If you are fly fishing look at Thompson lake by  devilstrack lake it’s catch and release. Mink lake, kimball lake are also good. 
    • Squirrelhawke
      Growing up in South Dakota I did quite a bit of fishing in the black hills for browns and rainbows, most of that fishing was best accomplished with a long pole and just drifting my bait down the stream if you can read the eddies and slacks in the water you should do fine.  Of course I'm assuming they bite the same up north as they do out west.  It was a kick when I went  back out there 2 years ago and on Sunday morning fished the little 6 ft wide stream running behind the campground, all the other campers were amazed that I would pull out a fish about every 20-30 ft no monsters but plenty of little beauties at 7-10 inches. If the water is clean and the fish are there you just gotta find out what they are eating at that time of year.  Hopefully this helps and if I'm wrong some of the guys with Minnesota experience will pipe up. 
    • Squirrelhawke
      I do a bit of fishing from the coon rapids dam on down to 694 and I usually bring 2 rods because I lose at least one lure to the rocks. Bear that in mind and also realize that there are nice smallies, eyes and cats in that stretch of river. I also had over 3 feet of pike eat my stink bait I had out for channel cats. If I didn't have a circle hook on it would have been a nice pic to share. Good luck and hope to hear of some good luck. 
    • delcecchi
      It would take a lot of code to make multiple windows tiling the screen work, would be my guess, and would create few additional sales so isn't worth the expenses.    Just pick up an inexpensive 5 to 7 inch unit and use it for the map.   
    • Wanderer
      You look like the Phantom Fisherman - except the toes.  Or maybe the River Detective  🕵️‍♂️ Gotta love those good runs in short times!   
    • Bryan P
      Awesome Eyeguy! That is a good run of smallies there. I like your spot, that was my favorite fishing stretch for them when I lived in St cloud. Mississippi is such a great smallie fishery. Im blessed to live right next to it too. Now lets get the current to go down some! 
    • eyeguy 54
      I LOVE SMALLIES !  LOL  I am blessed to live close to so much fun. 
    • pikeandchester
      Spent a couple hours on Elysian this afternoon.  Drove around some shallow areas on the south east end of the lake with the trolling motor and only saw carp. Water is still unusually clear for this lake, at any time of the year, and 79 degrees near shore. May be a great opportunity for a bow fisherman, even in the daylight. Tried soaking minnows in a hole on the north end with no luck.
    • Fully Kraeusened
      My choice would be Namakan, but honestly that’s mostly based on emotion. It’s where my dad and I fished the most while up there. I also think it’s prettier than Kab.  I’ve never been on Sand Point or Crane. Just my two cents. I’ll be up there one week from today. Staying on the Ash River if anyone would care to enjoy a cold one first round is on my buddy. 😁