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Trail Report

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1/22/2013: Grooming is taking place after the new snow. Trail conditions are improving.


1/22/2013: Cold tonight again. All on-land trails are now groomed and open. Park trails are marked and safe and some saftey portages between lakes are groomed. Trails are in excellent to fair condition. More info from Park on Thursday. Many riding this past week.

INTERNATIONAL FALLS AREA - thanks to Int'l Voyageurs Snowmobile Club

1/20/2013: Finally some snow! We received about 6" of new snow the last couple nights. The snow on Friday evening was a little heavier snow so it should compact nice and make for some good trail riding. Our operators were working on the section of trail heading to Birchdale. The report was they finally received some snow that way. Lake riding should be good even though after the snow we had some strong winds. Our operators are taking a couple days off to let the freezing temps pass (what would Int'l Falls be without 30 below) they should be back out hopefully on Wednesday and once again have the trails ready for the weekend. Get out and enjoy the winter, ride the best trails in Minnesota and be safe.


1/23/2013: All snowmobile trails, ski trails, and snowshoe trails in the park are open and are generally in good condition. During this extreme cold weather, use caution when travelling, and bring along a winter survival kit. With these extreme temperatures, a mechanical problem or running out of gas could be a life threatening incident.

Park crews will be out this week clearing brush and improving the Chain of Lakes Trail. Please use caution when travelling in the park and

watch for crews working on and alongside the trail. A reminder that the snowmobile speed limit in the park is 45mph on lake surfaces and 25mph on the land trails.

Crews have been working on the ice roads on both Rainy and Kabetogama Lakes. The Kabetogama Lake Ice Road is open from the Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center to the Ash River Visitor Center. The Rainy Lake Ice Road is open from the Rainy Lake Visitor Center to Bushyhead Island, and park crews continue to make progress opening the rest of the road.

To reduce hazards to snowmobile users, all ice blocks are to be immediately chopped up, submerged, or hauled to land. Placement of equipment or any type of structure must be greater than 50’ off the center of all ice roads and snowmobile trails. Written authorization from the park is required for individuals to plow any lake surfaces within the park.

Outstanding scenery is one of the reasons why Voyageurs National Park was established. Please enjoy the scenery as you ride and follow the

snowmobile speed limit of 45 mph on frozen lake surfaces and 25 mph on all overland portages. Speed limit signs are posted at trailheads and overland portages.

Following is the current status of the park’s trails.

Green Trail from Frank’s Bay to Crane Lake - Open and staked

Blue Trail from North Namakan to Sand Point - Open and staked

Purple Trail from Rainy Lake VC to Kettle Falls - Open and staked

Yellow Trail from Ash River to Kettle Falls - Open and staked

Kabetogama Ice Road - Open between the Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center and Ash River Visitors Center

Chain of Lakes Trail - Open

Rainy Lake Ice Road – Open to Bushyhead Island

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6" of new snow on Kabetogama! Groomer was out last night and will run as needed! Great snowmobiling AND ice fishing to be had up north!

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1/29/2013: Now we are talking!!!!!!!!!!!! Another 6 to 8 inches of snow last night. Groomers will be running this week and weekend as the snowmobile season heats up in Voyageur Country. It's time, come and get it! All on-land trails are now groomed and open. With the snow last night it should top us up and get the trails in top condition. Park trails are marked and safe and some saftey portages between lakes are groomed. Trails are in good to excellent condition. More info from Park on Thursday. Will be really good!

INTERNATIONAL FALLS AREA - thanks to Int'l Voyageurs Snowmobile Club

1/29/2013: I'll make this short and sweet WE GOT MORE SNOW. We received 6.5" of new snow overnight (Monday) on top of the 5" we got last weekend! Rest assured our groomers will be out making sure things are the best they can be. With the best groomed trails and awesome lake riding, load up the machines and head to the I Falls area. You"ll love it.

Updated reports at http://www.ashriver-kabsnowdrifters.org/trail-report.html

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How is the trail for trucks/cars on Kabetogema? Are there any big ridges? Will I be able to drive a cavalier on the lake trail?

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The "trail" is a 20' wide plowed road that runs from Kab visitors center to Ash River visitors center. Driving off the road with anything but a snowmobile is not recommended now as the snow is very deep and we geting pockets of slush.

The snowmobile trails and lake trails have all been groomed or will be groomed by Friday. Temps look great, lots of snow and great times to be had in the area!

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