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Duck boat paint - need opinions.

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Hey guys.

Last year I bought a 10' jon boat that needed a ton of work. I spent a ton of time getting the boat ready for hunting season; and feel as though the work was done well and it paid off.

The steps I took were;

-Sand down to the aluminum.

-Clean, clean, and then cleaned again.

-2 coats of primer.

-Base coat of paint.

-Quality patterning.

Given how well the boat turned out I have a buddy who wants me to help him with his boat, and I am thinking of painting my 14' fishing boat for some bigger water hunting this fall.

As a result I need to scale up my operation. Last year I spent over $150 buying individual cans of spray paint. I am thinking that it might be worth investing in a paint sprayer if I am going to work on 2-3 boats this summer.

So, the 2 questions for you guys.

- What is the best paint sprayer for painting duck boats?

- What is the best paint to use on a duck boat?

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We have done several using the oil based gallon cans we used to be able to get at Gander or Cabelas, it wasn't Herters, but all the stores used to carry it. Now I think it is the same stuff/brand as the cans, but make sure it is oil based. Also, you can get any decent tan/grass/olive at big box stores as long as oil. The Latex just won't last.

We used a air sprayer hooked to my compressor, two different models, just cheapies basically, but I like the kind that the tank sits on TOP of the sprayer so gravity is your friend. But the other one worked fine too.

Key is getting the pressure in the tank and also on the sprayer right, and you will need to thin down the paint a bit. Takes a bit of messing with it, but it turned out great on our duck boat (all marsh grass color) and my pontoon (painted just the side sheets blue; drilled rivets out so only doing flat pieces, no taping, then riveted back on when dry).

I am not a painter, but used techniques I saw on American Hot Rod and Bike building shows, and the finished turned out AWESOME! Has been holding up for many years now, at least 7 on pontoon and about the same on the boat, minus dock rash, etc.

We did one coat primer, two coats paint, and did then just heavy enough to not see anything under them.

Come to think of it, we did three duck boats, but only two of them still, and the one we did NOT use primer on is a bit flaky - we just did a quick coat to cover stuff up.

Good luck!

edit - I know I posted this before, but here is our rebuild on duck boat:

"Martha" duck boat rebuild/painting job

Here is my pontoon job, not up close pics of paint, but a couple you can see it okay.

Pontoon paint job / rehab

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Very Nice work...

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Shane Z

A couple years ago, I painted my 16' Alumacraft camo khaki. I picked up the paint from L and M and has held up very well (Hunter Specialties I think). Any who, I sanded down the entire boat and used a couple different size rollers and it turned out great. This year i plan on re-doing my 16' Alumacraft jon boat and painting it the same way.

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I used Parker's paint from cabelas, works awesome, i just prepped it not as good as yours, and rolled it on really easy!

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dan z

A Buddy of mine did Hus fiberglass boat last fall with parkers and it stuck very well. Lots of prep work helped I think. A while back my dad redid a jeep with parkers paint and the prep work also worked well. We used a Wagner power sprayer and sprayed it thick and used stencils and rattle cans for shadows looked awesome for quite a few years.

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Being in the painting industry,I am going to say that oil base is Allways best for good results.If you end up painting those other boats.Use oil base primer too.Remember in anything your doing the foundation of something must be done right.oil primer then oil paint.The EPA has mandated that oil base products will come to an end for environmental reasons.Most oil base has been taken off the shelves to the consumer already.If these spray systems you guys are talking about are oil based then I would get enough for your other projects too. LoL I could just be a paranoid painting guy too.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wakemup
      Rough weekend at the lake... but still better than any day at work! I managed to get out for a few hours Saturday morning and then got off the lake when the storms rolled in and stayed off. I threw for muskies for a few hours but didn't move any and then switched to smallies and boated a few on rock piles.  We were stuck for a while on Saturday with the road near Camp Vermilion washed out. Looks like the whole area got quite a bit of water. How'd everyone else fare?
    • Parmer
      Does anyone know if you can get a digital thermostat for the roof top AC units? I have a coleman mach 3 plus. The fan constantly stays on and is super loud. But it does work really well for cooling. Any help would be appreciated. 
    • papadarv
      Spent the weekend on Ottertail, fishing tough. Waves 1 to 3 ft. 4" rain Sat. night, on/off rain all weekend. Caught a few biggest 18". Water crystal clear 15+ ft, even with waves, due to millions of Zebra Mussel in lake. Weeds and clam shells had many Zebras attached. Still better than working.
    • mrpike1973
      My intent is not to bash here. Many Rapalas are great lures but a heads up I had 5 of them on the casting deck of the boat in the heat within 3 hours every one of the split from the heat!!! Wow that was money down the tubes. I have never had that happen. Also it is never a good idea to slap a lure to get weeds off I'm aware of that nonetheless my bride slapped her's to get a weed off nothing violent but what she got back was a lure in pieces. I love many of the lures but wont be buying any off those again. I have had the lips pull out on the Shad Raps before. My favorite is the Fat raps those are indestructible. 
    • gimruis
      It happens.  If you timed if post-spawn, its definitely tougher.  It takes them a while to recover and get into their summer pattern.
    • delcecchi
      Stovetop?  Walleye on west end is tough because there are fewer and they are mostly larger fish that don't seem to behave the same way as smaller ones.  
    • vermilionfox
      Pike should be working well on the deep weedlines leading into the two slop bays that Del mentioned. They are commonly calle "The Nursery". Largies should be anywhere in the weeds. Del also hit the nail on the head about the Windsock island and the bay behind it. The windsock island area can be a good walleye producer in the early mornings and sometimes in the evenings. Don't forget to try the larger "bay" (really more of an indentation) past the Windsock island and its associated bay. Lots of boulders in there so be careful, you'll see some shiny rocks! I've had good success in there  for both species of bass and pike, lots of nice sunnies too. There is a reef that runs from the point directly out across Norwegian from the resort marina and runs from there to the other shore running to the northeast. Good spot for the evening walleye bite. You'll probably also want to try fishing the Merry Go Round and the Stovepipe on Wak-Em-Up Bay for walleyes and smallies. I'll try to post more info when I have a bit more time!  
    • Rick
      Thanks for the heads up. You going over weed tops or deep?
    • MinnowBuckets
      Is anyone doing well for smallies or walleyes on the river right now? I haven’t been out in over a week and the water has gotten pretty muddy with the recent rain.
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      If you live on the lake from what I have seen and heard they put the boasts ok n when nobody is at the ramp checking. So much for the great inspection, no decontamination after leaving the lake, that's a major issue I see. So far I have not seen any of the inspection crew at other lakes. Nobody on Constance, Buffalo or South ramp of Maple lake.