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Trail Cam Deer-Elk-Moose Pics or Video

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Neat to use the trailcams for the investigative purposes! Good to see you got the intruder red handed grin

Just an FYI Bartman, youve got yourself a gray fox there, not a coyote. Pretty neat critters!

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Do you think this is the same deer?

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Ah yes, after looking at pictures online the black line down the tail would be a gray fox. Cool.

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Here's a recent one from the back of our property. Nice to see the little one... full-22284-34303-pict0460.jpg

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I think this is one of 3.5 yr olds from last year that made it. He looks like old and got some early girth...

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You can't see it without zooming in, but this one has split brow tines.

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Not much to report this week - still just a few young bucks. Here's a couple vids from the Bushy 439 & 1 from the 476.

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Not much for deer on my cameras so far....but this should excite the bear hunters.

The big one is 300 yards from my home....any ideas how big?



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jarod duane

Awsome, hard to tell but it looks like a good one to put in the freezer this year for sure.

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Just swapped cards from a May June soak, and is that grass ever growing! Re-mounted the camera up higher and aiming down for the next month or so. Here's a few from my Moultrie M80X Black Flash (with Motion Freeze):

Literally a couple of hours after making a new mineral and salt lick on a stump


Triple Turkeys


Must be starved for minerals, chomping on rotten wood


"Marked" Doe at night


Tree'd Raccoon


3 Young Bucks sharing a stump


Say Cheese!


Fawn Tongue


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Musky hunter 82

These two look like twins. Be nice if they hung around for bow season. How much bigger do you guys think they'll get?



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