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Question about bowfishing regulations?

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I can't find any information on this, and I've tried contacting the DNR with no response. I just need some clarifications on Bowfishing regulations.

From what I read so far, bowfishing is usually performed from a boat. My question is about bowfishing on the shore. Are there any regulations requiring a bowfishermen to stay a certain distance away from other people while discharging an arrow?

In the 2013 Minnesota Fishing Regulations, on page 76, it states:

"Cannot discharge an arrow while bowfishing within 150 ft of occupied structures or within 300 ft of campsite from sunset to sunrise"

I assume this refers bowfishing from a boat, and as the boat approached an occupied structure, the bowfishermen cannot discharge an arrow within that distance.

Is it legal for a bowfishermen to come onto a crowded fishing dock, and discharge an arrow? If a person cannot discharge an arrow within 150 of an occupied structure while on a boat, would discharging an arrow while on an occupied structure be just as bad? Assuming if a fishing pier counts as an "occupied structure"?

So basically, I need clarification on 2 things.

1) What is defined as an occupied structure? A fishing pier? A fishing platform? An occupied house that is close to the water's edge? A picnic table close to the water's edge?

2)While bowfishing on the shore, are there any regulations requiring a bowfishermen to stay a certain distance away from other people while discharging an arrow?

Thank you. All responses welcomed.

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Personally i would use judgement on this one, are you looking to go out on a dock with 3-4 people on it and shoot carp? I wouldn't do it, or at least first ask people if its ok with them. Are you looking to do this in the metro or out of the metro, in the metro i believe cities have there own laws on discharging a bow in city limits so you might need to call the city to check. Just a few things to think about.

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A occupied structure can be anything a person is occupying. It can be a boat anchored in the middle of the lake or a dock with a person sitting on it. If you run into someone occupying a structure just stay back 300 feet or ask them if it is ok to come closer.

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as a general rule, if there are other people fishing at a spot I wanted to bowfish from, I move on.

Now if I am already standing there bow in hand, possibly fish in the tub and they show up, I stay. At least for a little while.

Right now bowifishing is a sport with a little bit of a public relations problem. I dont want to give them any reason to be upset with me for doing something I enjoy and is legal. Once a vocal minority gets worked up about something that they know nothing about they can get things changed in a hury.

Good Luck..

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I agree with many of the good tips from the previous posters.

I'm learning some new things about shore bowfishing safety and etiquette this month as I am around other people for the first time. I'm finding that even if there's more fish where the people are, I am enjoying it more by getting away from the crowds even tho I might be getting less action. Makes me kinda nervous with others around and then they have to pull up lines if I get one, etc.

I like the solitude and control I have in my own spot. That's easy to say this time of the year as the carp seem to be all over the place!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • gizmoguy
      Yes they do. Many resorts are set up for summer usage. Understand you can't use your FH in the storage lots. Only in a summer use lot. You have to pay for it. The cost is in addition to your winter fees. Usually more $ but the season is longer. The county requires the resorts to have bathroom facilities within a certain distance. Mac's Twin Bay has summer lots as do many others. Hunter's Point is another. Doubt Brandt's is set up for summer.
      Sweet! Heading back up tonight through the weekend. Bringing the wife and little one this time instead of my buddies, hopefully the weather cooperates.
    • Neutz68
      Heading up Sat morning and will be looking for Shiners. Anyone know if the Gateway and/or Kab Outdoors have them in stock??    Thanks for the input.
    • crappieslapper
      Hi Guys & Gals, My brother in law recently purchased a property on Ely Lake. All the boys are invited up this year on Memorial. Unfortunately nobody in the family has been on the lake before. I thought I would reach out to the pros here on the forum to see if anyone would be willing to give us a few tips on fishing this lake. Thanks in advance, Dan
    • crappieslapper
      Hey Forum, My brother in law just purchased on Ely Lake. Memorial weekend will be the first time on lake. Wondering if anyone has some experience/tips they would be willing to offer the Ely lake rookies. Thanks so much. Dan
    • huntnfish
      I made it out last Sunday and did some searching for walleye. The search didn't produce any walleyes, just northerns and smallies. The water temp on the main lake was 58-59 with the bays being about 5 degrees warmer. The people I have talked to have had similar issues finding the eyes. We missed some fish that left the shiner all chewed up. Most of the fish marked were out in that 18-21 foot range which seemed pretty deep for this early. It could have been Saturday's cold front that pushed them a little deeper though. 
    • Hoey
      SRJ - Thanks for the report.  I heard the bite was very-good to excellent, off the rocks/reefs, in the mud/sand.  I will be at the lake fishing this weekend.  
    • srj
      What a couple perfect days for LOW on Monday-Tuesday. Fish seemed to be biting well from shallow to deep and from the south side to up north.  Caught fish from 7 - 28 feet in good numbers and sized from small to large. There seemed to be a lot more fish on sand and mud than rocks. Quite a few males caught near rocks were full of milt. Biggest an 28 1/4. Most on jig and minnow but some on crankbaits. Sure a big pack of charters hanging around the Knight Island shoal. Warm, calm and no bugs!! Hope Memorial weekend winds stay light. My new to me Ipilot Link Bluetooth remote somehow changed to German, Dutch or some other language on the display. Anybody ever have that happen? Good luck this weekend.
    • Mitch K
      Nah it was maybe 6-7 inch, maybe it'll be a keeper next year.
    • Stephen L Johnston Jr.
      Wow, thats like a 15lb walleye given that length. Wish i could see such a Waldo, too bad they are not part of this forum!