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Viking's Draft


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Getting a little stale in here...let's forget about the FA signing's and concentrate on the draft.

Seems like many of the WR's available in this years class are being considered #2's or 3's. I don't have a problem with that since we don't have either. Just don't think the 1st round is the time to take one then.

A strong DL class (maybe 6 in the 1st round) along with two very good O guards, might make the pick an easy one...no problem either way there.

The top (2-3) LB's will probably be gone by #23...leaving a very strong class of Safeties available. How great would it be to pair Smith with another 1st round Safety...Vaccaro in particular.

I don't know which direction they'll end up going but it's always fun to guess. If I had to guess (or wish) a couple of players in the 1st and 2nd rounds it would be any combination of:

-Ogletree MLB

-Vaccaro S...Elam S

-Pick a DL...don't know enough about them all to separate them.

-Warmack or Cooper...both OG's...put either next to Kahlil and they're both 8-10 year starters.

-the best of the WR's left in round 2...I just don't think by reading and following this years class of WR's that any of them separate enough from each other to take one in round 1.

It's early and FA will dictate much of what we'll do draft wise but I just don't see Spielman going out and dropping a boat-load of $$$ on any FA. He may go after one of the top 3 WR's but he'll try to underpay him and get outbid substanstially in the end...he'll say the effort was there.

Thoughts about the draft anyone...

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Seems that most of the WR's coming out in this years draft are under classmen. Don't know if that particularly means they are bad, but from what I have read, they do need some refinement and that just makes me think of Troy Williamson and cringe. I don't know that they would be willing to take an OG since the Oline played pretty well this year. Personally, I would love to see them address the WR in FA, draft another one in the second round and pick up a stud safety to play with Smith. Look how much of a difference he made....put another playmaker back there with him and they would be solid for many years to come.

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I was totally wrong about H.Smith. I thought it was terrible when we traded up to get a golden domer. THe guy can play though, i was plesantly surprised.

Lets not forget CB. This team could definantly use another cover CB. LB is the biggest need on D, but if they went CB, S or DL i would be fine with that.

I hope they address WR in free agency also, to me it makes more sense to get someone seasoned in here to help ponder.

The team should be able to find offensive line help in the later rds of the draft- I would NOT go with a guard in the first or second rd. LB, CB, DL or WR in the first 2 rds would get my stamp of approval.

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Draft a Right tackle to go with the left side. A receiver early then go defense. Run stuffer Dtackle, MLB, safety, CB. Bring back Ray Edwards at DE.

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