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Off topic question... DVD X COPY



Thought I would ask here since , well a bunch of us are computer geeks and what better group to ask...

Lost (another) DVD to scratches (kids) and am looking at buying DVD X COPY GOLD...

I can backup some older DVDS but not new ones with my current software...

Does DVD X COPY GOLD really backup all DVDS bit for bit ????

Thanks for being patient with off topic question...


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If you are talking video dvds, they use a special encryption that makes it real difficult to copy them. There is some special software called DeCSS out there that along with your dvd xcopy software will allow you to copy video dvds.

I have not spent the time to really sort all of that crap out and make it work. I did manage to decrypt it to my hard drive, but then you need an application to put it all back together in a playable format. They did a pretty good job making it hard to copyright videos. It is possible but just need to spend some time figuring out all the bs to get it done.

Good luck smile.gif

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Yep it works Generally you need to see if your dvd's are standard and at 4.5gb or smaller. Then they would fit on 1blank DVD-+r or if they are larger DVD X Copy will rip it to 2 DVD-+R discs. Generally the one thing I disliked about the program was that it put a warning at the beginning of each disc. A better and cheaper program from what I've heard is DVD2One. But before using it you will need to Rip the DVD to your HD. Which can be easily done with a FreeWare program called DVD-Decryptor. Hope this helps.

I should also mention that with DVD2One, as the name states it makes any DVD fit on 1 blank DVD. By downsampling the Video. And it is still very good quality.

Tight Lines,


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