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ovs camera parts



ok i am going to try and explain this. i lost the part that makes the bridge over the hole for ice fishing to hold the camera in place. the long piece bridge not the part that hooks on the cord. i have called ovs two times to have them send me one but they sent me the piece that hooks on the line both times. not saying anything bad about ovs service (in fact they were more than helpful to send it to me and easy to get ahold of) it just seems that i am having a problem explaining what it is that i need. does anyone know if i can get this piece from a store anywhere? or does anyone know what i would call that part so they understand me? do you understand what i am asking for? still have plenty of time till needed on ice but sure is nice to have out there - oh ya if anyone was wondering, yes it did get knocked down the hole - mille lacs, cove bay, peach fishing, 7ft, could see it sitting on bottom but for the life of me could not snag it to get it back.

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Nature Vision and Aqua View underwater camera systems makes a very handy tri-pod for suspending the cable/camera in the hole. It holds tight and is easy to work from a sitting or standing position. MSRP $16.50


If you want to see something really "New" & Cool for ice season 2003-4, check out the new remote control Aqua View MO-POD system.


The Aqua View MO-POD has a wireless remote control with a 100-foot range allowing the Motorized Ice Pod (positioned over the fishing hole and gripping the camera cable) to rotate the camera without cable twist.

Aqua-Vu's 92-degree camera angle, combined with the MO-POD's 340-degree rotation, provides continuous 360-degree viewing. And it’s hands-free......preety cool huh.

The small remote control clips to jacket or ice rod. MO-POD runs off eight AA batteries or your Aqua-Vu’s 12-volt battery.
MSRP $110.00

They have a couple of other new surprise's in store for Ice Season 2004. A new video image capture system, the VMM, (Video Memory Module) will be available in January, that will be very interesting.

If you wish to read the press release on the new gear check out this link.


Ed Carlson

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There are definitely some nice new products out there this year. Can't wait for the shows so I can check them out. I've been hearing a lot about the new Aqua-Vu Ice Pro, I'm anxious to see how it is. I've been using the OVS 500 and I must say it is a great camera, helps catch a lot of fish. Too many choices, seems like things are just getting better and better. Ice fishing has come a long way in the last several years and I imagine its only the beginning. smile.gif Sure makes fishing fun.

Good Fishin,

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thanks everyone-
oh boy! new ice fishin toys! i think i can wait till mid oct and just order one off the web page. darn sure we will not have ice before then. so that new aqua view remote spin thing - can i use that with my ovs camera?

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