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Help building a crank up fish house



Please help. I'm in the process of building a crank up style fish house and I'm at the stage where I need to install paneling on the ceiling / walls. What type do I buy? Now I've read the "Building a Crank Up Fish House" thread some time ago and it was recommended to install "plywood" paneling. What's that? When I shop for paneling, I do notice that some types have a wood grain finish on the glue side. Is this plywood paneling? Also, this stuff comes in various thicknesses. I've seen some thin, flimsy stuff (about 1/8" thick) that I would like to get to help keep the weight and cost down but I'm concerned that when screwed to the wall (not planning on using glue) that it may ripple or bow out - especially on the ceiling. (This stuff does have a wood grain type finish on the glue side.) Any recommendations?

For what it's worth, the house is framed with 2 x 2's, 16" OC; pink sheet insulation everywhere. Can anyone please offer some suggestions?

PS: Thanks much Troy for the great thread "Building a Crank up Fish House". Definitely proved helpful and insightful. I very much appreciate all the time you (and others) spent on this post.


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Plywood paneling has wood grain on the back side.

Thickness is a trade between weight and strength. Determining factors on what thickness paneling are what type of siding do you have and what type and thickness is the exterior sheathing.

Example: If all you have is aluminum sheet siding and no plywood on the exterior you should add strength with interior paneling. So go with 1/4 or 3/8th paneling. Use 1 1/2 galvanized screws along the top and bottom then cover with trim. With the joints you'll have a few options depending on what paneling you choose. Thicker paneling will have a lap joint and thinner paneling will have but joints and plastic H trim piece that will cover the seam and fasteners. The studs I would recommend screws with a plastic trim cap. The interior will probably take more abuse then the outside. You could use 1/2" paneling along the bottom 3' like a wainscot and then 1/4 above with a Z trim at seam.

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