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little buddy heater

wmn luv me walleye fearme


When I remove a propane tank from it after it has died down (run out of propane) If it is cold out when i take the propane off usually propane starts pouring out of it. Makes me a little nervous especially when i am in my fishtrap with a lantern going. It come out so fast i have to toss it outside my shack and then just pick it up when i am ready to go home. Any way I can stop this?

To be the man you have to beat the man....Wooooooooo

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Same thing happened to me this past weekend. I think it has to do with the 1 lb. cylinder being too cold and the propane "gelling up". Not sure though- anybody else?
It seems like if I keep the cylinders inside I don't have any problems. That'd be what I suggest.

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

In very cold its hard to run 1 lb bottles dry because the pressure in the tank isn't enough to push through the orifice. Not only will the heater not burn hot toward the end of the tank its also burns dirty. Theses IR heaters are designed to burn efficiently above a certain temp.
How do you minimize any risks of propane blowing out when changing tanks? Never change any propane bottles inside an enclosure.

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Get yourself a 5 lb. tank and the adapter hose. Better fittings, better valves and less chance of blowing the lid off your house (and the skin off your face). I've personally had too many instances of those 1 lb. cylinders leaking to be comfortable using them.

Another benefit is that the heater seems to burn hotter, longer. Others have explained this as a result of greater pressure in the 5lbers. All I know is that it's a huge deal when it's super cold.

Just my $.02.


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    • SkunkedAgain
      Wow, interesting
    • delcecchi
      Back when the DNR was seining our beach in July I asked, and apparently they were through oak narrows.   But long way to go to get to us.   I'll keep my eyes open and my mask and snorkel on.  Didn't see any sign off them this summer.
    • Wanderer
      Nice job Troy.   We are happy with our opening day for ducks.  2 man limit of mixed species by 10am.  LOTS of people where we were today but that was expected.  Other than getting beat to our spot, no issues that would keep up away.  Not even the rain.
    • leech~~
      Thanks, I'm riding this now TW200 so not sure I can get on any of the ATV trails. Might have to sled by in the winter! 👍
    • JerkinLips
      There are actually 3 tree carvings on the trail from Soudan to Ely.  I saw 2 of them but missed the 3rd.  I believe that trail is the Prospector Trail #4 or #6.  You have to start from the parking lot on the Murray Road 2 miles past Soudan since several property owners on the old railroad bed didn't allow off-road vehicles on their properties.  Another option is to travel from Tower to Embarrass then on to Ely, but that adds a couple hours to the trip.
    • leech~~
      I've seen that caving on a few web pages. What trail is that on?  It would be cool to ride by. 👍
    • redlabguy
      The colors are getting good. Beautiful time of year. Maples are full red and birch and aspen are going too.  I’m not finding a formula for walleyes. Best luck when fishing saddles and shoreline drop offs 10’ down to 20’. I’m using old crawlers, too, because a) it’s hard to find minnows although Northwoods in Cook has them and b) it’s been too warm to keep them alive.  We do have a change in weather happening right now. Wind is coming up and the temperature is dropping. It’s going to be hard to fish Saturday through Monday but the change could be good after that.  Good luck, you’ll need some. They are out there and you’ll get dinner but you’ll have to work for them. RLG
    • JerkinLips
      A few pics of our ride.  
    • Rivergroup
      Thank you. Yes, weather does look sketchy but we'll make the best of it. Looking forward to the colors and just getting away.
    • gimruis
      Some more heavily fished lakes are tough ALL season.  Lake Minnetonka and Mille Lacs come to mind.  The water is clear, there are tournaments all the time, and the fish are not easy to catch.   That is why I focus my efforts on lakes with less pressure.
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