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Where can I fish from shore?

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I do not own a boat and was wondering some good spots to fish from shore or dock that I can get some good panfish or walleyes. Any help would be appreciated.

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anchor man


There's a couple channels on the Whitefish chain where the walleye fishing can be pretty good. In Crosslake there's a bridge, and by the Wharf restaraunt there's a bridge. There's a ton of current by the Wharf right now which I think might hold some fish for a while.

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Around Gull Lake there is some decent shore fishing around the channels and bridges. This can be pretty good fishing.

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I am also interested in areas for shore fishing? Any suggesting would be helpful. Thanks

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Bar Harbor docks across from Zorbaz on Gull

French Rapids on the river out by airport

Kiwanis Park dock & you can go down further in park

river access behind cemetery

walk in access down executive acres rd.

rice lake res.

crow wing bridge

There is also info on mn dnr website: "Fishing piers & shorefishing sites"

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Copied this off of the dnr website:

Crow Wing Boom Lake pier In Brainerd, in Kiwanis Park, at the E end of the College Drive Bridge.

Crow Wing Green's Point platform From Brainerd, 4 mi N on Hwy 25, then 3 mi E on Executive Acres Rd at end of Rd.

Crow Wing Mississippi River pier In Brainerd, the pier is at the E end of College Drive Bridge by Kiwanis Park.

Crow Wing Mississippi River platform Ft. Ripley Landing, N of Ft. Ripley, take Hwy. 371 N 1 mi., then W on access rd.

Crow Wing Pennington Pit platform In Ironton, 0.5 mi N of Hwy 210 on Co Rd 30, then 0.5 mi W. Park in water access lot.

Crow Wing Pine River platform In Cross Lake, US Army Corps of Engineers Coulter Recreation Area, on Hwy. 3, just below the dam.

Crow Wing Rice Lake Reservoir pier In Brainerd's Lum Park, on the city's NE end, off Hwy 210, pier near the S tip of the lake.

Crow Wing Ruth Lake pier In Emily, 0.5 mi E of Hwy 6 on Mill Road. Park in water access lot.

Crow Wing Serpent Lake pier In Crosby, 3 blocks E of Hwy 210, on N shore of the lake's W end.

Crow Wing South Long Lake pier 8 mi S of Brainerd on Hwy 25. S shore of lake.

Crow Wing Whipple Lake pier In Baxter, from Hwy 210 & 371, go W 2.5 mi on Hwy 210, then N 1.5 mi on Memorywood Drive, then W 0.5 mi on Clearwater Rd. Park in water access parking lot.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Kettle
      Boot lake is not open to fishing.  I checked typo lake yesterday. Really sketchy right out from the access about 10 feet or so. Past that there was 4.5 inches. I did not fish just wanted to see if I got the new auger blades on correctly 
    • leech~~
      Nice Duff.  Don't you have a furs and feathers board, or you don't hunt and eat um? 🤔
    • Duffman
      Here's what I have in the man cave. I refer to it as "The BIG Board". Usually add a couple pics a year, this year I've added 7. (It's been a good year)   On a log basis, I've kept track of days fished on ice and open water, species caught, and how many different bodies of water per year. About to wrap up year 20 of doing that, usually just jot it down on the calendar at work and tally it up at years end. That log total list is on the side of  The BIG Board.          
    • mavshockeyfan
      Any news of ice conditions in the Mankato area?
    • papadarv
      Wanted a smaller compact high ah battery for early ice to run my camera. Found the Milwaukee M12 comes in a 3ah version, ¼ the weight and size of the small 12v lead acid and charges in 30 min verses 12 hours. Also the + - contacts in the battery match the male outlet plug and work with male spade lugs so connecting it to electronics doable. On line I can get a twin pack 4ah under $40. Pic is the smaller 3ah with a 5.5mm power cable. Video is my camera panner in motion with the M12's.    
    • eyeguy 54
      My 4th year in southern MN. Seams to be normal deer running around where we have been hunting.  
    • IceHawk
      Definitely would give the season a B. We were very fortunate in seeing a good number of deer. I sat a total of 4 sits during gun season and saw a total of 26 deer 6 bucks the rest does and fawns.  We went 4-5 with 3 nice bucks and doe being harvested. Would of easily filled the last tag but my brother is a trophy hunter and is very selective.  Me and my brother practice QDM and have put in a lot of food plots and minerall licks over the years and it has really paid off. . Its a lot of work but the rewards are worth it as I harvested 5 bucks in the last 5 years this year a  Nice 9 point . Looking forward to checking our trail cams soon to take note also  of our buck inventory. 
    • monstermoose78
      Where I hunt in the extreme eastern part of the arrowhead deer numbers show be low. My group of 7 guys hunted the whole season and saw 5 deer while hunting. A spike buck has been lucky as most have seen him and chose to let him walk. My dad took a 6 pointer that was chasing a doe. It’s not about killing a deer for me it’s about spending time with my family and it was a great year.    The population is where it it should be in the arrowhead. I am excited to see a possible wolf season coming again up there as it’s fun to have a wolf tag in the pocket just in case one slips up and comes out by you. My season was great would I have liked to see a few deer yepbut it was the relaxing I needed and provided me the stress relief I needed.   Taking out wolves would help the moose population so that is my stance!!!
    • monstermoose78
      Thanks for checking and the report 
    • iiccee63
      Well I went out and checked the lake Friday am. All locked up. I walked out a bit and it looked like 2 inches. It froze over even which is good. Hopefully it's 2 inches out in the middle too. More info to come!